The 15 Best Hats At Britain's Royal Ascot

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Unusual and elaborate hats abound each year at The Royal Ascot, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for Britain’s elite and the media alike.

The famed horse races began on June 18th and will run until June 22nd, but for members of the royal family, socialites and celebrities, the Royal Ascot is much more than just a sporting event. 

Most use it primarily as an opportunity to see and be seen, often dressing outlandishly. Since the dress code has become stricter and more conservative in recent years, many attendees have taken to expressing their style by way of their headpiece.

This year has been no exception, and we’re sure to see more eye-catching hats throughout the week.

Designer Larisa Katz wore an elaborate hat made of chocolate packaging.

British TV personality Anika Svenska seemed to have a sense of humour about her outlandish hat.

Socialite and famed hat-wearer Florence Claridge smiled for the cameras in a unique yellow number.

This male spectator rocked a hat made entirely of fresh flowers.

This racegoer's hat seemed very appropriate for an equestrian event.

Believe it or not, British singer Katherine Jenkins' pink and orange hat was understated compared to others.

Socialite Marinilia Smirnova was all about the feathers.

Aishwarya Rai, a well-known Bollywood actress, kept things subtle.

Racehorse breeder Belinda Strudwick looked positively heavenly in white.

Model Natalia Kapchuk donned a highly detailed headpiece.

Socialite Ashleigh Johns' hat looked like it could float away at any moment.

Karin Hyden from Sweden arrived in a delicate floral headpiece for the second day of the races.

These friends had two of the most brightly-coloured hats of all.

Friends Veronica Voronina, right, and Rosey Chan laughed as they posed for the media in their hats.

And of course, the Queen wouldn't dare go hatless!

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