The first 33 apps you should download for your new iPhone

  • You may have received a new iPhone this holiday season.
  • Here are 33 great apps to download for it.

Deciding which apps to download from Apple’s App Store can be daunting, especially when you have a new phone. After all, there are millions of apps choose from.

We’ve rounded up 33 of the best apps you should download first on your iPhone. There are some obvious choices on this list, but we’ve also chosen a few hidden gems that the Tech Insider staff uses and loves.

Let’s check them out:

Citizen lets you see if there are emergencies or crimes nearby.


Citizen is a free app.

Moment helps you track screen time. Apple has built-in tools, but a lot of people in the tech world use this app.


Moment is a free app with in-app purchases.

Mindbody lets you book and search workout classes on the go.


Mindbody is a free app. The classes cost money.

Duolingo helps you learn a new language.


Duolingo is a free download with in-app purchases.

Google Translate ensures you’ll be able to communicate, even if you fall behind in your Duolingo lessons.


Google Translate is a free app.

Libby lets you rent books from your local library.


Libby is a free download.

Google Duo is a cross-platform video-chat app if your friends or family don’t have Apple devices with FaceTime.


Google Duo is a free download.

I Love Hue is a colourful, soothing puzzle game.

I Love Hue is a free app, but it costs money to unlock additional levels.

Co-Star supplies personal horoscopes, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Co-Star is a free download with in-app purchases.

There are many different podcast apps, including one that comes with the iPhone, but some staffers swear by Pocket Casts …


Pocket Casts is a $US3.99 download.

… but others swear by Overcast, which is available only for the iPhone.


Overcast is a free app, but it costs $US10 to unlock all the features.

Comixology by Amazon lets you read comics on your smartphone.


Comixology is a free app, but the content costs money.

Microsoft Outlook is an iPhone email app with some die-hard supporters.


Outlook is a free download.

Google Keep helps you put what’s in your brain down in writing.


Google Keep is a free download.

Citymapper offers high-quality subway and bus directions.


Citymapper is a free download.

MyFitnessPal can help you count calories and offers a big community interested in food and nutrition.


MyFitnessPal is a free app with in-app purchases.

Weather Underground is a great weather app that has actually helped one of our writers figure out how long she should wait under a tree when she was caught out in a rainstorm, thanks to its radar feature.


Weather Underground is a free app, and it costs $US1.99 to remove ads.

PlateJoy tailors recipes to your needs or preferences and helps you save money by smartly using pantry items and fresh foods.


PlateJoy is a free app with a $US100-per-year subscription cost.

MTB Project is the best app for finding your way around trails for hiking or biking.


MTB Project is a free app.

“Hearthstone” is a free game with a ton of depth to it. It’s easy to play but tough to master, which will likely keep you coming back for more.

The “Hearthstone” app is a free download with in-app purchases for expansions and extra card packs.

Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful snowboarding game that’s fun to play on the subway or bus.

Alto’s Adventure is a $US4.99 download.

Pocket City is the best city simulator ever made for phones. There are no microtransactions.

Pocket City

Pocket City is a $US4.99 download.

Trunk Club is a stylist that sends higher-quality clothes than other monthly clubs. Some of the clothes are a bit pricey for what they are, but others are surprisingly affordable.


Trunk Club is a free app, but you have to pay for the clothes.

Marco Polo is a fun video-chat app that’s easier to use than Snapchat.


Marco Polo is a free download.

Scanner Pro is a great scanner app for iPhones.


Scanner Pro is a $US3.99 download.

Holedown is a good casual brick-breaker game.


Holedown is a $US3.99 download.

Shazam, now owned by Apple, can tell you who sings the song you’re hearing.


Shazam is a free download, and you can always just ask Siri what song is playing.

Google Photos gives you unlimited cloud storage space for your photos.


It’s free from the App Store.

Foursquare is great for finding restaurants.


Foursquare is free from the App Store.

Cash App makes it easy to send money to other people’s phones.


Cash App is free from iTunes.

Dark Sky is a cult-favourite weather app.

Hollis Johnson

Dark Sky costs $US3.99 for iPhones.

1Password can manage all your passwords, making it less likely you get hacked.


1Password is free but pro-level features cost $US36 per year.

Pocket is a great way to bookmark articles to read later.


Pocket is free but a premium subscription costs $US44.99 per year.

A previous version of this article was published in October.

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