These Awesome iPad Magazines Are Killing Print

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It’s no secret that print media’s seen better days.But the magazine industry has its own secret history of innovation and reinvention.

In 1953, for example, Life magazine chartered a jet plane and put a photographic darkroom in it to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A team of 34 reporters, editors, and photo technicians produced a special issue in the air, flying it straight to a printing plant in Chicago.

When Wired magazine launched in 1993, it used a then-new six-colour printing process to tell the story of the digital revolution in fluorescent colours.

Now technology is pushing beyond paper itself, with tablet magazines as the latest frontier.┬áThis isn’t a good or bad thing. It’s just the times, and they are a-changin’.

And some magazines are really nailing it in the iPad format.


Wired remains a mainstay of the tech scene, a monthly snapshot at what's happening in culture and technology. And its iPad app takes full advantage of the device's capabilities, offering video and animation inside of articles, as well as bonus content not available in the print version.

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The New Yorker

If you dig highbrow humour and thoughtful editorial, then you might already have a subscription to The New Yorker. The digital version is completely free for print subscribers. You even get access to an extensive web archive of back issues dating all the way to 1925.

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National Geographic

National Geographic has offered unique looks at the weird and wonderful parts of the planet. Its beautiful photo and video content translate perfectly to the tablet experience.

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PC Magazine

If you love computer hardware, this one's for you. PC Magazine's reviews, tips, and how-to guides have kept it an important tech publication for a long time.

The iPad app offers 360-degree views of new products, video reviews, and no ads!

Check it out here >

Time Magazine

Time's iPad edition includes all the content you'd normally find in each week's print version, but it also packs in bonus photos and videos and live news updates from Time's website.

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Sports Illustrated

Sports wonks no doubt already subscribe, but the iPad version boasts twice as many photos, video Q&As with athletes, and slideshows.

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It's one of the most popular magazines in the United States--if you need entertainment news and celebrity gossip, this is where you go. The iPad version is free for print subscribers and offers plenty of extra video content that you'd never see otherwise.

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A digital-magazine arm of The Huffington Post, Huffington is a free periodical that culls together the best writing from the website and pairs it up with content that doesn't appear anywhere else.

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Maybe you'd rather have a desktop than a tablet ...

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