The Best iPad Apps Of The Year, According To Apple

At the end of every year, Apple releases a list of the best iPad apps.

It’s every app developer’s dream to be featured in Apple’s collection, and this year’s list has a nice mixture of everything.

To help you find something you’ll like, we’ve collected all of Apple’s top picks in one place so you can check them all out and download your favourites. The games are all toward the end.

Pixelmator is a powerful image editor that won Apple's 'Best iPad App of the Year' award.

Whether you're looking to touch up a photo, design a poster, or paint something from scratch, Pixelmator is more than capable. It even plays nicely with Adobe Photoshop too.

Price: $US9.99

Hanx Writer is a text editor created by Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks loves typewriters so much he made an app that lets you type on a virtual one. Hanx Writer has a polished design, satisfying clicks and clacks from the keyboard, and multiple typewriters to choose from.

Price: Free

Yahoo News Digest is one of the best looking news apps out there.

Yahoo News Digest sends you two curated digests of 7 to 10 articles each day: once in the morning and once in the evening. The articles pull from multiple sources, including essential factual nuggets called 'atoms' that give you all you need to know in a beautiful format.

Price: Free

Storehouse turns your photos into vivid visual narratives.

Storehouse makes it easy to snap pictures and format them into a beautiful and smart layout that lets you tell a story. There's also some fantastic curated content, making it a great place to discover picture-based narratives from talented photographers.

Price: Free

Microsoft Word is a fantastic and familiar document editor.

Microsoft Word for iPad was designed solely with the tablet in mind. You can create and edit Word documents for free, but you'll need an Office 365 subscription to unlock everything.

Price: Free

NYT Cooking has over 15,000 recipes.

NYT Cooking makes it easy to search The New York Times' vault of recipes. There's step-by-step instructions, and it's perfect for the holidays with its themed recipe collections.

Price: Free

VSCO Cam clears away the clutter so you can focus on your next photo.

VSCO Cam is a beautifully designed photo app that features stunning presets, manual focus, adjustable shutter speed, white balance, and exposure compensation.

Price: Free

Makr makes designing and printing anything easy.

If you want to design something that needs to be printed, Makr is your best bet. This app will professionally print your invitations, announcements, accessories, and clothing, and lets you customise everything from templates to textures.

Price: Free

Never forget your passwords or login details again with 1Password.

1Password securely stores your login details and passwords for your email, credit cards, and favourite websites. Using your iPad's fingerprint sensor, you can then quickly fill in online forms and login credentials.

Price: Free

120 Sports gives you expert commentary on trending sports topics.

120 Sports is a great way to see what's buzzing in the sports world. The app features real-time highlights, expert commentary from in-house experts, and there's over 10 hours of live programming each day.

Price: Free

Replay Video Editor is a speedy way to edit your videos.

Replay Video Editor is great for when you just want to quickly throw together a video and set it to music. There's 21 video styles to choose from, slo-mo, music syncing, and no delay so you can watch what you create instantly.

Price: Free

Launch Center Pro makes tasks faster on your iPad.

Launch Center Pro is a productivity app for creating shortcuts for tasks you perform frequently. You can launch apps, set up a shortcut to message your best friend or family, jump right into composing an email, and plenty of others actions that will save you time.

Price: $US4.99

Adobe Voice lets you add a voice over to your videos.

Sometimes you need to tell a story out loud. With an expansive database of images, Adobe Voice makes it easy to mix together pictures, text, icons, and your own voice to create a video that tells a story in your own words.

Price: Free

Joy of Cooking brings the popular cookbook to the iPad.

Joy of Cooking has been around as a best-selling cookbook since 1936. The iPad app has everything from the latest physical book, and you don't need to be online to access its recipes, reference materials, and holiday guides.

Price: $US6.99

Star Walk Kids is a great way to get kids excited about astronomy.

To help kids learn more about the stars, constellations, and planets, Star Walk Kids lets children hold their iPad or iPhone up to the sky and see what is located in the far reaches of space above them.

Price: $US2.99

Auxy is a minimalistic music app for creating your own beats.

Auxy lets you craft your own electronic and hip hop beats using a loop-based sequencer. The best part is the app automatically keeps your music in sync, which is great for beginners.

Price: Free

Post-it Plus turns your paper notes into virtual ones.

Sometimes it's best to work on paper, but that doesn't mean your work has to stay there. With Post-it Plus, you simply take a picture of up to 50 square post-its and the app will turn them into virtual notes that you can organise and share how you like.

Price: Free

Molecules by Theodore Grey is an interactive book that brings molecules to life.

This sequel to 'The Elements' features incredible interactive images of molecules that you can touch and manipulate in a real-time simulation. It's a great way for the curious to learn more about the science behind molecules.

Price: $US13.99

If you want to learn more about maths's mysteries, try Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart.

This helpful app explains conceptual maths concepts like pi, prime numbers, and infinity in an easy way, guided by bestselling author Professor Ian Stewart.

Price: $US9.99

OmniFocus 2 is a powerful to-do list organiser designed for iPad.

OmniFocus 2 brings order to your hectic schedule with its in-depth task management features like flexible viewing options, fast task entry, location-awareness, and the ability to sort and track tasks by person, place, date, or project.

Price: $US29.99

Learn how the universe works with Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe.

With 10 interactive experiments, Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe teaches you about everything from black holes and relativity to the relationship between gravity and acceleration.

Price: $US2.99

Monument Valley is the beautiful game that won Apple's 'Best iPad Game of the Year' award.

Brimming with enchanting structures with impossible architecture, Monument Valley is a surreal puzzle game that asks you to help the lost princess with her secretive quest.

Price: $US3.99

Boom Beach is the new game from the team behind Clash of Clans.

If you liked Clash of Clans, you'll love Boom Beach, which offers a similar style of gameplay. You can fortify your island base so that it's bristling with weapons, defend against attackers, or set out to strategically conquer the bases of other players.

Price: Free

The Wolf Among Us is a dark and stylish adventure game.

Based on the famous 'Fables' comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is an interactive adventure game that weaves a gritty narrative using classic fairy-tale characters. It's also from the same team that made the incredible Walking Dead game.

Price: Free

Hitman GO turns the famous video game into a thrilling board game.

In this highly stylised turn-based board game, you'll play as Agent 47 as he uses stealth to navigate diorama-style sets to assassinate his target. It's got disguises, distractions, snipers, and even secret passageways.

Price: $US4.99

Battleheart Legacy is a thrilling fantasy RPG game.

Battleheart Legacy lets you customise your own hero, choosing between 12 classes and more than 150 skills and weapons. You can complete quests, explore the fantastical land, battle big bosses, and forge your own legacy.

Price: $US4.99

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team brings the fan-favourite game to iPad.

FIFA players will feel right at home with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which lets you build your own soccer team by choosing from over 10,000 players and then compete using either the game's classic controls or the new 'Casual Controls.'

Price: Free

Framed is a unique game that lets you control a comic's outcome.

You've never seen anything quite like Framed. This award-winning noir-puzzle game allows you to rearrange comic panels to create your own ending to the story, all to the tune of some jazz straight out of a hard-boiled detective film.

Price: $US4.99

Enjoy some multiplayer matches with your own squad in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout offers stunning graphics and a new single-player campaign with locations such as Venice and Tokyo. There's multiplayer, and you can choose your own class and create a squad with your friends.

Price: $US6.99

Table Tennis Touch has incredible graphics and smart controls.

This table-tennis game is all about skill. The game's controls are top notch, and you can unlock everything by advancing through the game's three career levels, with no in-app purchase required.

Price: $US2.99

Travel around the world in choose-your-own-adventure game 80 Days.

80 Days is an adventure game based on Jules Verne's timeless book 'Around the World in Eighty Days.' Every choice counts, and a well-written storyline will keep you interested as you choose how to travel the globe.

Price: $US4.99

Thomas Was Alone is a darkly funny, minimalist platform game.

Thomas Was Alone is an oddly enchanting game where you control Thomas, 'a curious rectangle,' as he travels through 100 levels. It's got clever controls and narration by Danny Wallace.

Price: $US5.99

Leo's Fortune is a gorgeous platform adventure game.

Play as Leo as he bounces, slides, and soars through luscious hand-crafted levels in pursuit of his stolen gold. Leo's Fortune's gameplay is intuitive and downright fun, and the app won an Apple Design Award this year for its stellar overall design.

Price: $US2.99

Bioshock is a masterful first-person shooter that's both eerie and unforgettable.

Bioshock makes the move to mobile with this full port of the classic PC shooter. You'll be able to explore the underwater dystopia of Rapture, battle the silent Big Daddies, and choose your own story path as you solve the mystery of the eerie city. It even works with Bluetooth controllers, so you don't have to use the wonky touch controls.

Price: $US10.99

Broken Age is stunning fantasy story from legendary game developer Tim Schafer.

Broken Age is a hand-painted adventure game that features voice acting from Elijah Wood and Jack Black. There's a full orchestral soundtrack, gorgeous graphics, and a lovely coming-of-age story that tells the tale of teenagers Vella and Shay, who live in different worlds that you can switch between.

Price: $US9.99

Godus lets you play God and create and rule over your own civilisation.

Godus is the newest game from the legendary Peter Molyneux, who made Fable. Godus lets you mould your own world, cast miracles, be worshiped by your little followers, and generally play God.

Price: Free

Banner Saga tells a legendary story where every choice matters.

Banner Saga is an award-winning RPG game with hand-drawn graphics and a haunting musical score. You'll be thrust into a compelling story brimming with Viking lore, humans, and gods, and every choice you make in conversations and combat alters your outcome.

Price: $US9.99

Hearthstone is an addictive card game from the creators of 'World of Warcraft.'

Hearthstone is a card-battling game that takes place in the Warcraft universe. It's easy for beginners to learn and start building up their own deck, but the real fun starts once you start competing against other players online.

Price: Free

FarmVille 2 is the sequel to the wildly popular FarmVille game.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape puts your farming skills to the test with the new ability to go on 'farm adventures' to find rare goods and find new recipes. You can also raise animals, fish, join a co-op, and play offline as you try to nurture your own farm.

Price: Free

Valiant Hearts lets you experience a beautiful and compelling storyline of war and love.

Valiant Hearts is a stirring narrative adventure that weaves together the stories of World War I soldiers. With hand-drawn art and the slower pace of a graphic novel, it's great for when you're in the mood for a game with a little more emotional power.

Price: $US4.99

Faster Than Light lets you geek out about every detail of your own starship.

FTL: Faster Than Light puts you in control of your own starship as you battle rebel forces, manage your crew, and make decisions on the fly in this insanely detailed space simulation game.

Price: $US9.99

Vainglory is like 'League of Legends' for your iPad.

Vainglory is a real-time MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that lets you team up online for three-versus-three battles. While other MOBA-style games feature a steep learning curve, Vainglory is easy to get the hang of but has plenty of depth for seasoned veterans of the genre.

Price: Free

World of Warriors lets you build a historic army and battle for dominance.

March into battle with your own army of cute and historically accurate warriors in this combat adventure game that requires skillful timing and strategy instead of button mashing to win.

Price: Free

Fates Forever is an indie game like 'DOTA' and 'League of Legends.'

Fates Forever is a MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) game where you can team up with your friends and battle online in PVP tournaments. It's free to play, but there are in-app purchases to unlock every hero.

Price: Free

Skylanders Trap Team lets you bring your Skylander toys into the virtual world.

Skylanders Trap Team brings the world of Skylanders to iPad. You can hunt monsters, explore areas for treasure, and bring your Skylanders toys into the game if you buy the Skylanders Starter Pack that comes with a wireless controller, two figures, and two trading cards.

Price: Free

Starter Pack: $US54.99

Defend against an alien invasion in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Expanding upon the popular XCOM: Enemy Unknown game, XCOM: Enemy Within is a turn-based shooter with new weapons, levels, enemies, and missions to keep you busy.

Price: $US12.99

World of Tanks Blitz is a multiplayer war game with an emphasis on strategy.

World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play MMO game where it's up to you and your friends to defeat and capture other players' tanks and bases. There's over 90 tanks to choose from, in-game chat for coordination, and an upgrade system to keep you busy.

Price: Free

Etherlords is a fast-paced battle game with visual flair.

Etherlords features fast 60-second battles with a unique fighting style that combines card battling with the fast-paced action of player-vs-player fights. The goal is to collect all 180 unique creatures, and the game works offline too.

Price: Free

Toca Nature lets you explore how nature grows and develops.

This kids' app is great for the curious nature lover. You can carve and shape your own landscape, plant trees and watch them develop into a forest, and discover the animal and sleeping habits of animals.

Price: $US2.99

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine is a great way to teach kids the basics of animation.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine lets kids explore the basics of how to create a short animation film. There's plenty of colourful and wacky animations to add to your video, and even tutorials featuring the voice of Mythbusters' Kari Byron.

Price: Free

Nighty Night Circus is designed to put your children to sleep.

This bedtime story app features a quaint Christmas environment and beautiful graphics. Designed for children to view before bed, kids can tuck eight circus animals into bed each night by turning off the lights or blowing out candles.

Price: $US2.99

Slice Fractions teaches kids the basics of mathematical fractions.

This children's puzzle game is a great introduction to fractions, with over 90 prehistoric-themed puzzles that take the stress out of learning.

Price: $US2.99

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