10 Of The Best IPhone 6 Accessories You Can Buy

We use our phones for nearly everything, which is why accessories can be incredibly important.

They can protect our phones from getting scratched after a tough fall, but they can also help you get more out of your device.

From portable chargers to clip-on camera lenses, here’s a look at some of the best iPhone 6 accessories worth checking out so far in 2015.

Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6/6 Plus lets you shoot wide angle and macro shots with your iPhone.

There are quite a few camera accessories for the iPhone out there, but Olloclip's are among the best. The company's newest lens is made to fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and allows you to take macro, wide angle, and fisheye shots. The pack comes with three coloured plastic clips and a lanyard so that you don't lose the tiny lens attachments. The lenses work with both the front and rear cameras on your iPhone.

Price: $US80

The mPact Extreme Glass Screen Protector will make sure your iPhone 6 doesn't get scratched up.

If you need a heavy-duty screen protector, check out this glass one for the iPhone 6 Plus. ZDNet gave it a positive review, saying that it was easy to install and didn't leave any awkward bubbles over the display like screen protectors sometimes do. The glass cover protects most of your phone, but leaves some room around the edges so that you can easily put a case on it.

Price: $US35

Apple's leather iPhone 6/6 Plus case is one of the best you can buy.

It may be a little expensive, but if you want a slim fit iPhone 6 case that adds virtually no bulk to your iPhone, Apple's leather case is perfect for you. It's durable enough to adequately protect your iPhone, and it doesn't feel cheap. If you don't want to spend $US50 and don't mind a more rubbery texture, check out Apple's less expensive $US35 silicone case.

Price: $US50

Mophie's Juice Pack keeps your iPhone 6/6 Plus fully charged.

If you find yourself running low on battery often, check out Mophie's Juice Pack. It's a case with a Lightning dock connector on the inside that gives your iPhone some extra battery. Mophie claims that the iPhone 6 version provides more than 100% additional charge to your iPhone, while the iPhone 6 Plus version boosts your phone's battery life by 60%.

Price: $US99.95

Lewpo's Pie iPhone 6 charger transforms from a regular case into a battery pack.

The great thing about Lewpo's battery case is that it only functions as a battery case when you need it to. You can get rid of the extra bulk by taking off the battery portion, which just leaves the sleek shell. Then, simply place the battery pack on the magnetic strip on the back of the case and plug in the small Lightning cable to charge it. The company claims this pack can double your iPhone's battery life.

Price: $US60

Incipio's Wireless Smart Lamp Adaptor lets you control lights throughout your home with your iPhone.

These adapters let you toggle lights in your house through the Incipio Direct app. There are also a few built-in Siri voice commands, and you can preset different types of mood lighting too.

Price: $US25

Seido's Surface case comes in multiple colours and adds a metal kickstand to your iPhone 6 Plus.

Seido's case comes in a bunch of bright colours, and its soft-touch texture makes it easy to grip. The metal kickstand seems to be of a higher quality than other cheaper cases made of flimsy materials. It's usually about $US55, but you can get it for $US34 through Amazon.

Price: $US33.90

PhotoFast's i-Flash Drive HD makes it easy to transfer files between your iPhone and PC.

The PhotoFast i-Flash Drive HD is a really convenient way to share videos, music, and other files that are a bit to large to directly upload to the cloud or share via email. If you don't have a solid internet connection and need to quickly transfer some data, the i-Flash Drive HD is a dual-sided drive with a Lightning dock on one end and a standard USB on the other. You can easily select files to load on to the drive via PhotoFast's app, and then plug the drive into your computer or iPhone and transfer them directly to the device.

Price: $US169

Belkin's Car Vent Mount is relatively cheap and you can adjust its size.

Belkin's Car Vent Mount comes with adjustable brackets and is one of the few that's large enough to accommodate the iPhone 6. It also swivels vertically and horizontally, making it easy to view GPS directions, emails, or other content in any format you like.

Price: $US25

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