40 gift cards you can deliver right to their inbox for a last-minute gift that still feels personal


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Nike gift card

Gift cards are an ideal gift in a lot of ways. For instance, you get to give them exactly what they want – in the colour, style, and exact model that they want it – without polling their closest friends, family, and private online wish lists. They also typically don’t expire.

Below, you’ll find 40 of the best ones to give. If you want more options, there are also lots of restaurant gift cards on Amazon and plenty of other brands here. Otherwise, you might opt for stores like Best Buy with free in-store pickup.

Below, you’ll find 40 of the best gift cards to give this year:

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Buy a Brooklinen gift card

Brooklinen makes the best high-end sheets at the best price on the internet. Have a gift card delivered digitally, or in a gift card box. You can find a full review of Brooklinen’s sheets here.



Buy an Amazon gift card

An Amazon gift card is a more polite version of giving them cash – with it, they can buy pretty much anything they have had on their wish list – whether it’s new and exciting tech or completely utilitarian home basics. You can also buy it in a gift card box.



Buy a Spotify gift card on Amazon or Best Buy

They probably already have a Spotify account, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate not having to pay for it for a while. A Spotify gift card lets you fund the next few months of something they love and use multiple times per day.



Buy a Starbucks gift card on Amazon, Target, and Best Buy

You may not be there every morning, but this is one of the easier ways to buy them a hot cup of coffee each day. There’s also a gift card for Dunkin’ if they’re a different kind of loyalist.



Buy an Airbnb gift card on Zola or Amazon

Let them select the location and the company, but you’ll foot the bill of their next great local or international adventure.



Buy a Journy gift card

Journy acts like a personal travel concierge for $US25 per day. An expert takes into account your preferences, plans, and feedback and designs the ideal trip – including booking hotels and making dinner reservations.



Buy a Netflix gift card on Target, Best Buy, and Amazon

Pair it with a bottle of wine, popcorn, and some warm and fuzzy socks for a perfect night (and month of January) spent inside and out of the cold.



Buy an Uber gift card on Best Buy, Target, and Amazon

Whether it’s a necessary last-minute ride to the airport or a helpful splurge so they don’t have to walk outdoors in the January chill, Uber gift cards are one of the most convenient gifts you can give.



Buy a Sephora gift card

They already have their personal beauty favourites. This will just help them cringe a little less when they order them. Have it delivered digitally or mailed.



Buy a Nike gift card

Nike also lets you pick from a swath of gift card designs, including team themes for the Lakers and Knicks.



Buy a Nordstrom gift card

If you want to buy them a sweater you know they will love, let them pick the sweater.



Buy an REI gift card

Whether you’re outfitting them for their next snowy hike or an afternoon spent in a ski lodge, you get to ensure they will be able to get exactly the make and model of the boot or sweater they want along on the trip.



Buy an Away gift card

Away’s carry-ons are so popular because they’re incredibly convenient. They come with an ejectable external battery that can charge a smartphone five times over, have 360-degree wheels, and only weigh seven pounds. It’s a great gift – you just let them pick out their own colour with a gift card.



Buy a Fandango gift card

What’s a better gift than a trip to the movies – especially with the release of so many blockbusters around the holidays? If you want to be extra generous, pick up the tab for the large popcorn as well.



Buy a Patagonia gift card

Whether they spend this on one of the many Patagonia cult-favourites or not, you can be sure they will get something great that will last them for years.



Buy an Everlane gift card

Everlane is a cult-favourite retail startup that is committed to conducting transparent business. They’re especially loved for their $US100 cashmere sweaters. You can find 13 of our favourite Everlane pieces to wear every day here.



Buy an Allbirds gift card

Allbirds makes the world’s most comfortable shoes out of sustainable materials like merino wool, eucalyptus leaves, and foam made from sugar cane. They’re especially popular in hubs like New York City and Silicon Valley.



Buy a Hulu gift card on Target or Best Buy

Gift them a Hulu gift card so they can binge watch The Handmaid’s Tale and Project Runway in peace and from under a pile of blankets this winter.



Buy a ClassPass gift card

ClassPass makes it easy to visit top-rated boutique studios and gyms for about half the typical drop-in rate ($US15 or less per class). Users can use their ClassPass membership for bootcamps, cycling, Pilates, yoga, and more.

Daily Harvest


Buy a Daily Harvest gift card

Daily Harvest is a healthy-eating startup that sends you delicious, nutritious meals and smoothies that are pre-packed in cups and take as little as 30 seconds to make. Recipes are designed by a chef and nutritionist, and all cups are under $US10.Find a full review here.



Buy a Chipotle gift card on Target, Amazon, or Best Buy

Nothing says “I love you” like four Chipotle visits in which the recipient doesn’t have to second-guess adding guacamole.



Buy an Xbox gift card on Amazon, Target, or Best Buy

They can spend it on the latest games and entertainment like movies, TV, music, apps, and more.

Bark Box


Buy a BarkBox gift card

For the dog people, the best gift may just be gifts for their dog. Barkbox will send them a box of toys and treats every month.

Another good option for pet owners is a Petco gift card – if you think they (or their pup) may like picking out their own toys.


PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller BI Graphics

Buy a PlayStation gift card on Amazon,

With this, they can download the latest games and add-ons, watch movies, and more from their PlayStation 4.



Buy a Sling gift card

For $US25 per month, users get access to 25 of the best channels, like CNN, ESPN, AMC, Disney, and the Food Network. With it, they will never miss another episode of “This Is Us” again.

Best Buy


Buy a Best Buy gift card

Gift them all conceivable forms of tech, and let them choose the personal details like colour and model.



Buy a Framebridge gift card

Let them custom frame one of their best memories. It’s something they will probably never shell out for on their own, but they will love having around the house.



Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s has just about everything you could need for life or home, and they can stop by in person to shop or surf the selection at home on the couch.



Buy a Visa gift card on Amazon or Target

This actually is the way to just give them money. You can leave it up to them to find the purchase that will make their life better, and you can feel good knowing you made it happen.



Buy a SoulCycle gift card on Zola

SoulCycle has become its own cultural movement in recent years. If they absolutely love going to spin classes, it’s more thoughtful to make it easier to do an activity they already love than buy something new that they may never use.

Whole Foods


Buy a Whole Foods gift card

Especially if they’re a student, or if food is a big expense, they will appreciate the help in a practical area of their life – especially if it’s to a spot like Whole Foods where they can use their Prime benefits for extra savings on fresh food that’s already pretty affordable.

Delta or Southwest airlines


Buy a Delta gift card on Best Buy or Target

Buy a Southwest gift card on Best Buy, Target, or Amazon

Perfect for frequent travellers, and even better for family members who see trips home as opportunities to score more miles on their go-to airline. It’s also easier than booking a trip for them yourself.

If they travel by train most frequently, there’s also an Amtrak gift card.



Buy a Groupon gift card on Target

Groupon’s daily deals include everything from pottery classes to beauty services to travel and fitness.



Buy a StubHub gift card on Target

Make sure they keep going to see live music, plays, and sporting events by grabbing them a gift card to the place that houses all those tickets.

J. Crew


Buy a J.Crew gift card on Amazon

J. Crew has some of the best quality and style for the price for the basics. It also has frequent sales, meaning they may get more value out of their gift card.



Buy a CharityChoice gift card on Zola

This is an easy way to empower someone else to give to a charity close to their heart. You can designate the funds for up to three charities of your choice from the online list of over 250 major charities and many local causes (totaling over 1,000 in all). For ease of navigation, they’re categorized into main themes like disaster relief, hunger and poverty, and the elderly, among others.



Buy an L.L.Bean gift card

Gift cards for apparel are particularly useful, since you may not know imperative details like shoe size. If you know they love a brand, or have been pining after their own bean boots, this is a nice way to make it happen without tipping them off.



Buy a HelloFresh gift card

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that drops off fresh ingredients for delicious home-cooked meals. It makes week time prep easier, and it helps amateur and experienced cooks conveniently expand their repertoire.



Buy a Firstleaf gift card

Firstleaf is a wine subscription service that delivers wines from top vineyards around the world for only $US13 per bottle. Let them explore great wine without worrying about the expense. Plus, its introductory box of three wines is only $US15, and it sets the wheels in motion for the service to learn more about your tastes and preferences as they evolve.



Buy a MOUTH gift card

MOUTH sends delicious small-batch, indie food products to help small businesses grow and make it more convenient for the average person to discover the best new goods.