Bargain Hunters: Here Are The Best Gadgets To Buy During July


The month of July marks the peak of the summer.

Typically people find deals on winter clothes and other out of season items.

But did you know that July is also an excellent time to buy gadgets like PCs, tablets, and even DSLR cameras?

Lifehacker explains why, “[Computer Makers] Intel and AMD start ramping up for new stuff in July, and back-to-school sales get pretty good here too.”

Apple also offers deals during the summer months. The Apple Back To School Promo is currently running and offers computer buyers a $100 iTunes gift card that can be used for apps, music, movies, books, and TV shows. iPad buyers will get a $50 gift card.

Amazon also has some awesome deals right now on PCs. There are over 50 different models now available for under $550.

DealNews even says that July is now an excellent time to purchase DSLR cameras.

“Digital SLRs are trending hot…

…lately we’ve been seeing a surprising number of all-time low deals on consumer DSLRs. For example, May saw more than twice the number of Editors’ Choice deals, and June continued to pump out a slightly above-average number for this time of year.”

So if you are currently in the market for a computer, camera, or tablet you may want to pull the trigger because the prices may only go up from here.

Best Mac: Retina MacBook Pro

The best Mac isn't the cheapest Mac. If your budget can handle it then you should definitely consider the retina MacBook Pro.

Bring a student with you and receive $200 off and you'll also get a $100 iTunes gift card that you can use on apps, movies, books, and more.

Check out the things we love and hate about the new MacBook Pro>

Price: $2199.00

Best Value PC: HP Pavilion G6X

The Pavilion G6X has excellent reviews, a nice large screen, comfortable keyboard, and decent speakers.

Read Laptop Mags review of the G6X here.

Price: $449.95

Best Tablet: the new iPad

The new iPad brings a retina display, improved camera, faster performance, a robust app store, and so much more.

Read our review of the new iPad here.

Price: Starting at $499

Best Android Tablet: Nexus 7

We love the Nexus 7. The slate's size is perfect and Google's updated Android operating system works well on the tablet.

Check out what we think of the Nexus 7.

Price: Starting at $199

Best eReader: Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light

The Nook Simple Touch's glow light is a killer feature. It makes reading books at night awesome. It also features an anti-glare screen, excellent library of content, and long battery life.

Read out review of the Glow Light here.

Price: $139.00

Best Budget DSLR: Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera

The image quality of the D5100 is amazing. It features 16.2 megapixels, can record 1080p HD movies, and Amazon is currently selling the camera for $200 off of the original price.

Here is an in-depth review of the D5100.

Price: $649.00

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