19 of the best Halloween costumes worn by TV characters

Our favourite characters pull out all the stops for Halloween. NBC

One of the best things about Halloween is seeing what kind of costume everyone else thinks up – and that includes the characters in your favourite television shows.

A lot of shows take advantage of the spooky holiday season to feature special Halloween episodes where the characters go all out in some elaborate costumes. The costumes usually perfectly reflect the personality of the character in the best way.

Below are some of the most iconic Halloween costumes worn by TV characters. Who knows? They might inspire your own costume choices for this Halloween.

Gabe Lewis stole the show when he dressed as Lady Gaga in “The Office.”

Gabe really gets out of character in this Lady Gaga costume. NBC

“The Office” is another show that took Halloween extremely seriously. Characters were in costume every single year, and these costumes always explain something deeper about their personality. So when shy, awkward Gabe dressed as Lady Gaga, it was beyond hilarious.

Carlton Banks recreated the best Macaulay Culkin scene in “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”

Carlton really had the character of Kevin down. NBC

Sure, Will made fun of Carlton for this costume, but it’s hard to deny that he completely nailed it when he dressed as Macaulay Culkin’s character of Kevin from “Home Alone.” He even did the iconic scream.

Ross Geller was typical Ross as Spudnik in “Friends.”

Ross’ costume is typically nerdy. NBC

Who can forget the time adorably nerdy Ross dressed as Spudnik? His explanation for the out-there costume? It was a combination of the Russian satellite Sputnik and a potato (a spud). Only Ross could pull this one off.

Brooke Davis dressed as an orange in “One Tree Hill.”

Brooke went all out in this outfit. The WB

When doing a themed group costume for “A Clockwork Orange,” Brooke dressed as … an actual orange. Tiny arms and all.

Ted Mosby, Marshall Ericksen, and Lily Aldrin nailed the group costume as the Lady and the Tramp and their bowl of spaghetti in “How I Met Your Mother.”

These three nail group costumes. CBS

These guys went all out for this seriously creative group costume that is, unfortunately, a little difficult to replicate.

Jess from “New Girl” went as Ramona Quimby.

Jess’ costume embodied on of our favourite childhood characters. FOX

To the delight of book lovers everywhere, Jess once dressed as Ramona Quimby from the classic Beverly Clearly novel. She got it down perfectly.

Leslie Knope went as Rosie the Riveter in “Parks and Recreation,” which was perfect for her character.

It makes sense that Leslie chose a feminist character to dress up as. NBC

Leslie is everyone’s favourite feminist television character, so it only seemed right for her to go as the iconic Rosie the Riveter. They could almost be twins.

Haley Dunphy went as a “sexy” Mother Theresa in “Modern Family.”

Hayley’s costume was certainly interesting. ABC

“Modern Family” always goes all out when it comes to Halloween episodes. As anyone who watches the show knows, the Dunphy family is very into October 31. There are so many great costumes from the show that it’s hard to pick just one, but Haley as Mother Teresa really takes the cake.

The Johnsons totally nailed it as the Jackson 5 in “Black-ish.”

This family had a great group costume. NBC

No one will ever be able to pull off these costumes quite as well as this family did it. They even have the dance moves down.

Mindy Lahiri dressed as Lil Wayne on the Prairie in “The Mindy Project” to the bemusement of everyone.

This costume is a weird pun that’s perfect for Mindy. NBC

It’s hard to find a better embodiment of Mindy’s extra personality than this ridiculously silly costume. It’s a strangely accurate costume, too, for something that probably shouldn’t exist.

Pam from “The Office” once dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Pam loves Halloween. NBC

Anyone who watches “The Office” knows that Pam absolutely loves Halloween. This unfortunate costume wasn’t her best, though – when she took her hat off, everyone thought she was Hitler. Oh, Pam.

Howard and Bernadette Wolowitz did a couples costume as Papa Smurf and Smurfette in “The Big Bang Theory.”

This look took commitment. ABC

Howard and Bernadette fully committed to this look, using up probably a few jars of blue body paint. The funniest part is that Bernadette wouldn’t let Howard leave her side so that she didn’t get mistaken for an “Avatar” character.

Bill Haverchuck broke gender rules as the Bionic Woman in “Freaks and Geeks.”

Bill embraced his love of Bionic Woman. NBC

Bill loved the Bionic Woman, and he didn’t give gender rules a second thought when he decided to try as her for Halloween. It was a big move for a show back in the ’90s.

Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir went as Calvin and Hobbes in “Community.”

Troy and Abed had the perfect best friend costume. NBC

If you know the Calvin and Hobbes comics, then you know that best friends Troy and Abed nailed this costume completely. The characters fit their own personalities to a T.

Alan Harper made nostalgia buffs thrilled when he dressed as Duckie in “Two and A Half Men.”

Alan dressed up as another character that Cryer had played. CBS

This was a meta moment in the show – Jon Cryer reprised his role as Duckie from “Pretty in Pink” in the form of the perfect Halloween costume.

Felicity went as the Bride of Frankenstein in “Felicity.”

Felicity got dolled up to be the Bride of Frankenstein. The WB

Felicity looked a lot creepier than usual with her elaborate makeup as the Bride of Frankenstein in this episode.

Gloria Dunphy dressed up as martian in “Modern Family” when she was pregnant.

Gloria embraced her pregnancy with this martian outfit. ABC

It’s hard to say how Gloria got her pregnant belly into this bright green spandex suit, but she looks awesome – she got the look perfectly, and how could she not, as a member of the Dunphy family?

Bobby nailed it as Windy Guy in “Cougar Town.”

Bobby’s costume is funny and practical. CBS

For anyone who didn’t watch “Cougar Town,” this was sort of an inside joke: Bobby dressed as “Windy Guy” so that when conversations got awkward, he could run away backward as if he were being chased by the wind.

Carrie Bradshaw and Walt Reynolds were adorable as Princess Diana and Prince Charles in “The Carrie Diaries.”

Carrie and Walt look great. The CW

So, yeah, this costume is a little sad when you consider how things turned out for Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but it still looks great.


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