Here Are The First Windows 8 Apps You Really Need To Install

windows 8 pro boxing

Photo: The Verge

Windows 8 is out and in stores today.After you figure out which version you need and make sure your computer can support it, which apps should you install?


Your favourite movies and television shows are all here and ready to be streamed to your device when you have a Netflix subscription. Pick up the Windows 8-ready app!

Price: free


Minesweeper's back and it's been (slightly) updated. It still maintains that same old-school feel you love ... if you're the type of person who'd enjoying playing a decades-old game on cutting edge technology.

Price: free


Stay up to date with Batman and Superman's latest happenings with Comixology, which features an extensive in-app comic book store.

Price: free


The best e-book reader app is readily available for your reading pleasure. Take advantage of Amazon's extensive collection of free and cheap e-books.

Price: free

Cut The Rope

It was already a huge success on the iTunes App Store, but now Cut The Rope is on Windows 8. Help the candy get through a series of obstacles to land in the creature's mouth.

Price: free

TED Talks

Browse hundreds of videos of people at the top of their fields giving engaging presentations on technology and design. It's a cool look at where the human race is heading.

Price: free


The weather matters, and WeatherBug steps up to the plate to make sure you know what to expect and whether or not you need to bring an umbrella with you.

Price: free


Who wouldn't want access to the sum of human knowledge? This app lays Wikipedia pages out more like an old-school encyclopedia than a website.

Price: free

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