Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Projects On Kickstarter Right Now


Photo: Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a platform where creators can seek funds to pursue their projects.And there’s no shortage of people looking to create compelling gadgets and accessories to make the tech space even more interesting.

Une Bobine

Une Bobine (French for 'coil') is a USB syncing and charging cable that's rigid enough to stand your phone upright. Use it for hands-free video chat or instant access to widgets while using your computer.

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Scanbox is a platform that immediately turns your iPhone into a scanner. It's much easier to use than that scanner you have in the office.

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If you want your iPad to retain some novel fun, take a look at Etcher. It's a combination case-and-app that turns your iPad into a fully functioning Etch-A-Sketch.

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Twig is a charging cable that folds into a tripod for easy camera phone photography.

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The Trygger case offers a polarised filter for your iPhone camera. It blocks out bad light and only lets in the good.

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This iPad case gives you a way to carry around your iPad and the Apple Bluetooth keyboard in the same package. For the adept iPad typist, it's a must.

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The Mark

Golfers will want to take a look at The Mark, an iPhone case that holds golf tools all while protecting your phone.

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