Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

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We’ve put together all the best apps you may’ve missed hearing about this week.We have the first virus scanner for iPhone (and why you might want it), a brilliant handbook for photography skills, TNT’s new video streaming app, and much more.

There’s even an app for sheet music that automatically turns the page as you play.

Tonara is an app that's been a long time coming

Tonara is a sheet music app that listens to you play, turning the page when the moment is right.

It's an incredibly complicated idea made simple. The app is free, but buying sheet music synced with Tonara will cost you. Somehow, Tonara even works if there are multiple people with multiple iPads using the app.

Price: free gets its own iPhone app

If you haven't heard of, the music startup that's sweeping the tech scene, now's a good time to jump onboard.

Turntable is part game, part social experience, and part music player. You hear music, grab a DJ spot, put on music you like, and hope people give you the thumbs up while they're listening.

As you accumulate more points, you can purchase new avatars to represent you as a DJ. You really need to give it a try.

Price: free

Virus Barrier scans emails and files for viruses, even though your iPhone can't get infected

Intego's Virus Barrier leverages Intego's excellent virus scanner and builds it into an iOS app that scans emails and cloud storage locations like Dropbox for dangerous malware.

Not that any malware could harm your iPhone anyway, but it's handy to be able to scan and repair files inside emails and folders remotely.

Price: $2.99

Photo Academy is a pocket photography handbook

Photo Academy encompasses thousands of tips, techniques, and methodologies for getting the best photos possible.

The app scales up from beginner-level tips to advanced as you move along, and you can even track your progress. There's advice for taking pictures in just about any setting you can imagine.

Price: $0.99

Qwip is like a photo sharing app, except it uses voice notes

Instead of texting a friend 'YES!' when your favourite team wins the big game, Qwip hopes you'll send them a voice note using its app.

In this way, there's a ton more context and emotion inside of every message. You follow people, just like in every app these days, and you can attach pictures to a voice note if you'd like.

Once you've recorded a bunch of voice notes, you can splice them together to create your own soundtrack for any moment, or share them to Facebook and Twitter.

Is sharing 'sound bytes' the new thing?

Price: free

TNT's brand new app is a must if you're a fan of TNT's programming

Once you've proven to the app that you're a cable subscriber, you get full access to most of TNT's streaming TV show catalogue, including shows like The Closer, Falling Skies, and more.

There's also a full program guide, clips, behind the scenes videos, and even movies TNT is currently playing like Gran Torino.

Price: free (iPhone, iPad)

SynkMonkey makes it easy to coordinate plans with friends through the app, or over SMS

SynkMonkey makes it easy to invite friends to dinner, see who's attending, and chat about the place you're going.

If anyone doesn't use the app, they can view invitations via SMS--a great feature since it can take a while to get your friends onboard with any new app you're trying out.

SynkMonkey has a built-in calendar, but also conveniently syncs with your iPhone's calendar.

Price: free

AirSharing is a perfect cloud storage client, and now it does Google Docs

AirSharing is the best way to access all of your documents in the cloud (whether they're inside SugarSync, MobileMe,, Dropbox, and others).

With version 2.7, AirSharing just added full support for editing and saving Google Docs. Now, you can edit, print, and email docs from within the app.

Price: $2.99 (iPhone), $9.99 (iPad)

Priceline gets its own app for searching hotels and rental cars

Heading on a trip? William Shatner can help, of course.

The Priceline app helps you find cheap hotels and cars while you're on the go.

Price: free (iPad/iPhone)

OfficeDrop scans and collects documents

Once you scan a document into OfficeDrop, the document syncs to OfficeDrop online and gets indexed so it's searchable by word. It's saved as a PDF for easy sharing.

OfficeDrop also gives you an email address, so you can forward emails and attachments straight into your OfficeDrop cloud. This app is perfect for storing receipts, documents, sensitive files, and more.

Price: free

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