12 of the best frozen foods you can get at Aldi

Ralph Orlowski/Getty ImagesA shopper at Aldi.
  • Aldi is a discount grocery chain founded in 1913 by German brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht.
  • It’s famous for its great selection of affordable food items.
  • Some of the best frozen foods to buy include vanilla ice cream sandwiches and veggie “noodles.”
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Aldi is a discount supermarket chain founded in 1913 by German brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht.

The store is gaining popularity in the US for its affordable prices: one of the reasons Aldi manages to keep its prices so low is that it avoids using brand names as much as possible, and offers a smaller selection of items.

Brand name or not, its frozen foods shouldn’t be missed. From gluten-free pasta to indulgent loaded potato skins, we put together the best frozen options available at Aldi right now (most of which are under $US6, too). Calorie count per serving is also included, so you can be sure to know the nutritional value along with your price value.

1. Potato Puffs

Courtesy Diana ShiPotato Puffs.

More commonly known as tater tots, these potato puffs are a super affordable and easy-to-make treat.

Current price:$US1.95

Calories per serving: 140 kcal

2. Honey-battered Chicken Tenders

Courtesy Diana ShiHoney-battered chicken tenders.

Yes, honey-battered chicken tastes as good as it sounds. Prepare these either in a conventional oven or a microwave to get the best texture. They’re just as good on their own as they are dipped in your favourite sauce.

Current price:$US4.99

Calories: 210 kcal

3. Waffle Fries

Courtesy Diana ShiWaffle fries.

Always a crowd pleaser with big groups, these waffle fries can be prepared in under 20 minutes in an oven, and in less than five minutes using a fryer.

Current price:$US1.79

Calories: 150 kcal (oven preparation) or 280 kcal (fryer preparation)

4. Dino Nuggets

Courtesy Diana ShiChicken nuggets.

A great source of calcium and iron, these chicken nuggets are the ideal kid-friendly lunch. Boxes include 64 nuggets, which add up to 16 servings.

Cost: $US6.99

Calories: 170 kcal

5. Mad Minis Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Courtesy Diana ShiVanilla ice cream sandwiches.

Made with whole milk, these treats come in at an impressively low 60 calories.


Calories: 60 kcal

6. Veggie Spiral “Noodles”

Courtesy Diana ShiVeggie spirals.

Healthy eaters looking for a low-carb alternative to pasta are in luck: These vegetable spirals are a suitable alternative to pasta, and taste great topped with different sauces. Aldi currently offers two varieties, carrot and zucchini.

Current price:$US2.89

Calories: 15 kcal (zucchini) and 30 kcal (carrot)

7. Loaded Potato Skins

Courtesy Diana ShiLoaded potato skins.

A savoury dish that never disappoints, these loaded potato skins – baked potato halves covered in cheese and pieces of bacon – are classic pub grub that you can find at Aldi for under $US3.

A head’s up for big groups however: one of these frozen packages includes just three servings, or approximately three potato skins per box.

Current price:$US2.19

Calories: 220 kcal

8. Garlic Bread Sticks

Courtesy Diana ShiGarlic bread sticks.

These breadsticks are the ideal side dish to a pasta dinner, and take only around 6 minutes to make. And, at about $US2 for six sticks, one will set you back a mere 33 cents.

Current Price:$US1.99

Calories: 150 kcal

9. Mini Bagel Pizzas (36 count)

Courtesy Diana ShiBagel Pizzas.

This box of 36 mini bagels – a mix of pepperoni and sausage bits – will keep the late-night munchies at bay for quite some time. The recommended serving size is four bagels, but that is obviously at your discretion.

Current price:$US5.85

Calories: 190 kcal

10. Gluten-free Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Penne

Courtesy Diana ShiChicken and broccoli Alfredo penne.

The process of preparing this flavorful dish comes down to three simple steps: Thaw, heat in a skillet, and add the sauce! The package includes two servings.

Current price:$US4.99

Calories: 390 kcal

11. Skippy PB&J Minis

Courtesy Diana ShiSkippy PB&J minis.

These tiny pockets of peanut butter and jelly are extremely versatile: Eat them for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack – or all three, as packages include 30 PB&J minis.

Current price:$US6.99

Calories: 230 kcal

12. Frozen Fruit Medleys

Courtesy Diana ShiBerry Medley.

If you’re a smoothie fan, consider grabbing a few of these super affordable bags of frozen fruit combinations. These blends are low in calories and full of vitamins and fibres.

Current Price:$US2.39 (Tropical Blend) and $US2.25 (Berry Medley)

Calories: 70 kcal (Tropical Blend) and 70 kcal (Berry Medley)

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