15 Perfect Gifts For Beer Geeks

Beer SoapAmazonLather up in your favourite beer-scented soap.

Let’s be frank: Beer is a great gift any time of year, but during the holidays beer aficionados only have one thing on their wish lists.


Whether you’re shopping for a homebrewing roommate or a craft beer-loving spouse, these 15 gifts will keep all the beer connoisseurs on your holiday gift list happy.

But if you end up keeping them, we wouldn’t blame you.

Show off your six pack in a rustic wooden beer tote.

How it works: Just add beer. This handmade, dark wood six pack tote allows you to stylishly transport half a dozen of your favourite beers to share with friends.

And with a convenient bottle opener affixed to the side, there's no need to hunt one down.

Price: $US45

Or ride your beer home without feeling weighed down.

If you need your hands for other things -- like, say, riding a bicycle -- this is the way to go. This leather six pack holder fastens securely to the top tube and seat tube of any bicycle so that the beer stays firmly in place on its way to its final destination (i.e., your mouth).

Price: $US59.95

Never let your beer lose its cool.

The Chillsner beer chiller by Corksicle will keep your beer cold from the first sip to the last. Just freeze the Chillsner and insert it into the bottle when you're ready to drink.

It seals tightly to the rim, and includes a vent so that you can drink your beer without removing the device every time you go to sip.

Price: $US18.62

Stir up old memories with this parodied favourite childhood book.

'In the great brew room, there was a kettle that shone, and a gramophone, and a pitcher of... a chocolate stout with two feathers of foam.'

Unlike 'Goodnight Moon,' which walks you through a bedtime routine, this parody takes you step-by-step through brewing 101. At the end, helpful infographics recap the information you learn as you read. Great for beer-loving parents!

Price: $US13.56

Give the beer you can't get just anywhere.

Sign your beer lover up for the Rare Beer Club, an exclusive, monthly subscription that gets them anywhere from two to six wine bottle-sized beers that they won't easily find in stores.

Many of the beers are brewed in a way that they can be aged, and enjoyed at a later time for a more matured, developed taste.

Price: $US34.95 to $US69.95 per month

Never forget a bottle opener again.

The bottle opener ring fits most fingers and comes in a set of two. Fashion meets function, as the stainless steel design is simple yet industrial-looking, and easily opens standard beer bottles.

The best part: no more worrying about forgetting a bottle opener and, even better, no more clunky bottle-opening key chains.

Price: $US6.58

Get great, beer-related reading material in the mail.

DRAFT magazine is a must-read for anyone with a remote interest in drinking beer or the beer industry. DRAFT releases a new issue every other month, full of beer, restaurant and bar reviews; travel stories; recipes; and local content.

The $US15.99 annual subscription gets you the physical magazine six times a year, and access to DRAFT's digital content as well.

Price: $US15.99/year

Rouse your inner beer geek... and your inner geek in general.

Oftentimes being a beer nerd, and just being a nerd, go hand-in-hand. 'Doctor Who'-watching beer lovers will go nuts for these disappearing Tardis glasses. Barely visible when empty, the glass reacts to temperature. Fill it with your favourite cold one and watch the Tardis magically appear. Comes in a set of two.

Price: $US14.99

Lather up with craft beer-infused soap.

Maybe you drink craft beer, but do you wash with it? Sounds crazy, but there are a lot of benefits to using beer-infused soap, like smoothing rough skin. Craftsman Soap Company makes its natural soap with California-based Golden Road Brewery's four flagship beers -- a wheat beer, a brown ale, and two IPAs.

The warm, hoppy smell of the beer in the soap as it lathers your skin isn't unpleasant, either.

Price: $US23.95

Test your beer trivia on a new version of this classic American board game.

Forget the little sports car, top hat, and Scottie dog -- you play Brew-opoly with a pretzel, bottlecap, or beer mug as you test your knowledge of American craft breweries. And unlike regular Monopoly, this game won't turn all your friends against each other.

Play to own your favourite brands and trade your Cases for Brew Houses. For two to six beer-loving players.

Price: $US19.99

Give the gift of BIY: Brew It Yourself.

The only thing better than enjoying a beer is enjoying a beer that you made. Get started homebrewing with Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Kit, which contains everything you need to make a gallon of beer. All you need are the bottles.

Kits vary by style, and run the gamut from Everyday IPA, Bruxelles Blonde, Chocolate Maple Porter, and Jalapeño Saison, among others.

Price: $US39.99

Get the ultimate, lifetime guide to beer.

'1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die' by Adrian Tierney-Jones follows beer around the globe, from the Trappist beers of Belgium to the west coast IPAs of San Diego and San Francisco.

The large, hardcover book offers critical and objective notes on each beer -- a real beer connoisseur's bible.

Price: $US23.37

Solve your flat beer problem.

Maybe you're drinking a 22-oz. beer and aren't in the mood to down the whole thing in one sitting. No problem: Pop a silicon beersavers cap on top, stick it in the fridge, and finish the rest one, two, even three days later.

It's also useful for outdoor parties to keep bugs and things out of your drink. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Price: $US8.23

Keep your beer cold anywhere.

Imagine a future in which you can get a cold beer without getting up from your chair. That's what Newo Corporation pictured when they made this USB-powered mini fridge. It plugs into any Mac or PC USB port and holds a 12-oz. can of beer, cooling it within five minutes.

Price: $US18.99

What do women really want? BEER.

Ladies love beer too. Etsy user charms4you has you covered with a handmade, personalised beer keg charm necklace. The necklace is plated in antiqued 24-karat gold, and comes with an additional monogram charm that shows her you put some thought into this gift.

Pro tip: Hide it inside a six pack of her favourite beer and be proclaimed 'a keeper.'

Price: $US18

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