The First 10 Apps To Download For iPhone 4S

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While the iPhone 4S may look a lot like its older brother the iPhone 4, the difference is on the inside.There’s a faster processor, better camera, and that great Siri voice control you’ve been hearing so much about.

So how can you take advantage of all that speed and power?

Get some new apps!

We picked out the most essential apps you’ll need for your new iToy. From the basic apps to the ones that take full advantage of the iPhone 4S hardware, we’ve got you covered.

Twitter is already built into iOS 5, but you should get the app too

Twitter scored a huge win when Apple decided to integrate the service into iOS 5. It lets you tweet links, photos, etc. without opening a separate app.

But if you're a Twitter fanatic like us, you'll want to check your Twitter stream constantly. Plus, you can set Twitter to send notifications to your Notifications centre so you can see your most recent @ mentions.

Price: Free

Facebook got a nice new update just in time for the iPhone 4S

Facebook's new iPhone app makes it easier to see which apps your friends are using. For example, if you see a friend of yours playing Words With Friends in your News Feed you can tap the app and download it to join in.


Price: Free

Dropbox is our favourite file storage app

Need a place to store your documents and files? Dropbox will sync them all between the web, desktop, and your iPhone 4S. We love using it to 'drop' documents from our desktop into our iPhone. When you sign up for Dropbox, you get 2 GB of storage for free.

Price: Free

MOG, Spotify, Rhapsody, or Rdio

This is an exciting time for music lovers to have a new iPhone. There are several amazing music subscription services out there that give you access to millions of songs for one flat monthly fee.

The big players are MOG, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio. Each one has its own virtues, so shop around to see which service will work best for you. Either way, the music lover in you won't be disappointed.

Scribblenauts is our new favourite iOS game

Scribblenauts is one of the hottest games on the Nintendo DS, and its now on iPhone. The puzzle game forces you to overcome obstacles by creating objects out of thin air. Anything you type will appear. Seriously.

Want a fire breathing rainbow dragon? Just type and it appears. It's so addicting, you may find yourself spending more time creating goofy objects than solving the puzzles.

Price: $4.99

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps out there

We love Instagram. For months, it has earned one of the coveted spots on our iPhone's home screen. And with good reason.

The simple photo sharing app lets you add quirky filters and effects to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, etc. In fact, we often find ourselves using Instagram as a one-stop app for updating all our social media services.

Price: Free

Instapaper will change the way you keep up with news

Instapaper is a handy service that lets you save articles you find online to read later.

All you have to do is install a simple bookmarklet to your browser. Clicking it pushes the article to your iPhone. You can then read it offline at your leisure. You'll love it.

Price: $4.99

Netflix lets you stream movies, even over your 3G connection

We love Netflix's commitment to mobile. The company's excellent iPhone app lets you stream your queue to your iPhone over Wi-Fi or 3G. So no matter where you are, you'll be entertained.

Price: Free (But you'll need a Netflix subscription)

Weather Channel is the best weather app

We hate to say it, but the Weather app that comes with your iPhone stinks.

Our favourite alternative is the Weather Channel. You can get hour by hour forecasts, plus videos straight from Weather Channel meteorologists.

Price: Free

Kindle for iPhone will let you read your books on the go

Why spend money on a new Kindle and an iPhone 4S? The Kindle app syncs all your Kindle books with your iPhone so you can read it there. It'll also keep track of where you last left off and margin notes.

Price: Free

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