These are the 8 best holiday commercials this year that will make you cry

Allegro commercialYouTubeAllegro’s commercial ‘English for Beginners’ will make you weep.

The INSIDER Summary:

• Christmas commercials always make us cry.
• These are the eight best ones this year.
• Apple and Amazon made the list, but Allegro was number one.

If the Super Bowl is prime time for wacky and hilarious commercials, then the holiday season is for anyone who wants to bawl openly in front of their TV.

There’s something about the month of December that makes companies feel the need to bring on the waterworks, whether it’s a happy or bittersweet cry. They take advantage of our raw emotions as we prepare to see family and loved ones, and cash in on our collective need to feel the holiday spirit.

And you know what? We kind of love it.

The commercials this year are heartwarming and sad alike, and in the spirit of whichever holiday you celebrate, will make us all come together. Break out the tissues, and watch the eight best ones this year below.

8. British grocery store Sainsbury’s — The Greatest Gift

Who can’t relate to being so busy around the holidays that they can’t spend time with their family? This Sainsbury’s ad is all about a dad who makes toy clones of himself to get his work done so he can spend time with his family.

Bonus points go to this claymation commercial for having a loving biracial family and for making fun of England’s transportation system.

7. British department store John Lewis — Buster the Boxer

This silly commercial is from the perspective of Buster the boxer dog who wants nothing more than to jump on his family’s new trampoline, but watches in vain as nocturnal animals steal his spotlight. Until it’s finally his turn.

Though this commercial isn’t sad exactly, there’s something about watching this happy dog bounce on a new trampoline that will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

6. Mercedes-Benz —  “Snow Date

I was fully prepared to hate this Mercedes-Benz commercial about a young teen getting his dad to drive him to his date during one of the worst snowstorms.

But dang it if I didn’t start to well up when his date, who he thought had ditched him, showed up to the empty movie theatre, too.

5. London Heathrow Airport — “Coming Home for Christmas

Watching two adorable teddy bears walk through the airport might sound banal, but they are oh-so endearing.

And when you finally realise who they really are, it makes this commercial all the cuter.

4. Danish electronics company Elgiganten — “Lad Gaverne Tale” or “Let the Gifts Talk”

At a time when some people might be struggling to gain the acceptance of their family, this Dannish commercial about a father getting a gift for his transgender teen daughter is truly great.

What gets me the most is the initial fear of rejection on both sides and the shy, understanding smiles in the end.

3. Apple — “Frankie’s Holiday

If you haven’t seen Apple’s full Frankenstein Christmas commercial, get ready to weep. It follows Frankenstein as he tries to make a human connection by replacing his neck bolts with light-up Christmas bulbs.

Watching him on his lonely mountaintop finally have the courage to journey down and connect with the townspeople is haunting, but sweet.

2. Amazon — “Two Old Friends Meet for a Cup of Tea

Not only does this commercial have two old men coming adorably together, but it shows that some things like true friendship and bad knees are universal, no matter your faith.

By the end of this commercial, you’ll be laughing and crying at the same time.

1. Polish auction site Allegro — “English for Beginners

This “English for Beginners” commercial has been watched over 12 million times, and it’s no surprise why. From the cute dog to the adorable grammar mistakes, the whole commercial is charming as anything.

But it’s the ending that will clutch your heart and twist your tear ducts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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