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AP Bill Gates1He’s still an entrepreneur, right?

Rob Go is an associate at Spark Capital, and has a great blog on Tumblr about venture capital and startups. On his blog, he recently asked who are the top entrepreneur bloggers.Rob and his commenters have some great suggestions, but help us help Rob by telling us who are the best entrepreneur bloggers.

Meanwhile, check out those Rob has already found. >>>

Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon, founder of SiteAdvisor and Hunch, serial angel investor, first personally (Skype!) and now through Founder Collective, is first on Rob's list, and with good reason. He is a very impressive guy and his blog is absolutely excellent and must-read.

Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah, second on Rob's list, writes, which isn't just a blog about startups but also a Stack Overflow-like questions-and-answers community for entrepreneurs.

Nivi and Naval (Venture Hacks)

Third on Rob's list is Venture Hacks, a blog maintained by 'Nivi and Naval,' Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, both experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors. VentureHacks even created AngelList, a mailing list of prominent business angels that helps expedite fundraising.

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen was suggested by one commenter, and is absolutely a must-read entrepreneur blogger. He is what you might call a numbers geek, and has some tremendous insights on the measurements that matter for web startups: when does the maths work for freemium? Advertising? How many people do you need to convert, and how? Andrew knows this stuff inside out, and shares it on his blog. Tremendous resource.

Scott Rafer

Another commenter recommended Scott Rafer, who has a great Tumblr blog. Like most tumblrs, it's a grab bag with a whole bunch of stuff, but that bunch of stuff includes some really good insights about entrepreneurship, venture capital, and online advertising and media more generally.

Bill Gates

We think Bill Gates deserves an honorable mention here. To be sure, his Gates Notes blog is about his philanthropic work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, not entrepreneurship, but we think it's unquestionable he's the greatest entrepreneur who happens to have a blog.

Who else?

Who are the great entrepreneur bloggers we've missed?

Tell us!

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