Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

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We found all the best apps you may’ve missed this week during your busy workdays.We have an app to prevent embarrassing auto-correct mistakes, an app to turn your iPhone into a nostalgic kaleidoscope, and even an app to help keep track of all the little receipts you keep losing.

Also, we have a clever app to remind you when bands you love come to town, the coolest investing app we’ve seen in a while, and an app to give Craigslist a retro facelift.

Click below to check out all the best iPhone and iPad apps you may’ve missed this week.

We're not quite sure how this one got by Apple, but it did. And it works.

AutoCorrector will modify the un-editable onboard dictionary on your iPhone or iPad. If there are shorthand phrases or words you use frequently that always get changed by your device, this app's for you.

Enter in a word you want your device to stop correcting, and tap 'Add to Vocabulary.'

Price: $0.99

Want is an innovative new social network built around what people want

Want works a lot like fan favourite picture-sharer Instagram, except you share images of things that are on your wishlist. We checked out Want earlier this week, and think it could be big.

It's a fun way to share cool stuff you see at the mall or at the Apple Store. You follow others' wants, and a news feed gets generated filled with cool stuff your friends want. It's actually a lot of fun, especially when someone 'also wants' something you've wanted.

Plus, you can share your wants on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Foursquare.

Price: free

The Financial Times just killed its iPad app and made a universal HTML 5 app

The Financial Times just made a gorgeous HTML 5 app for your iPad and iPhone. It's faster and even has offline reading.

So, HTML 5 is a brand new way to interact with content on a normal website. Essentially, you'll use the app through Mobile Safari, except it'll feel just like an app that finds its home on your iPad.

Bookmark the site to your home screen, and it'll feel just like a real app, except it never needs an update!

Price: free - visit THIS LINK( from your iPad to check it out

Lifelike Craig might be the most creative and fun way to browse Craigslist on your iPhone or iPad. is admittedly minimalistic, but this app gives it an inspired old-time skin that keeps things interesting. The app has all the categories you'd expect, and even Google Maps integration to view listings with addresses attached to them.

Price: free

Kaleidacam turns your iPhone into your favourite childhood toy

We all loved kaleiodscopes growing up, and now there's an app for that.

Point your iPhone at anything, and it will turn into a beautiful mess of colours, shapes, and designs. You can alter the amount of sides to the virtual kaleidoscope, and you can save them to your Camera Roll once you're done.

Price: free

Songkick is the concerts app you've always wanted

Songkick is the best new way to keep track of when your favourite bands and artists are coming to your city.

The app scans your music library to find stuff you like, so getting started is dead simple.

Price: free

Wall Street Scanner is a super smart app, and is your new best friend if you're an investor. It doesn't have every stock on the market, but they're working on it.

It's not just a fully featured stock research app, but it even gives you 'Mood' and 'Buzz,' which illustrates how many people are talking about a company on Twitter and if they're reacting positively or negatively to a current event.

The app pulls feeds from over 14,000 sources, 7 million web pages, 9,000 Yahoo and Google-tracked financial analysts, Twitter, analyst upgrades/downgrades, and more, to build an insanely detailed perspective on a company.

Price: free

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks Doxo is the filing cabinet of the future.

Doxo is an Evernote for professionals, helping you keep track of receipts, bills, confidential documents, and even copies of your Passport and driver licence.

You can add documents, receipts, and more via your iPhone's camera, and keep them secure using a secure passcode.

From certain banks and providers (if you're lucky), you can even have bill sent straight to your Doxo account.

Price: free

Evernote Peek is the first app to utilise Apple's Smart Cover for iPad 2

When we checked out Evernote Peek earlier this week, we came away pretty impressed.

It's the first of its kind Smart Cover app that will quiz you on languages, trivia, cocktail recipes, and more.

All you need to do is install the app, pick a topic (or create your own study topic), and pick up one edge of the Smart Cover. You'll see a question or word. Flip the lid down, then flip it back up to see the answer.

Price: free

Thrillist brings the best food, shopping, and entertainment to your iPad

We already get Thrillist daily emails featuring awesome stuff to do, curated by the dudes at Thrillist.

They just built an iPad app to help you browse the coolest stuff to do in your neighbourhood, all in a unique and interactive interface.

There's a icon-laden map you can refer to, categories to help you find the perfect bar/restaurant/etc, and more.

There are tons of apps like this, so why did we pick it? Because we trust the people at Thrillist to find cool stuff.

Price: free

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