10 things stylists buy on Amazon

Christian Vierig / Contributor/GettyImagesLooking for statement earrings? Head to Amazon.
  • With so much to offer, some stylists turn to Amazon for their fashion needs.
  • Fashion stylists turn to the online store for statement earrings and quirky jewellery.
  • They also recommend buying necessities like steamers, clothing racks, and lint rollers on Amazon.

Amazon may be your go-to retailer to score affordable electronics and home decor items, but expert fashion stylists suggest that it’s also a great place to find amazing style steals, as high-quality clothes, watches, shoes, and accessories are all available for purchase on the site. And given that speedy shipping through Amazon Prime can help you get stylish a bit faster, it’s good to know that you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy amazing fashion steals you can’t get anywhere else.

To provide you with some major styling inspiration, we spoke to two master stylists about some of the Amazon fashion staples they recommend adding to your shopping cart pronto. Below are some of the items (we’re talking statement earrings, lingerie, and more!) they recommend keeping in mind if you plan on revamping your closet altogether this January.

Add some statement earrings to your cart.

Mike Coppola/Getty ImagesConsider emerald green earrings like Cardi B’s.

“Every season there’s a new statement earring all over Instagram,” said Gloria Cospito, New York-based wardrobe, and personal stylist. All of these trends can easily be found on Amazon, she explained, as most options are available through Prime.

Amazon can be great for scoring quirky items.

“I once had a shoot where I needed to find rings that looked like a dog (yes, really) was wrapped around the finger,” Cospito told INSIDER. “Of course I looked on Amazon first, as I found tons of great options plus other dog-themed jewellery,” she explained.

Yes, you can order lingerie from Amazon.

iStockAmazon has a wide range of lingerie options.

“Lingerie options on Amazon run the gamut from sophisticated, sultry, to futuristic fetish, but there is something there for everyone from styles to cost,” Cospito suggested. “I’ve purchased corsets, lace pieces, and other pretty undergarments on the site, and have been so impressed with their quality and value,” she said.

Invest in garment racks.

STEFAN HEUNIS / StringerClothing racks will help keep things organised.

“I always purchase garment racks from Amazon because specialty stores usually markup the cost on these a lot,” said celebrity fashion stylist Amber Alexandria. “There is an industry store that charges $US120 for the same rack that I can find on Amazon for $US40,” he said.

Steamers are a great Amazon find.

ShutterstockA steamer will keep your favourite shirts wrinkle-free.

“Most of my clients live on the road and hotel irons just don’t get the job done,” Alexandria explained. “You can find a mini steamer easily on Amazon that is perfect for quick touch ups and doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase,” she suggested.

Look for luggage and trunks for travel purposes.

PixabayFrom small duffel bags to large suitcases, Amazon has it all.

“Look on Amazon for a heavy-duty trunk that holds everything from garment racks, commercial grade steamers, and oddly shaped items like hangers that don’t fit well in a regular suitcase,” Alexandria told INSIDER.

Select storage containers.

iStockStorage containers will ensure everything has its place.

“I use storage containers for ties, hosiery, and sock kits,” Alexandria explained. “Amazon offers clear stackable containers with locking handles for a good price,” she said.

Search for lint rollers.

Shutterstock.comLint rollers will ensure you always look professional.

“I love retractable lint rollers,” Alexandria said. “The rollers available on Amazon save you from wasting sheets and help you look chic when you have to roll your client down real quick at an event,” she explained.

Buy jewellery trays and displays.

Matthew Eisman / ContributorOpt for a jewellery holder that displays your jewellery.

“A must-have for travel and fittings, I especially love a showcase organiser tray with a glass top lid and lock (which is definitely available on Amazon) to secure all your jewellery,” Alexandria explained.

Amazon can help you find a good tagging gun.

Wikimedia CommonsAmber Alexandria said she goes to Amazon for tagging guns.

“I purchase both standard and fine-tip tagging gun sets from Amazon,” Alexandria said. “You can usually find sets with extra needles, or you can purchase additional needles and attachments separately,” she added.

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