14 Ingenious iOS 5 Tweaks That Will Make You Want To Jailbreak Your iPhone

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Apple’s iOS 5 has only been out in the wild for two weeks, but clever hackers have already come up with some pretty amazing tweaks for it.You’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to access these tweaks, but unfortunately, there’s no jailbreak available yet for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

If you have an older iPhone, use these instructions to jailbreak it, a non-destructive process that can be undone at any point.

Also, thanks to iDownloadBlog.com for scoping some of these out!

BiteSMS brings awesome Quick Reply features to iOS 5.

We love iOS 5's 'swipe to unlock' feature for specific apps like Messages, but a jailbreak feature we miss is Quick Reply.

The new version of BiteSMS includes some great QuickReply features that pop up a SMS response screen so you can reply to texts without interrupting what you're doing.

Availability: still in beta, but you can try it out

AppCenter puts your favourite apps inside your Notification centre menu.

Wish you could have easy access to five apps in your Notification centre?

AppCenter is here for you. It's not out quite yet, but it will let users have a second 'dock' where commonly used apps can hang out.

Availability: in beta, but coming to Cydia soon.

NowPlaying pops up a banner when a new song comes on.

This free download lets your Music app pop up a 'Now Playing' banner whenever a new songs comes on.

We love music widgets on our Mac, so this one's nice to have on our iPhone too.

Availability: free from the BigBoss default repository in Cydia

Here's the quickest way to turn your iPhone into a flashlight.

WeeFlashlight is a Notification centre widget that's simply a button turn on and off your iPhone's LED flash.

Availability: free from the default BigBoss repository in Cydia

FavoriteContacts gives you quick access to people you frequently call.

FavoriteContacts makes it easy to pop your most frequent contacts into your Notification centre drop down menu.

Availability: $1.00 via the BigBoss default repository in Cydia.

Status Google puts a search widget in your Notification centre.

Here's a widget we could really see ourselves using.

It's called Status Google, and it puts easy access to Google Search inside you Notification centre.

Availability: in beta, but free from the BigBoss default repository in Cydia

Intelliscreen puts a ton of information on your lock screen

Intelliscreen is like all the previous widgets combined, and then stuck on your lock screen.

Intelliscreen may make your lock screen look busy, but if 'quick glance' tweets, RSS updates, and weather is what you're after, here's the solution.

Availability: available next week in Cydia

PowerCenter Pro brings all the vital information you need to the forefront.

If you consider yourself a tech 'power user,' you'll probably want PowerCenter Pro.

It's a great way to keep track of unused RAM, HD capacity, your IP address, and much more via swipe-able pages.

Availability: $2.49 in Cydia

Notification centre Enhancer ups the limit on notification length.

NotificationCenter Enhancer lets your messages be as long as they want to be, and also lets you clear them out with just one tap (instead of two).

Availability: $0.99 in Cydia

QuickMemo lets you jot down notes in a flash.

QuickMemo might be the fastest way to jot down a quick note.

Drag down your Notification centre, tap inside the text box, and start typing.

Availability: free from the BigBoss default repository in Cydia

RSSWidget adds a swipe-able RSS feed to Notification centre

Have a favourite website you check constantly?

Add its RSS feed to your Notification centre using RSSWidget, then swipe through recent headlines. Click on one to launch Safari.

Availability: free from the default BigBoss repository on Cydia

SBSettings is back with a vengeance.

One of the most popular jailbreak tweaks ever, SBSettings, is back in beta for iOS 5.

SBSettings give you access to all your most important on/off toggles like Wi-Fi, aeroplane Mode, Bluetooth, and more, and pops right into your Notification centre.

This SBSettings theme looks pretty ugly, but there are very sleek themes you can download to make it look really natural.

Availability: in beta, free in Cydia

This tweak kills Newsstand once and for all.

Newsstand is one of the most annoying parts of iOS 5.


Because unless you buy magazines and newspapers, the app looks depressingly empty and can't be hidden.

NoNewsIsGoodNews is a simple tweak that gets rid of Newsstand's icon from your iPhone.

Availability: free from the BigBoss default repository in Cydia

AnyLockApp lets you put any app on your lock screen's quick-camera spot.

AnyLockApp lets you replace iOS 5's new camera button with any app of your choice.

If you didn't already realise you had this feature, double tap the home button from your lock screen to check it out.

Availability: free from the BigBoss default repository in Cydia

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