The Best Dog Pictures Of The Year

The Kennel Club released the hounds this week. London’s governing body for all things canine selected the best Dog Photographer of the Year in their annual competition, and the results are, predictably, adorable.
Out of 8,000 submissions, Roger Sjolstad from Norway won the overall “Man’s Best Friend” category. He took a snapshot of his 10-year-old daughter Tea and the family dog Robbie running through a lake near their home in Oslo (at right).

“This photo was absolutely not planned,” Sjolstad told The Kennel Club, “My young Dane had never been near water before this evening, so I was quite surprised when he took off into the water and he just ran, ran, ran!”

As part of his winnings, Sjolstad will have his Great Dane’s photo transformed into a regal oil painting by renowned U.K. artist Sara Abbot.

Other dogs took home top honours for portraits, dogs at play, dogs at work, puppies and “I love dogs because,” for contestants 16 and younger. Click through to see some of the runners-up and category winners.

Ali Trew's adorable Hungarian Vizsla won the 'puppies' category.

Look at that border collie jump. Richard Shore won the 'dogs at play' category with this gem.

This nose pose was submitted by Simon Lee.

Claudia Tolini submitted this snuggle snapshot.

Two hounds are off to the races in this photo by Maurice Jones.

Andrew Freeth takes this dog everywhere.

Philip Watts' cocker spaniel looks every bit the tortured artist. He won the 'portraits' category.

Miriam Jiagbogu caught her dog in action.

This dog is bounding for a goal in Rhian White's photo.

Maureen Quinn snapped a picture of her pooch at play in the sand.

This dog strikes a regal pose in a photo submitted by Mark Molloy.

The winner of the 'dogs at work' category was Susan Stone Amport's pointer.

Paula Millard's dog knows how to strike a pose.

Jon Hawkins submitted this photo of a hunting hound.

Mary Wilde's little dog dances in the snow.

These dogs are the very definition of puppy love in a photo submitted by Simon Reynolds.

Tea and Robbie running through a lake in Oslo. Nothing says man's best friend better.

Now meet some impressive pups.

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