Here Are All The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

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We’ve put together a list of the best iPhone and iPad apps you missed during your egg-frying-ly hot work week.We have some incredible apps for listening to and making music, the best movies app for your iPad, the most high-tech baby monitor app we’ve seen, plus much more.

Evoz Baby Monitor lets you keep a close ear to your child

Evoz's new Baby Monitor app is amazing. If you have an Evoz Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor, all you do is put it in your baby's room, and listen to him or her from anywhere in the world using the app.

One reviewer said, 'This is the future of parenting. Baby started crying and I got a text. I really didn't think it would work. So sweet!'

Price: free

Sktch for iPad is an innovative art-making app

Sktch helps you craft unique geometric masterpieces on your iPad.

Choose from 16 presets to get started, then map out abstract shapes, lines, and planes in 2D or 3D. Some of the presets even let you use multitouch to make designs.

Price: $1.99

Thrutu adds a new dimension to making phone calls

We checked out Thrutu earlier this week, a cool app that lets you send pictures, money, a 'prod,' or your location while you're on a phone call.

A useful way to use Thrutu is to help you find someone in a big public place. You can see someone's GPS coordinates on a map, as you talk to them.

Price: free

Sid Meier's Pirates is a classic game rebuilt for iPad

Long time cult favourite Sid Meier's Pirates has finally made its way to iPad, with fully revamped touch controls and better graphics.

In Pirates, you become a ship captain, exploring the seas, dueling with other captains, gaining 'fame,' pillaging towns, and much more.

One of the first 'sandbox' style PC games is as good as ever on iPad.

Price: $3.99

Bjork's new iPhone and iPad app is dazzling

Bjork's first single from her upcoming album was just released in the form of an interactive and beautiful iPad app. She's releasing another in-app purchase for each subsequent song that comes out.

The first song is called 'Crystalline,' and it takes you on an immersive 3D journey as you listen. This could be the next generation of 'album.'

Price: free

Gruvtron for iPhone and iPad is a a feature-packed music studio

With Gruvtron, you have a music studio with tons of instruments, presets, and effects all built in.

You can alter the key you're playing in, the beats per minute, and much more.

Activate sounds via the onscreen keys or pads, and you can export your finished product to iTunes. One reviewer called it a Korg Kaossilator-killer.

Price: $4.99

Moviefone is the best new all-in-one movies app

Take a seat, Flixster.

Moviefone's new app not only looks handsome, but has anything a movie buff could want built in. From trailers, to geo-located showtimes, to movie news, Moviefone has it.

Price: free

Structures is a gallery of mind-blowing architecture

If you enjoy looking at pretty man-made objects, download this free iPad app.

This issue of EDITION29 features more than 100 pages full of the coolest buildlings from around the world.

Price: free (plus $2.99 in-app purchase)

Calvetica is one of the best calendar apps for iPhone, and now it's on iPad

Calvetica might be the best looking and most functional calendar app for your iPad.

It's super easy to quickly create events, navigate your multiple calendars, and gesture to switch view modes.

Price: $1.99 (universal app for iPhone and iPad)

Google+'s iPhone app finally got approved

After a couple weeks' wait in the App Store review queue, the new social network finally has an app on iPhone.

Note: for some strange reason, the app does not work on iPod Touch devices.

Price: free

Now that you've seen the best apps of the week....

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