The 10 Best Photos From The Westminster Dog Show

Banana Joe affenpinscher best in show winnerBanana Joe before accepting his title.

Photo: AP

2,721 dogs, 187 breeds, but only one winner — last night, the tiny black Affenpinscher named Banana Joe was crowned Best in Show at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club competition.After two days of primping, prancing, and preening, the Best in Show and Best in Breed winners were selected at Madison Square Garden during the President’s State of the Union Address. The 5-year-old Banana Joe was all tongue and tail wags as his owner Ernesto Lara accepted the coveted silver bowl.

Hailed by organisers as the second oldest sporting competition in America, the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show has taken place since 1877. However, the show didn’t choose Best in Show winners until 1907, making Banana Joe the 86th holder of the prized title.

This lounging Saint Bernard with his huge paws.

Tigger, the most excited Pomeranian in the world.

This Bearded Collie running his heart out.

This little Shih Tzu getting her hair done.

These two best friend Neapolitan Mastifs named Paparazzi and Ruben.

This Terrier with the best hair cut EVER.

This Standard Poodle getting his nose grabbed.

This English Sheep dog showing the judges why his name is Swagger. He was the runner-up for Best in Show.

This Bulldog coming to terms with getting her whiskers trimmed.

And the 2013 Best In Show winner Banana Joe, an all-black Affenpinscher, walking on air.

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