The coolest Halloween costumes for pregnant women, according to Pinterest literal bun in the oven.

Pregnancy may not always be as fun as trick-or-treating, but it sure does make for some awesome Halloween costume opportunities.

From a literal “bun in the oven” to a wrecking ball, here are 12 creative costumes that incorporate that baby bump.

Movie references to classics like 'Castaway' are always a winner.

Bonus points if one of the characters is actually pregnant, like in 'Juno.'

It might be Halloween, but Christmas is right around the corner.

Baseball costumes are a guaranteed home run.

A wrecking ball works, too.

If you're craving a certain food at odd hours of the night...

Why not dress like it?

Punny costumes are also crowd favourites.

The more literal, the better.

This Death Star costume is definitely not a trap.

But this zombie baby costume might be.

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