These 6 Apps Will Make Driving Easier And More Fun

spyker b6 venator concept car

Photo: Spyker

There’s lots of speculation that the auto industry is the next field to be shaken up by technology.Google’s self-driving cars are one of the more visible facets in this area, but you don’t need to buy a brand new vehicle to make driving an easier experience.

Companies like Automatic aim to make your car much smarter with a simple app/accessory combo. Plus, some apps on their own are enough to improve your driving experience.

Just load your phone up with some of these apps and take them for a spin.


For $69.95, you can pre-order the device pictured to the right. It plugs into your car's data port (click here to see if your car is supported), and feeds data about your driving to a companion app.

The app monitors your driving habits and makes suggestions on how to get better mileage and improved performance out of your car. Automatic claims that 'you can save up to a third on gas with only a few adjustments to how you drive.'

Price: pre-order for $69.95


Wouldn't it be great if a mechanic could come to your house and fix your car? YourMechanic gives you access to a network of mobile car repair experts who will make repairs on your vehicle at your house!

Price: free


Gas is getting expensive, but this app will help you find the most affordable fuel within a reasonable distance. Using crowdsourced pricing data, GasBuddy directs you to your nearest bargain on gas.

Price: free


Sometimes you just don't want to drive your own car. Thankfully there's Zipcar, which will handle affordable by-the-hour car rentals.

Price: free


With a cool bird's-eye view of your driving area, you see live crowdsourced traffic data. This is a perfect tool for commuter-warriors as users report speed traps, traffic jams, and nice clear roads.

Price: free


Driving is great until it's time to fix a broken car part. How do you know if you're being overcharged or not?

Enter RepairPal

Price: free

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