Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

verbs for ipad

Photo: Apple

On this beautiful iPhone 4S and iOS 5.0-filled Saturday, we’ve collected the best apps you missed this week.We have a great new chat app for iPad, an excellent GPS navigation app for only a buck, Apple’s new movie trailers app, plus much more.

Verbs for iPad is the best looking chat client

Verbs was already one of our favourite chat clients for iPhone, and now it's on iPad.

While Verbs doesn't boast a ton of features, it does a great job hooking up to Google Talk, AIM, and Facebook Chat, and presents it all in a beautiful simplified manner.

Verbs doesn't include Push Notifications by default, but if you get the $4.99 in-app purchase, you can stay online for up to 10 days at a time and get pushed messages. This is still cheaper than BeeJiveIM.

Price: $0.99

Teleportd aims to teleport you to any place in the world

Teleportd is a location-based image browser that lets you pick a place anywhere in the world (including where you are), and check out every location-tagged picture that has been taken there.

These pictures are from Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, and PicPlz, so you're sure to find some good representations of the place you're checking out.

Price: free

iTunes Movie Trailers is like Apple's trailers website, but on your iPad or iPhone

iTunes Movie Trailers is our favourite way to watch HD movie trailers on the web, and now the entire experience is on iPad and iPhone.

But Apple didn't stop there. This app can get you movie showtimes too.

Price: free

Lemon is a slick receipt tracker.

Lemon is a sleek new way to intelligently keep track of receipts and expenses.

The app syncs with Lemon's website, and even can create charts for you showing where you're spending the most money.

Price: free

Ghost Guitar is for the air guitar rock star in you

Ever tried to play air guitar? We all have.

Ghost Guitar puts a virtual guitar in your hands, and plays notes accordingly. It's chord-based, so you won't be picking out 'Sweet Child Of Mine,' but it's pretty fun.

Price: $1.99

Apple's Find My Friends app is everything Google Latitude wanted to be.

Find My Friends can be a bit creepy, but once you realise that you can enable 'temporary' friends, tracking people doesn't seem so strange.

In fact, it's brilliant. Apple built this app to help you find your close friends and family members, and we've tried it. It works.

Price: free

Facebook for iPad finally launched, years late.

It's the world's most downloaded app, and now it's on iPad featuring a brand new interface.

You're going to get it. And the iPhone app got a new interface as well! Time to update.

Price: free

Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 is a cheap, but excellent new navigation app

Unlike other GPS navigation apps, Skobbler doesn't hit you with a hefty subscription fee.

It's one dollar, for life, for great turn by turn directions and location-based food recommendations.

Price: $0.99

AirPort Utility takes the Mac out of setting up your AirPort router

AirPort Utility is proof that Apple really is trying to 'cut the cord' and let you use your iPhone or iPad to do just about anything.

This app makes it so you no longer need a computer to configure an Apple AirPort router, and even lets you check in on which devices are connected to your network.

Price: free

Cards is Apple's new greeting cards app.

Apple's fancy new Cards app lets you put together and customise elegant greeting cards for friends and family members.

For $2.99, Apple will print and ship a card for you to anywhere in the world. You can add pictures, lettering, and change themes from within the app.

Price: free

Voicethread is a next generation educational experience

VoiceThread is one of the coolest ways to create a community discussion surrounding a picture, video, or audio file. The company just built an app for iPhone and iPad.

Whether you're using the app (and web-based service that's been around for a while) for fun or for scholastic application, VoiceThread is a winner.

Price: free

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