The best Greek island for every type of traveller

Crete greeceShutterstock/InnaFelkerHead to the island of Crete for impeccably fresh food.

With some 6,000 islands within its borders, Greece has a lot to offer travellers of all stripes. Whether you’re in search of wild parties, family-friendly activities, or just a place where you can relax and unwind, you’re sure to be able to find it on one of Greece’s stunning islands.

While each Greek island has its own beauty and charm, it can be tough knowing which one to choose for your next vacation.

To help, we’ve found the best Greek island for different types of travellers. From the delectable local specialties you’ll find on Crete to the untouched nature on Ikaria, here’s your guide to Greece’s islands.

Best for art lovers: Hydra

Art lovers will find their paradise on Hydra, where renowned contemporary venues and galleries sit nestled within the island's winding streets.

Art collectors and artists gather here to enjoy the installations that line the corridors of popular spaces like the DESTE Project Space Slaughterhouse
, which is owned by Greek Cypriot billionaire and art collector Dakis Joannou.

Best for partying: Ios

Ios is known for its bustling party scene, thanks to its wide array of bars and clubs that sit in close proximity to one another.

Start the night off at the popular Far Out Beach Club on Mylopotas Beach before heading to one of the many after-hour clubs that line the island's streets.

Best for windsurfing: Paros

Paros' weather conditions make it an ideal destination for windsurfers, who often gather on its many beaches to enjoy the sport.

The island hosted the Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup event for several years and continues to remain the home of various windsurfing competitions each summer.

Best for couples: Santorini

Santorini may be crowded with tourists, but its breathtaking setting of soaring cliffs and wide vistas make it a favourite for romantic getaways.

Enjoy top-notch wineries and unforgettable sunsets, or head to the traditional hilltop town of Oia to see a cluster of luxurious and secluded hotels with impeccable views.

Best for beaches: Milos

While there are a wide array of top-notch beaches spread throughout the islands of Greece, Milos' beaches are as diverse as they are plentiful. This island hosts around 80 beaches, some with black sands and others marked by red rock formations and hidden caves.

Best for foodies: Crete

Head to the island of Crete to try local specialties like dakos, which is typically made up of dried bread or barley rusk topped with tomato, creamy cheese, and olive oil.

The island, which is famous for its olive oil, is home to rustic eateries that serve incredibly fresh meat, cheeses, olive oil, and wines that are often produced in-house.

You can dine on meals made with herbs picked from the nearby hillside, or head to one of its beachfront restaurants to enjoy the catch of the day.

Best for exploring nature: Ikaria

On Ikaria, visitors will find everything from lush forests and hidden beaches to coves and soaring cliffs.

Activities like hiking, walking, and cycling are popular here thanks to a network of mountain paths that take travellers through a majestic setting of farms, lakes, and forests.

Best for high-end shopping: Mykonos

Though Santorini and Athens also offer prime shopping, Mykonos has a variety of high-end clothing options that cater to its chic crowd. Stores are often open late in the evening, with sales regularly occurring in the summer.

Visitors here will find everything from handmade fabrics and designer brands to souvenirs and intricate jewellery pieces.

Best for a private getaway: Astypalaia

Astypalaia has a low tourist infrastructure, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the crowds.

Explore the island's picturesque port, which sits perched on a rock jutting out into the sea, or admire its breathtaking scenery of rugged coastlines and mountainous terrain.

Best for history buffs: Rhodes

Similar to islands like Delos, Corfu, and Athens, Rhodes is a popular stop for history lovers.

The island, which once stood as a prominent trading center in the eastern Mediterranean, is home to various medieval buildings, bastions, walls, and gates, as well as a stunning palace you can admire in its Old Town.

Best for wildlife spotting: Tilos

The island of Tilos is home to hundreds of species of wildflowers and many rare birds, making it a go-to destination for birdwatchers and wildlife fanatics.

Walk through its many meadows and valleys, and you might find yourself on a deserted beach with monk seals and sea turtles.

Best for families: Naxos

Thanks to its range of shallow beaches, Naxos is a beloved destination for families who are in search of something more than a massive hotel complex. The island's combination of beaches and striking temples ensure that both toddlers and parents can have an enjoyable trip.

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