The 10 Best Public High Schools In America


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Once again charter and magnet schools in Texas hold the reigns as the top public high schools in the country.Newsweek released its ranking of the best public high schools in America, using a panel of experts and reaching out to more than 10,000 high schools in the country.

Newsweek asked schools to submit four-year graduation rate, percentage of 2010 graduated who immediately enrolled in college, various test scores, student to teacher ratio, and stats about advanced placement courses.

Other southern states and western states also claimed some of the best public schools in the nation.

#10 North Hills Preparatory—Irving, Texas

College bound: 92%

Student/teacher ratio: 11.3

Avg. SAT score: 1716

#9 Suncoast Community—Riviera Beach, Fla.

College bound: 100%

Student/teacher ratio: 25

Avg. SAT score: 1737

Suncoast High School also won the 2010 Magnet School of Excellence Award.

#8 University—Irvine, Calif.

College bound: 96%

Student/teacher ratio: 34.5

Avg. SAT score: 1920

Famous actor Will Ferrell is an alumnus of University High School.

#7 Signature School—Evansville, Ind.

College bound: 100%

Student/teacher ratio: 20

Avg. SAT score: 1766

Signature School was the first charter high school in Indiana in 2002.

#6 Jefferson County IB School—Birmingham, Ala.

College bound: 100%

Student/teacher ratio: 18

Avg. SAT score: 1860

This school was created in 1991 in part to lure a Mercedes plant to Birmingham, according to Times Free Press. In 2005 it was named the No. 1 school in America by Newsweek.

#5 Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science—Bowling Green, Ky.

College bound: 100%

Student/teacher ratio: 19

Avg. SAT score: 2053

Gatton is one of the newest school's to rank among the top. This year's graduating class is the fourth ever.

#4 Stanton College Preparatory—Jacksonville, Fla.

College bound: 99%

Student/teacher ratio: 22

Avg. SAT score: 1854

Stanton College Preparatory 's student newspaper has been recognised several times as a top paper in state and national rankings.

#3 BASIS Tucson—Tuscon, Ariz.

College bound: 96%

Student/teacher ratio: 12

Avg. SAT score: 1854

#2 School for the Talented and Gifted Magnet—Dallas, Texas

College bound: 93%

Student/teacher ratio: 15

Avg. SAT score: 1885

The school, which opened in 1995 took 20 years to plan and nearly $40 million.

#1 School of Science and Engineering Magnet—Dallas, Texas

College bound: 100%

Student/teacher ratio: 21

Avg. SAT score: 1786

In 2006, School of Science and Engineering Magnet was visited by George W. Bush for its excellence in education and emphasis on science and maths.

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