The Best iPhone 6 Case

Iphone 6 plus caseBusiness InsiderThe leather iPhone 6 Plus case. It’s the best one you can buy.

I’ve been an iPhone 6 Plus user for about three months. But until this weekend, I kept it naked.

I’m usually against putting a case on my phone, especially if I’m using an iPhone. I think Apple makes the best-looking devices, so it’s a shame to cover them in a bunch of plastic or silicone.

But the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are different. They’re both crazy thin and a little slippery. I’m constantly afraid I’m going to drop my 6 Plus and crack it into a million pieces. And after about a month of use, the review unit Apple sent me to test attracted more than its fair share of minor scratches even though I was really careful with it.

Now that I have my own iPhone 6 Plus, I decided I should take better care of it. At first, I tried using the silicone case that Apple let me borrow along with my review unit. It looked good and fit nicely, but it was so rubbery that I couldn’t slip it easily into my jeans pocket like I could when the phone was naked. It was also a dirt magnet, and a lot of dust would get trapped between the phone and the front edges of the case.

I also tried a bunch of plastic cases that some third-party case makers sent to the Business Insider office for the editors to test. They protected the phone well enough, but they looked and felt cheap. I just spent over $US800 on a new phone. I’m not going to cover it in ugly plastic.

On Friday I bit the bullet and paid $US50 for Apple’s other iPhone 6 Plus case, the one made out of leather.

It’s perfect.

The leather case doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPhone, but it still protects everything nicely. It also feels more premium than any other case I’ve used so far, even Apple’s own silicone case. Plus, it slides easily into my pocket and hasn’t attracted any dirt yet.

Iphone 6 plus leather caseBusiness InsiderThe leather case doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPhone 6 Plus.

The downsides: It’s expensive. $US50 is a lot to ask for a case, especially since the markup is already really high on smartphone accessories. (The iPhone 6 leather case is $US45.) And because it’s leather, I expect it to warp and discolor a bit over time. I got the dark navy case, so hopefully it won’t appear too dirty.

But other than that, I’m really happy with this thing.

If you’re going to get an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, I recommend using a case. And if you want the best case, it’s worth paying the premium for Apple’s leather one.

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