The 15 Coolest Cases And Accessories For Your New iPhone 4S

bookbook iphone case

Looking for some cool new gear for your iPhone 4S?

We’ve found some of the best accessories to deck out your shiny new toy, like winter gloves with conductive tips, some beautiful leather cases, and even an eco-friendly speaker made out of bamboo.

Here are the coolest cases and accessories you can buy for your new iPhone 4S.

This iPhone case is sure to turn heads.

The BookBook iPhone case is one of the most ornate and cool cases we've seen.

It looks like a pocket sized 10 year old book. It fits your iPhone inside, as well as some credit cards and your ID.

Price: $59.95

Planning on flying frequently with your iPhone?

Griffin's iPhone travel stand tilts your iPhone to just the right angle. It's perfect for long flights, and folds into itself for portability.

Plus, when it's not in use, it stores your headphones.

Price: $14.95

Here's a cozy leather case for your iPhone

This handmade leather case is the perfect size for your new iPhone 4S.

It's built from top quality brown cowhide, and the edges are sanded and finished with black edges.

Price: $20.00 on Etsy

These in-ear headphones are excellent.

The Klipsch IMAGE S4 headphones are Amazon best sellers, and include a built in iPhone remote to pause music, activate Siri, and talk on the phone.

Price: $74.99

The best iPhone dock you can buy

According to seasoned tech tester Brian X. Chen, the Logitech S715i is the very best iPhone dock/speaker combo you can buy.

It's rechargeable, sounds great, has palpable bass, and is easy on your wallet.

Price: $98.36

Have a need for speed? Use this radar detector.

The Cobra iRadar will alert you to red-light cameras, cops checking for speeders, and even 'laser guns.'

It pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth once you've installed the free app from Cobra.

Price: $83.40

These gloves let you use your iPhone when it's cold out.

It can be a huge hassle pulling your winter gloves on and off every time you need to use your iPhone.

These cozy merino wool gloves don't look ridiculous, like some iPhone gloves. They have special conductive fingertips to help you use your iPhone with your thumb, pointer, or middle finger.

Price: $20.00

Here's the best screen protector you can buy

We love the Zagg Invisible Shield, even if it's a bit pricey.

You never have to worry about the front or back of your new iPhone getting scratched once you buy this accessory.

Price: $24.99

These speakers are AirPlay compatible

Sometimes having to leave your iPhone plugged into a dock to play music isn't convenient.

These iHome speakers are AirPlay compatibly, meaning you can stream music across your home with your iPhone still in your pocket.

Price: $299.99

Hook your iPhone up to your car with these accessories from Griffin.

If your car has an AUX jack, we recommend grabbing a cheap AUX cable like this one from Griffin.

Price: $9.99

No AUX jack? Buy this FM transmitter/charger combo from Griffin.

Price: $27.95

Need some power, but not FM transmitting? Use the Griffin PowerJolt, a small car charger with two USB ports.

Price: $14.15

This arm band is perfect for running with your iPhone.

The Belkin FastFit armband is comfortable, and even includes a 'cable capsule' so your headphone cord isn't dangling in the wind.

Price: $24.99

This accessory doubles your battery life, but keeps things portable.

The Mophie JuicePack may add a bit of bulk to your iPhone 4S, but if battery power is what you need on a hike or long flight, this case/battery pack is a lifesaver.

It more than doubles your iPhone's battery life, and protects it as well.

Price: $99.95

Looking for a cheap and eco-friendly iPhone speaker system?

The iBamboo doesn't need a power outlet, or batteries.

It's unique acoustics amplify your iPhone's bottom speakers to room-filling volume, and looks nice while doing it.

Price: $24.99 (Pre-order)

The Era is Jawbone's top of the line bluetooth headset.

The Jawbone Era is one of the best Bluetooth headsets you can buy.

It boasts 'military grade' noise cancellation, HD sound (for hearing music, directions, radio, and more), innovative accelerometer-triggered actions (like picking up a call), and even a battery life meter that shows up on the screen of your iPhone.

It's tiny, beautiful, and even works with Siri.

Price: $129.99

AppleTV is your iPhone's best friend

The AppleTV is not only great for watching iTunes Movies, Netflix content, MLB.TV, and more, but it also streams photos, music, videos, and more from your iPhone to your big screen TV via AirPlay.

Exclusive to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, AppleTV lets you 'mirror' your iPhone's screen, an amazing feature.

Price: $99.99

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