These Awesome Explorer Yachts Will Transport You To The Ends Of The Earth

explorer yacht

Photo: Boat International

If you want to escape the usual boating crowd and get away to exotic places such as Patagonia, Alaska, and the Amazon, an explorer yacht is the way to go.Paul Allen’s 414-foot megayacht, the Octopus, may be the best known example of an explorer yacht, having ventured as far as Ushuaia, Argentina, known as the “end of the world.”

These maidens aren’t always the prettiest ships, but they are a luxurious way to travel to your far off destination.

And most have all the amenities you’ll need right on board.

Our friends at Boat International have come up with a list of some of the most awesome explorer yachts on the market and we’ve added a few of our own.

The Northern Star is selling for $174.8 million

This super yacht was designed specifically to be an expedition yacht.

It has the range of the best expedition yachts, with 7,000 nautical miles, and also has the luxurious amenities of a log-burning fireplace, 'country-style' interior design, and fits 12.

There's also a cinema, beauty salon, and gym on board.

The Ulysses is selling for $48.5 million

The Ulysses is perfect for adventures in icy terrain. She can cruise at a peak of 12.5 knots and has a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

She can accommodate 16 guests, all who can use the RIB tenders, a five person Perry submarine, two waverunners, a dive compressor and helipad on board.

The Titan is selling for $36.5 million

The Titan was originally the 1968-built HMS Beagle, a naval war craft.

Marco Vandoni, central agent at Ocean Independence, told Boat International that nearly $13.6 million has been spent on the Titan in renovations in the past two years.

The interior features 11 cabins, including the 295 square feet owner's suite, plus five double and five twin cabins.

Bleu de Nîmes is selling for $33.8 million

The Bleu de Nîmes will make you feel like royalty. This vessel was originally built for the British Royal Navy and is now an exhibition yacht.

The ship has a range of 12,000 nautical miles and can accommodate nearly 21 people.

The Ariete Primo is selling for $25.7 million

This former tug boat has been converted to a yacht with interior luxury.

The benefits of her tug-boat history helps her cruise during any conditions.

The boat can accommodate 12 guests and eight crew members.

The Atmosphere is selling for $21.7 million

This expedition yacht provides more than just one form of transportation.

On board she has two Bell 407 helicopters, a Zodiac Hurricane 920 RIB, two custom 23 Jet tenders, 10 kayaks, 10 inflatable kayaks and 36 fishing skiffs.

She accommodates 28 guests and 32 crew members.

The Zeewoelf is selling for $1.3 million

The Zeewoelf is a sixties classic, and one of the few expedition yachts that is known for its exterior's good looks.

She can cruise at a steady 8 knots and 4,000 nautical miles.

The Jade 95 is selling for $8.7 million

The 121-foot yacht features four staterooms, marble floors, a formal dining room, a space for a golf tee, and a sun deck.

The Veronika sold for an undisclosed amount

The Veronika 95-foot explorer yacht has long range cruise efficiency, proving 6,000 nautical mile range even in bad conditions, with her maximum cruising speed at 11 knots.

The 135′ Explorer Yacht is currently under construction in Brazil

This yacht accommodates 12 guests as you cruise the high seas.

The vessel has a range of 7,000 nautical miles.

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