The best drive-in movie theatre in every state

The Starlite Drive-In Theatre in South Dakota. Steven Weber/Starlite Drive-In Theatre
  • As many indoor movie theatres remain closed during the pandemic, drive-in theatres offer a socially distant way to enjoy a film with family and friends.
  • Insider teamed up with Yelp to find the best drive-in theatre in every state. Its rankings were based on factors including the capacity of the drive-in and the number of top-rated reviews.
  • The list includes a newly opened theatre in Lewes, Delaware, and an old favourite in Wichita, Kansas.
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Though indoor movie theatres might not be an option this summer, the nostalgic drive-in is making a comeback.

Since drive-in theatres allow moviegoers to remain distant from one another in their own cars, it’s a good way for friends and family to enjoy films together while staying safe.

Yelp helped Insider compile a list of the best drive-in theatre in every state, based on metrics like the number of cars allowed and how many positive reviews each venue received.

Hawaii, Louisiana, and North Dakota do not have drive-in theatres, and Mississippi’s only drive-in has not reopened this year, so those states do not feature on our list. Yelp did not have reviews for theatres in Delaware, New Mexico, or Wyoming, but Insider determined the best theatre based on Google reviews.

Take a look at the best drive-in theatre in every state.

ALABAMA: Blue Moon Drive-In Theatre in Gu-Win

Blue Moon Drive-in Theatre. Chris C./Yelp

“A really fun place to go on dates. If you have a truck throw some pillows in the back and post up under the stars. Family friendly also. Great place for kids to go to watch a movie and not have to be quiet and still. Plenty of room for them to play around the car,” wrote Yelp user Shaelyn S.

Learn more about Blue Moon Drive-In Theatre here.

ALASKA: Gold Town Nickelodeon pop up drive-in in Juneau

Gold Town Nickelodeon pop-up drive-in. Chris Miller/CSM Photo

Though Alaska didn’t have any drive-in theatres before the pandemic, Gold Town Nickelodeon is one of the few pop-ups in the state. However, according to Anchorage Daily News, the shows will only be running for the next few weeks, as the “projectors can’t compete with the midnight sun.”

ARIZONA: Drive-In Glendale in Glendale

Glendale Drive-In. Christina Z./Yelp

“This drive-in theatre is a great way to get out of the house and do something (safely) during this pandemic lockdown. They have nine screens showing a variety of movies at a time, and each screen is a double-feature for anyone who wants to stay late to watch a second movie at no extra cost,” wrote Yelp user John L.

Learn more about Drive-In Glendale here.

ARKANSAS: Kenda Drive-In in Marshall

Kenda Drive-In. Alicia R./Yelp

“What a wonderful place! We enjoyed everything about it! The lady at the gate was very friendly and helpful. The bathroom was very clean. The concession stand had a wide variety and was very inexpensive – we were shocked at the prices. At a regular theatre, this date night would have cost us $US30 and we only spent $US16,” wrote Yelp user Jo D.

Learn more about the Kenda Drive-In here.

CALIFORNIA: Sunset Drive-In Theatre in San Luis Obispo

Sunset Drive-In Theatre. Michelle M./Yelp

“This place is so cool! I want one in my town. Wife and I watched Aladdin and really enjoyed it. If your car has comfortable seats and a good sound system, it is hard to beat,” wrote Yelp user Selwyn L.

Learn more about Sunset Drive-In Theatre here.

COLORADO: Star Drive-In Theatre in Montrose

Star Drive-In Theatre. Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

“Awesome place. Gone since I was little! Now I bring my family. Can’t beat the French fries and cheeseburgers,” wrote Yelp user Keeli W.

Learn more about Star Drive-In Theatre here.

CONNECTICUT: Mansfield Drive-In Theatre in Mansfield Centre

Mansfield Drive-In Theatre. Ali L./Yelp

“It really is a wonderful place to visit. Lots of people get there over an hour early to get good spots and bring camping chairs. It’s a must for summer!” wrote Yelp user Kimber R.

Learn more about Mansfield Drive-In Theatre here.

DELAWARE: Lefty’s Drive-In Theatre in Lewes

Lefty’s Drive-In Theatre. Sugar Fly Studios

Lefty’s recently opened a drive-in to help bring in customers during the pandemic. It is currently the only drive-in in Delaware.

“With COVID-19, we felt that adding the drive-in would enhance our everyday business and give us another area to host guests,” general manager Gary Foley told Delmarva Now.

Learn more about Lefty’s Drive-In Theatre here.

FLORIDA: Silver Moon Drive-In Theatrein Lakeland

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre. Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

“Had the chance to visit this place for the first time and loved it! You really can’t beat the price for a double feature and the food was great. After being stuck in quarantine this was a great treat and something fun to do. The entire place was super well kept and the bathrooms were spotless,” wrote Yelp user Crystal B.

Learn more about Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre here.

GEORGIA: Swan Drive-In in Blue Ridge

Swan Drive-In. Mayar K./Yelp

“Price is only $US8 a person, sound quality is amazing, and movie quality is just like in a normal theatre as well. Even the concession stand prices are reasonable prices, unlike a typical movie theatre. To top it off, you can bring in snacks and drinks in your car as they don’t check your car or anything,” wrote Yelp user Nicole B.

Learn more about Swan Drive-In here.

IDAHO: Teton Vu Drive-In in Rexburg

Teton Vu Drive-In. Austin H./Yelp

“Great drive in. Come hours early to get front row. Bring lawn chairs and radio. Also get your food early before the lines form. Generous portions, especially fries. Shakes are made from hard scoop, not soft serve,” wrote Yelp user Greg N.

Click here to learn more about Teton Vu Drive-In.

ILLINOIS: Route 34 Drive-In Theatre in Earlville

Route 34 Drive-In Theatre. Steve K./Yelp

“It’s historic. It still encapsulates so much of my childhood growing up here. Nothing much has changed except for my appreciation of this fine establishment,” wrote Yelp user Steve K.

Learn more about Route 34 Drive-In Theatre here.

INDIANA: Georgetown Drive-In Theaterin Georgetown

Georgetown Drive-In Theatre. Ashley W./Yelp

“Georgetown Drive-in is an awesome spot for a family night, a date, or a group activity! The concession stand is legitimately the best movie food you can find anywhere. They have everything from your average popcorn and candy to cheeseburgers, fried pickles, and mac-n-cheese balls,” wrote Yelp user Ember M.

Learn more about Georgetown Drive-In Theatre here.

IOWA: 61 Drive In Theatre in Delmar

61 Drive In Theatre. Sara Clasen

“I come here every summer because it’s one of my favourite things to do! Perfect for everyone-families, friends, or couples. Get there early for a good spot and to set up camp!” wrote Google user Adrianna Schroeder.

Click here to learn more about the 61 Drive in Theatre.

KANSAS: Landmark Starlite Drive-In Theatrein Wichita

Landmark Starlite Drive-In Theatre. Tammy D./Yelp

“This place is a real gem. You can see two movies for $US9. The snack bar prices are reasonable with good variety. The place is just plain fun. They have speakers or you can listen on your car sound system. We brought lounge chairs & blankets, snacks and drinks,” wrote Yelp user William B.

Learn more about Landmark Starlite Drive-In Theatre here.

KENTUCKY: Franklin Drive-Inin Franklin

Franklin Drive-In. Kellie B./Yelp

“Old school fun! We have been going for over 14 years, even before we had kids! Love this place!” wrote Yelp user Tracie B.

Learn more about Franklin Drive-In here.

MAINE: Prides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook

Prides Corner Drive-In. Herb Swanson/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

“It was a great experience: easy to find, a bargain for two movies, clean and well-kept and maintains its vintage vibe. The restroom is basic, but clean. The snack bar is super reasonable with lots of options. My crinkle cut fries did not disappoint,” wrote Yelp user Lisa P.

Learn more about Prides Corner Drive-In here.

MARYLAND: Bengies Drive-In Theatre in Baltimore

Bengies Drive-In Theatre. Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

“We really enjoyed. Haven’t been here since I was a little girl more than 45 years ago! The old fashioned snack bar was also good,” wrote Yelp user L.A. F.

Learn more about Bengies Drive-In Theatre here.

MASSACHUSETTS: Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre Flea Market in Wellfleet

Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre. Evan Richman/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

“We try to get to the Wellfleet Drive every summer. This is a great place to end the evening on a warm Cape Cod summer day. I highly recommend you come here at least once. There is designated parking for Trucks and SUVs, beer garden, and concession stand,” wrote Yelp user Dana W.

Learn more about Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre here.

MICHIGAN: US 23 Drive-In Theatre in Flint

US 23 Drive-In Theatre. Kristen P./Yelp

“My favourite place to go in summer! So grateful we have a drive-in close by. They do a nice job also. Concessions are good, staff is friendly, and prices reasonable. They have bug spray for sale as well as radios to rent if you need one to hear the movie,” wrote Yelp user Julianne C.

Learn more about US 23 Drive-In Theatre here.

MINNESOTA: Long Drive-In in Long Prairie

Long Drive-In. Matthew Breiter Photography

“Families gather there a couple hours before the film. The grassy area in front of the screen was completely filled with families and children playing catch, tag, and just having fun. It was very family-friendly,” wrote Yelp user Tim D.

Learn more about Long Drive-In here.

MISSOURI: 66 Drive-In Theatre in Carthage

66 Drive-In. Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images

“This drive in is one of the best I have been to. Their screen appeared to be made of vinyl, which I have not seen before. But the picture was good. And prices were reasonable,” wrote Yelp user Clara E.

Learn more about the 66 Drive-In Theatre here.

MONTANA: Silver Bow Drive-In in Butte

Silver Bow Drive-In. Jamie N/Yelp

“The experience was enriched by the brand-new digital projector. The picture looked just as bright and bold as any movie theatre screen, only you can watch the film from the comfort of your own car! Some teens parked in a pick-up truck behind us had the great idea of watching the movie from the back of the truck in sleeping bags. On cool Montana nights, it really doesn’t get any better,” wrote Yelp user Jamie N.

Learn more about Silver Bow Drive-In here.

NEBRASKA: Starlight Drive-In in Neligh

Starlight Drive-In. Holly B./Yelp

“What a pleasant piece of nostalgic pie! Starlight Drive-In is a great Nebraska attraction! It is a mainstay in Neligh, and we love to take our family to the drive-in,” wrote Yelp user Greg P.

Learn more about Starlight Drive-In here.

NEVADA: Drive-In Las Vegas in Las Vegas

Drive-In Las Vegas. Magda G./Yelp

“There are double feature options! So affordable! You have five screens to choose from so know what movies you want to see before arriving. All the screens share the same parking lot and concession/restroom building. The parking spots are clearly painted on the ground and easy to manoeuvre in the lot if you have a truck or SUV,” wrote Yelp user Natasha T.

Learn more about Drive-In Las Vegas here.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Milford Drive-In Theatre in Milford

Milford Drive-In Theatre. William E./Yelp

“Went multiple times over summer of 2019. Been coming here since I was kid. It’s a great place to go and watch two movies,” wrote Yelp user James W.

Learn more about the Milford Drive-In Theatre here.

NEW JERSEY: Delsea Drive-In in Vineland

Delsea Drive-In. Justin B./Yelp

“My significant other and I had a great movie date at this drive in theatre during the quarantine. It was his very first time attending, and it was great,” wrote Yelp user Keyahah M.

Learn more about Delsea Drive-In here.

NEW MEXICO: Fort Union Drive-In Movie Theatre in Las Vegas

Fort Union Drive-In Movie Theatre. Martin S./Yelp

“The Fort Union Drive-In is a really great place. Prices are reasonable, people are very friendly. Two first run movies for a fraction of the cost to take the family to a theatre!” wrote Yelp user Martin S.

Learn more about Fort Union Drive-In Movie Theatre here.

NEW YORK: Warwick Drive-In in Warwick

Warwick Drive-In. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“During a time when we are required to social distance from others, Warwick Drive-In theatre is a perfect outing for families, friends, and couples. Attended the Saturday showing for Memorial Day weekend and had a wonderful time,” wrote Yelp user Latia C.

Learn more about Warwick Drive-In here.

NORTH CAROLINA: Badin Road Drive-In Theatre in Albemarle

Badin Road Drive-In Theatre. Mike M./Yelp

“We had our first drive-in movie experience here a couple of weeks ago. The double feature is nice, but we only made it through the first one. A 9 p.m. start time means a late night with two kiddos. So awesome to lay in the back of the truck with blankets under the stars watching a movie,” wrote Yelp user Sheila J.

Learn more about Badin Road Drive-In Theatre here.

OHIO: Midway Drive-In Theatre in Ravenna

Midway Drive-In Theatre. Robin R./Yelp

“Overall, Midway is a really nice drive-in theatre. The staff is friendly, the screens are good quality, and they have a good selection of food. Definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a fun time,” wrote Yelp user Matthew P.

Learn more about Midway Drive-In Theatre here.

OKLAHOMA: Winchester Drive-In in Oklahoma City

Winchester Drive-In. Brent P./Yelp

“This was just good old fashioned fun! We took the family this weekend, and everyone thought it was great fun. I haven’t been to the drive-in since high school, and it hasn’t really changed,” wrote Yelp user Christy S.

Learn more about Winchester Drive-In here.

OREGON: 99W Drive-In in Newberg

99W Drive-In. G.H./Yelp

“After the drive-in in Dallas closed, I was worried I wouldn’t find another one. Luckily, I live close enough to this one. Good prices on food. Just make sure to get there early for a good spot!” wrote Yelp user Kathryn S.

Learn more about 99W Drive-In here.

PENNSYLVANIA: Becky’s Drive-In in Walnutport

Becky’s Drive-In. Melissa V./Yelp

“Best drive-in theatre I’ve ever been to. The two screens make it so much better than most other ones. Plus they have a great tiered row system that just makes viewing that much better. Plus they have great events and awesome food,” wrote Yelp user Kevin B.

Learn more about Becky’s Drive-In here.

RHODE ISLAND: Rustic Drive-In Theatre in North Smithfield

Rustic Drive-In Theatre. Cristina R./Yelp

“Well organised and great snacks. Be sure to get there 45 [minutes] – an hour before movie time starts, to get a good spot. Overall, the staff were friendly and everything was great,” wrote Yelp user Maggie B.

Learn more about Rustic Drive-In Theatre here.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Plaza 21 Drive-In in Beaufort

Plaza 21 Drive-In Theatre. James H./Yelp

“It’s always awesome to drive from Savannah and enjoy the ole time movie watching way. Drive up in your car and park and watch a movie on the outside screen. Enjoy the concessions at a cheaper rate than modern theatres, even the movie ticket prices are cheaper and more affordable,” wrote Yelp user Frank F.

Learn more about Plaza 21 Drive-In Theatre here.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Starlite Drive-In Theatre in Mitchell

Starlite Drive-In Theatre. Steven Weber/Starlite Drive-In Theatre

“If you want a great, nostalgic, authentic, drive-in movie experience, plus a fun, overnight, weekend, or a stopover on your cross-country trip, go to the Starlite Drive-In Theatre,” wrote Yelp user Itsclose X.

Learn more about the Starlite Drive-In Theatre here.

TENNESSEE: Stardust Drive-In Theatre in Watertown

Stardust Drive-In Theatre. Genevieve D./Yelp

“I am thrilled to have this drive-in an hour away from me. I saw The Lion King, and it was one of the best movie experiences I’ve had since being a child,” wrote Yelp user Grace B.

Learn more about Stardust Drive-In Theatre here.

TEXAS: Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatres in New Braunfels

Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatres. Austen H./Yelp

“Love this place! Of course the movies are mostly older movies, but not a problem because it is still fun,” wrote Yelp user Kassie M.

Learn more about Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatres here.

UTAH: Redwood Drive-In Theatre in West Valley

Redwood Drive-In Theatre. Jean Q./Yelp

“This is the only reason worth coming to West Valley City. You just can’t beat 2 movies for $US9,” wrote Yelp user MicahAnna M.

Learn more about Redwood Drive-In Theatre here.

VERMONT: Bethel Drive-In in Bethel

Bethel Drive-In. Bethel Drive-In

“My family and I have been coming here for 20 years, and we are so glad they are still open!” wrote Yelp user Kim F.

Learn more about Bethel Drive-In here.

VIRGINIA: The Family Drive-In Theatre in Stephens City

The Family Drive-In Theatre. DL M./Yelp

“Best Drive-In Theatre I have been to – I usually go to this place about a dozen times each year – Clean, family friendly, and the owner is top notch. I always have a good time while at the Family Drive-In,” wrote Yelp user Jim M.

Learn more about The Family Drive-In Theatre here.

WASHINGTON: Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre in Oak Harbour

Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre. Graciano L./Yelp

“How have I never taken part in a drive-in movie theatre? Took the family to Blue Fox in Oak Harbour on a Saturday night for a double feature, “Abominable” and “Joker”. Where else can a family of four go see two new release movies for only $US15?” wrote Yelp user Trang W.

Learn more about Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre here.

WEST VIRGINIA: Pipestem Drive-In Theatre in Athens

Pipestem Drive-In Theatre. Amy H./Yelp

“Great family fun! Good movie selections. Sound quality was clear! Good selection at the snack bar, and the movies they had were very family friendly,” wrote Yelp user Amy H.

Learn more about Pipestem Drive-In Theatre here.

WISCONSIN: Skyway Drive-In Theatre in Fish Creek

Skyway Drive-In Theatre. LJ S./Yelp

“I love the nostalgia of drive-in theatres, and Skyway preserves the tradition well. Everyone is very friendly, both the staff and patrons,” wrote Yelp user Chy R.

Learn more about Skyway Drive-In Theatre here.

WYOMING: American Dream Drive-In in Powell

American Dream Drive-In. American Dream Drive-In

“So lucky to have a place like this in the community! The workers are really nice, and it’s such a great thing to do with the fam,” wrote Google user Rachel Knights.

Learn more about American Dream Drive-In here.