10 viral dog adoption stories that rocked the internet in 2018

While the internet isn’t always the nicest place, there is a corner that is filled with genuinely beautiful content: dogs.

We’ve rounded up 10 dog adoption stories so wholesome and pure that they went viral. They’re all about dog adoption, whether it’s a soldier that served in Afghanistan who was finally able to adopt his former canine partner after years of separation, or a dog that did the adopting itself, by taking care of a group of abandoned ducklings.

Keep scrolling, and keep the tissues on hand.

In June 2018, a soldier that served in Afghanistan was finally able to adopt his former canine partner after seven years of separation.

Cpl. Reece Lodder/Public DomainMally and Nick Montez served together in Afghanistan in December of 2011.

After seven years apart, Nick Montez was finally able to adopt Mally, a bomb-sniffing dog that he had worked together with in Afghanistan in 2011.

Montez was honorably discharged in 2013, but continued to check in on Mally to see if he could adopt her. However, she was still needed in the armed forces. Finally, he received a letter from Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, informing him that Mally was finished with her service and ready to be brought home.

The pair shares such a special bond that Montez got Mally’s paw print tattooed on his calf, along with her identification number.

A cyclist found an injured puppy in the woods and biked seven miles into town with the dog on his back. The dog, Columbo, was rescued by Andrea Shaw in Georgia and has since made the cross-country move to Maine.

Facebook/Adventures of ColumboColumbo and his biker friend.

Columbo was only five months old when he was found abandoned on the side of a bike path with a couple of broken bones. A group of bikers came across him outside of Columbus, Georgia, and one of them picked Columbo up and biked him seven miles into town.

The bikers bumped into Shaw, who formed an immediate bond with Columbo. She quickly brought him to the vet, alerted her husband, and brought Columbo back up to Maine to live with her.

Fred, a 10-year-old labrador, adopted an entire family of ducklings after their mum vanished.

Mountfitchet CastleFred the labrador with the nine ducklings he is taking care of.

Fred, resident dog of Mountfitchet Castle in England, took in the ducklings after they were found wandering the grounds by themselves. Their mum, sadly, had disappeared.

But you don’t need to feel bad for them – Fred is doing a great job parenting. He lets them ride around on his back, takes them swimming in the castle moat, and even allows them to share his dog basket.

The Syrian conflict displaced many animals, like Amira, who has adopted an orphaned kitten named Junior at a sanctuary in Aleppo.

Amira was taken in by the “Cat Man of Aleppo” when she was pregnant with three puppies. Sadly, they were all stillborn. However, Amira was able to use her maternal instincts with Junior, an orphaned kitten who was also taken in.

Junior and Amira do everything together, including eating, sleeping, playing, and exploring.

A photographer created ‘online dating profiles’ for shelter dogs on Instagram, and has helped get most of them adopted.

Courtesy of Rachael RodgersOso came to Canada from Mexico.

Rachael Rodgers started the Instagram account Trails and Bears in order to help get dogs adopted.

Rodgers takes glamour shots of pups available for adoption in beautiful places like Banff National Park and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, adding great captions that showcase the dogs’ personalities. Most dogs she has photographed have gotten adopted.

Ziva, an eight-month-old pit bull, made a heartwarming recovery after she was adopted in June 2018. When she was rescued, she was malnourished, covered in sores, had both eye and skin infections, and suffered from mange.

Courtesy of A Chance To BloomZiva when she was first found (left) and at the time of her adoption (right).

Ziva was found by the Houston Police Department, padlocked inside Acres Homes, a low-income neighbourhood in Houston, Texas. At the time of her rescue, she had almost no fur, was covered in burns, suffered from both an eye and skin infection, and weighed half of what she should have weighed.

Thankfully, Ziva was brought to an animal shelter, where she made a full recovery after three months of hospitalisation. She was eventually adopted by a loving dog mum, and now she’s thriving in Fort Worth, Texas, with her new family.

Lee, a one-year-old poodle, was found abandoned in a parking lot with a heartbreaking note asking a shelter to take care of him, because his family was no longer able to.

Harris County Animal ShelterLee when he was first found at the shelter (left) and Lee after a few days at the shelter (right)

The note Lee was found with said:

“Can you please take care of my dog? He’s a great puppy, I just couldn’t afford to keep him. His name is Lee. He will listen, he will bark, and will not bite. Please don’t put him down, I love him, but can’t afford to keep him. I haven’t shaved him yet, I apologise, but please care for him and find him a home. Thanks.”

Lee’s fur was matted and covered with urine when he was finally rescued. Thankfully, the Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas found him, cleaned him, and spread the message. Within a couple days of his rescue, two families expressed interest in adopting him.

A woman in Texas had to work to gain the trust of a homeless German shepherd — and then discovered she had a furry friend of her own.

The Abandoned Ones ‘Saving Animals in Danger’/FacebookThe two dogs that were rescued by The Abandoned Ones.

Judy Obregon is the founder of The Abandoned Ones, an animal rescue organisation based in Fort Worth, Texas. In April 2018, Obregon received a heads-up from the police that there was a homeless German shepherd living in a park.

Obregon spent three weeks observing the dog, giving it food, and learning its habits in order to gain its trust. “She would give me this look like she was terrified, but she was thinking. She was debating, do I trust this woman? She’s giving me food,” Obregon told INSIDER.

Eventually, she won the trust of the dog – who surprised Obregon and brought out a friend, a fellow homeless pit bull with facial wounds. “It was almost like she [the German shepherd] was like, OK you’re going to take me, but you’re going to take him [the pit bull] too. This is my buddy, he’s been protecting me,” Obregon said.

She was able to bring them both to her shelter, and are both being fostered.

Ricki Beason, a photographer, created the “Dad Bods and Dogs” 2019 calendar, which showcases dogs that are up for adoption paired up with men with “dad bods.”

Courtesy of Ricki Beason Rescue PhotographyOne of the photos from the calendar.

Rather than feature sexy firefighters on a calendar like so many others, Ricki Beason decided to differentiate hers by combining two of our favourite things – dad bods and cute pups – to create the “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar.

The calendar is meant to raise awareness for pet adoption, as each featured pup is up for adoption. She also wanted to showcase rescue dogs in more positive light: “You see these pictures of a sad and dejected dog behind shelter bars, you may get sympathy and pity out of people, but I don’t want people to always see the dog in that negative light,” she told INSIDER.

The proceeds from the calendars go to three different Dallas shelters, The Love Pit Rescue, Rescue Row, and Asastia’s Angels, which is where all the featured dogs are from.

A Canadian Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater rescued two dogs from being eaten in South Korea.

Instagram/@meaganduhamelDuhamel with her two pups.

Meagan Duhamel won Canada a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the team figure skating event. During her spare time in South Korea, she also rescued two dogs that were headed for slaughter in the dog meat trade, and would have probably been eaten.

The two pups, Moote and Daegong, now happily live with Duhamel.


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