The First 15 iPad Apps You Must Download


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The App Store can be overwhelming.To make life easier, we’ve put together this starter list. These are the first 15 apps you should download on a new iPad. They’ve give you a sense of everything you can do with your new computer/toy.

Enjoy it!

The Kindle app is retina display ready, it's a must have app

Apple will shove iBooks down your throat, but skip it. If you're going to download an app for reading books, get the Kindle app. Amazon is more dedicated to the Kindle ecosystem than Apple is to iBooks. And if you ever stray from iOS for Android, you'll still be able to access your books.

(iTunes link)

We really like the Epicurious application

Using the iPad as a cookbook is awesome. It's one of the best uses of the device out there. We've used Epicurious to find recipes based on whatever we had in our refrigerator.

(iTunes link)

If you have Netflix, you definitely want to get the Netflix app

Netflix updated its app to support Apple's high definition retina display. It's a great app for Netflix subscribers. Otherwise, it's useless.

Netflix: iTunes link

The Facebook app is another great one

Facebook's app is much better than the website. Download it pronto.

(iTunes Link)

Infinity Blade is one of the coolest iPad games out there

Infinity Blade is a role playing game where you battle monsters. For some of you, that sounds awesome. For some of you that sounds unbelievably dorky. Either way, the graphics in this game are worth the $7 price of admission. They look great.

(iTunes link)

Scribblenauts Remix is one of the favourites in our office

The editor of our gadget section loves this app. Here's his rave review: 'Scribblenauts may look like a children's game, but it's actually one of the most ingenious and brilliant games ever made.

In Scribblenauts, you're presented with various challenges. For each challenge, you must type in one or more words. The game brings those words to life (somehow), and helps you complete the challenge.'

It costs $2.99.

(iTunes link)

Bloomberg has a good free news application

The Bloomberg for iPad app is a good, free news app. Plus you can keep on top of your stocks, if you really want.

(iTunes link)

iPhoto for the iPad is a great way to edit photos

Apple just released iPhoto for the iPad. It's $5, but it gives you an awesome way to edit photos. It's best for people that have iPhones. With iCloud your photos will show up in the photostream on your iPad. From there you can touch them up. For a thorough review check here >

(iTunes link)

The Weather Channel is the best weather app we've used

What can we say? We think the Weather Channel did a great job with its app. (iTunes link)

Scrabble is one of the most fun apps on the iPad

Some people in our family call the iPad the 'Scrabble Pad,' because we play so much Scrabble with the iPad. It's $10 right now, which is a little steep. EA usually has discounts, so you might want to wait.

(iTunes link)

Star Walker is super cool for night time

One of the coolest uses of the iPad is aiming it at the stars and figuring out what you're seeing. Star Walker is $4.99.

(iTunes link for Star Walker)

Virtuoso piano is a free and fun app

The piano app is another one of those 'it' apps. Even if you don't play piano, there's something to hammering on the iPad and hearing a piano. It's just a neat experience, and another good one to show people when they want to play with your iPad.

iTunes link

Yelp for iPad is a good way to find restaurants

If you like Yelp, then you definitely want to get the Yelp iPad app. It's decent implementation of Yelp and it's easier to use the app than the website on your iPad.

Urbanspoon is another option if Yelp isn't your thing.

Yelp iTunes link

Urbanspoon iTunes link

Peggle is a super fun game

Peggle is like pinball but cooler. It's cute, addictive, and a lot of fun.

iTunes link

The official Twitter app for iPad is a great application

If you're on Twitter, the official Twitter app is the best app in the store. It doesn't cost a thing and its filled with neat little touches.

(Twitter for iPad iTunes link)

What did we miss?

These are the iPad apps we use and love. Everyone is different, if we're missing something, drop a note in the comments, so other people know what to download.

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