8 Great Apps For Managing Your Finances


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Why go to the bank, write a check, or use cash when it can all be done on your smartphone?

Whether you’re looking for the latest financial news or a way to split a check with your friends, here are a few financial apps you need to take a look at.

Square lets anyone accept credit card payments

Square is an app that lets you accept credit card payments. The app deposits the money directly to your checking account, but takes a 2.75% transaction fee. If you have a small business, you can pay $275 per month and Square won't charge you the transaction fee.

The company sends each customer a free accessory that plugs into your smartphone's headphone jack and lets you swipe credit cards.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

Mint lets you manage all your finances

Mint pulls in data from your personal bank accounts, student loans, 401k, credit cards, and just about everything else to help you manage your debt and finances. It can tell you how much you owe and help you design a payment plan to reach your financial goals.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

Venmo makes it easy to send money to your friends

Venmo is a simple app that lets you transfer money to your friends. It's perfect if you need to split a check, share utilities, or just loan someone some cash.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

Paypal lets you make mobile payments and transfer money

Paypal, one of the most popular online payment services, also has mobile apps to help you make payments and send money to friends.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

Dwolla lets you make payments with your phone and send money to friends

Dwolla is an app that lets you pay for stuff at retailers on its network or transfer money to friends who also use the app. It also links with your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts so you can send money to connections on those networks.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

Google Wallet lets you pay for stuff using your Android phone

Google Wallet is Google's mobile payments service for select Android phones. It uses your phone's near field communication (NFC) chip to communicate with special payment pads at certain retailers. All you do is tap your phone on the pad and your payment goes through.

Price: Free for select Android phones

Bloomberg helps you keep up with stocks and financial news

Bloomberg's app is a great option if you need to keep up to date with the latest stock and financial news. Its new iPad app is pretty nice too.

Price: Free for Android and iPhone/iPad

If you belong to a major national bank, you should get its app too

Most major banks have smartphone and tablet apps that let you manage your account, make payments, and deposit checks just by snapping a photo of them.

Here are a few links to the biggest banking apps:

  • Bank of America: iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Chase: iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Ally: iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Capital One: iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Citi: iPhone/iPad and Android

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