RANKED: The Top 10 Games For Your iPhone

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There is no doubt that people love to use their iPhone for gaming purposes while they are waiting in line, on the train, or relaxing before bed.The undeniable popularity of gaming on a mobile device inspired us to comprise a ranked list of Business Insider’s selection for the best iPhone games. Period.

Before you check out the list you should know what criteria we used to determine what games made the list and their rank. The games that made this list had to offer a new and creative gameplay experience that took advantage of the iPhone’s multi-touch display.

The games also got extra points if they were originally developed for an iOS platform and not just a console game that was revamped for an iOS platform. While popularity was an important factor, it wasn’t the only one that went into this list. 

#10 Doodle Jump

Playing Doodle Jump will bring you hours of fun as you propel through the games innovative-ly designed space. Make sure you don't fall to your death though.

Doodle Jump has a simple yet challenging plot that is sure to entertain. You will love it.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $0.99

# 9 Peggle

Peggle is a fun twist on a shooting game where you shoot pegs to score points and unlock new levels.

The game is packed with fun features that add nice touches to shake things up and keep you coming back for more.

Peggle is a must download for any iPhone user.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $2.99

# 8 Words With Friends

Words with Friends is smart take on a classic word game and that is what makes it so much fun.

The game is challenging, but the social nature of it makes you want to meet the challenge and beat it. This game will have you constantly coming back for more.

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Price: Free (with ads), $2.99

# 7 Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja 's concept is simple, and very simply put it is a lot of fun.

The game moves fast as you, a ninja, try to slice multiple pieces of fruit with your sword while at the same time making sure you don't accidentally detonate a bomb.

You will lose hours playing this game because that is what a good games cause us to do.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $0.99

# 6 Draw Something

There's no doubt that Draw Something is killing it right now with over 35 million downloads in the past 6 weeks and a recent acquisition by Zynga for a reported $210 million under it's belt.

The hype surrounding Draw Something is well deserved. The game is innovative and fun. It's not packed with gameplay features, but it does take something that people love to do: draw, doodle, and sketch, and turns that into a fun guessing game.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android

Price: Free (with ads), $0.99

# 5 Bejeweled

Minutes can easily turn into hours when you play this instantly addictive puzzle game.

Bejeweled is a game where you move the pieces to connect them with their matching shapes to score points and unlock new levels.

Bejeweled is simple, relaxing, and some of the most fun you can have on your iPhone.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $0.99

# 4 Cut the Rope

Cut the rope may look like a simple and cute video game, but it's much more than that. Beating this game takes some serious logic and strategy skill. The game is both simple and immensely complex in an easy to understand yet challenging to beat manner and that is why it easily makes it into the top 5 of this list.

In Cut the Rope your goal is to feed the little monster candy by cutting the rope in a way that ensures the candy will fall into the monster's mouth. That may look easy, but the challenges embedded in this game will keep you endlessly entertained.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $0.99

#3 Temple Run

Temple Run is the ideal combination of skill, decision-making, great gameplay challenges, and solid graphics that makes for an excellent gaming experience on an iPhone.

In this game you better prepared to quickly run, turn, slide, jump, and avoid obstacles at just the right time if you want to escape what's chasing you; and don't forget pick up coins along the way.

The run for your life game is fast-paced, addictive fun. We can't put it down.

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

# 2 Plants vs. Zombies

If you think Plants vs. Zombies is a surprising choice for the #2 spot, you haven't played the game.

Plants vs. Zombies is a brilliant combination of tons of excellent gameplay features like strategy, decision-making, and multi-tasking as you try to defend your home from a zombie attack by strategically placing plants on your front lawn.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $2.99

# 1: Angry Birds

Of course Angry Birds would and should get the top spot.

After all, the franchise of Angry Birds isn't just about games, it has become an industry that aspires to be bigger than Disney.

The strategy puzzle game where players use a slingshot to launch birds to try to knock out pigs and other animals for points and to unlock new levels does everything right. The game is smart and always innovating with new settings (Angry Birds Space) and gameplay options, and yet easy to understand and play. Most importantly, it's simple to understand and addictive once you start playing which is perfect for a smartphone game.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Price: $0.99

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