The 5 best fall beers we tried at Village Voice's big craft beer fest

Brooklyn pourMadeline StoneA busy floor at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Fall is a magical time for craft beer enthusiasts. It’s a season of experimentation, when rich flavours like pumpkin, maple, and warm spices come into play. 

The Village Voice hosted its annual Brooklyn Pour beer festival at the Brooklyn Expo Center Saturday. More than 60 breweries were in attendance, bringing some classic brews as well as the best creations they have whipped up for fall. 

We sampled some beers in between bites of authentic German pretzels from Zum Schneider and grilled cheese from Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen. Other attendees played cornhole, participated in giant games of beer pong with trash cans instead of cups, and competed in stein hoisting competitions. 

Here are some of the best fall brews we tried. 

5. BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red, Anchor Brewing

This red ale from San Francisco-based Anchor Brewing has hints of caramel and maple syrup. 

It has an amber colour and a sweet taste that’s well-suited for fall. 

4. Newburgh Brown, Newburgh Brewing Company

Hailing from Newburgh, New York, about 70 miles north of Manhattan, Newburgh Brewing Company makes a delicious brown ale. The malt is lighter and has a nutty aftertaste that craft beer aficionados have been raving about. 

It was fresh and balanced, which helped to reset our palates in a room full of bolder beers. 

3. Golden Monkey, Victory Brewing Company

With a 9.5% ABV (beers typically range between 4% and 6% ABV), Golden Monkey is a pretty boozy beer, but it’s disguised well in hints of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and coriander, as well as some banana flavour. 

This isn’t a new beer from Victory, but the sweetness and warm flavours make it a great beer for fall. 

2. Leaf Pile Ale, Greenport Harbour Brewing Company

Greenport Harbour Brewing is based in Long Island and offers a delicious autumnal ale.

Notes of pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg make for a sweet and balanced fall drink. 

1. Intensified Coffee Porter, Brooklyn Brewery

A new beer from Brooklyn, this coffee porter was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for months.

It’s rich without being syrupy, and there’s a delicious coffee and chocolate flavour throughout.  

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