16 Hacks To Make Fast Food Way Better

It’s easy to upgrade your fast food experience, and some chain restaurant enthusiasts recently shared their hacks for getting better service. 

All of these hacks are simple and inexpensive. Sometimes, they’re even free. 

Try any of these hacks next time you’re checking out a chain restaurant. 

1. Incorporate a Dorito shell into your cheesy Gordita crunch at Taco Bell. 

This delicious addition costs 30 cents, writes Reddit user A_Matter_Of_Time

2. Get a “Big Mac” for cheaper.

“Get a McDouble without ketchup and mustard. Instead, ask for lettuce and big mac sauce on it. You almost have a Big Mac for $US1.39,” recommends Merge_And_Acquire

3. Get a real egg with your McDonald’s breakfast. 

“McDonald’s uses three different kinds of eggs for their breakfast. If you want a REAL egg ask for the egg off the McMuffin,” ex-employee Shadhahvar said.

4. Ask for hot fudge in your McDonald’s mocha instead of syrup. 

“They will probably charge you for the fudge but it’s worth it,” according to Shadhahvar

5. Order half-portions of two different meats on your Chipotle burrito to get bigger portions. 

The technique is key to getting a ton of food for your money, writes quint-z

6. Customise your Burger King sandwich. 

Even the smallest customisation, such as adding an extra tomato, will ensure that your sandwich is made fresh. Otherwise, it could be hours old, writes Moderator-Admin

A $US5 meal from Burger KingThrillistA $US5 meal from Burger King

7. Order McDonald’s burgers with a steamed bun. 

“They make it on the spot and you get it fresh, plus it tastes a million times better when it’s steamed,” writes aahole65

8. Order two junior roast beef sandwiches instead of one regular roast beef at Arby’s. 

Employee slowbutgaining insists this is a good way to get more meat for less money. 

9. Order a Venti water at Starbucks. 

It’s free, while a bottle of water costs about $US2, notes Chream

10. Order a grilled cheese at McDonald’s. 

Even though it’s not on the menu, employees know how to make it. Two buns, turned inside out, with cheese in the middle, writes lalkapolski. 

11. Ask for pickles on the side at Chick-Fil-A. 

“When I go to Chick-Fil-A, I order my sandwich with pickles on the side,” writes Snizza. “No soggy bun mess, and often a fresh, crispy chicken breast.”

12. Customise your Jamba Juice. 

Employee Rabid_Chocobo says that you can order a smoothie with “light” or “extra” of an ingredient. You can also substitute any ingredient, and employees have to honour it. 

13. Ask for your Starbucks order in a cup one size larger. 

This gives you plenty of room for cream without the beverage overflowing or spilling on you, writes gabrielle1106

14. Get more for less at Subway. 

“Instead of ordering a Philly Cheese Steak at Subway, ask them for a ‘Double Steak and Cheese,'” one savvy customer writes. “It’s the exact same sandwich with more meat than a Philly and it costs like $US1.50 less as well.” 

15. Order two $US1 bacon cheeseburgers from Jack In The Box. 

“Instead of ordering the double bacon cheeseburger for like $US4, get 2 of the $US1 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Take off one of the buns and stick them together. You are rewarded with $US2 savings and an extra bun,” former employee punchingbabies wrote.


16. Order multiple four-piece nuggets at McDonald’s. 

The four-piece nuggets are the best value, and you won’t get a discount for buying in bulk. Plus, you’ll get more sauces this way, writes employee McBurger


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