Meet The Lovely Booth Babes Of The New York Auto Show

New York Auto Show Booth Babes

Photo: Travis Okulski / Business Insider

While the cars are the focus of the auto show, the models behind the scenes have a much harder job.They need to stand near the cars answering a number of questions, most of which are some variant of “do you come with the car?” Plus, they have to wear what appear to be very uncomfortable clothes and smile for hours at a time.

It really is a tough gig.

We want to send a big thank you out to all the models that were gracious enough to be in one our photos.

Land Rover had a couple ladies pull the wraps off of the equally attractive Evoque Convertible concept.

Chevrolet didn't disappoint with the model they chose for the Hot Wheels Camaro.

Jaguar paired its sophisticated cars with equally elegant models.

While we saw this car in Detroit, Audi brought a totally different model to show it off.

Lincoln chose a great way to dress up the 2013 MKZ.

Lincoln also found another way to drum up a lot of interest in Edsel Ford's old ride.

Our 'Best Booth Babe' of Detroit, Samantha, was back with a few more Fiat 500s.

Fisker's models were dressed like Pan Am flight attendants. Was a very cool throwback look.

Every time we take pictures of Dodge's models, they close their eyes.

Porsche brought this incredible 1971 917LH to the show. This is the only way we could possibly make it even better.

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