These Are The Best Deals You’ll Find In Winter And Spring

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Magic 8 Ball, is now the best time to book my cruise? Upgrade my computer? Put in that new Berber carpeting?If you still had a Magic 8 Ball and asked these questions, you’d likely squint through the bluish fluid to read a hazy, “Cannot predict now” message.  Disappointing, right?

Don’t despair—I’ve got better news. You don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to tell you the best time of year or day of the week to save money these and other popular items.

Online and traditional stores go to great lengths to make every sales event and special offer seem like an unpredictable surprise or one-of-a-kind event. After all, who doesn’t like a nice surprise?

Truth be known, there are ‘best times’ to buy certain big ticket items and everyday necessities based on past trends and historical prices.

In addition to the buying tips below, here are two fail-safe strategies to follow for year-round savings:

  • Shop end of season (bathing suits in September, Christmas decorations on December 26th, etc.)
  • Shop on weekends

Best Deals in December

Now, about that computer upgrade? The Magic 8 Ball and I agree. Yes – definitely. December is actually a great month to buy a new computer. You’ll find the best prices on computers around back to school time in August and right before Christmas.

Other items that see an end of year price dip include power tools, cookware, and televisions.

Early December is also a great time to refresh your fall and Thanksgiving decorations when the stores are eager to clear out this merchandise to make room for Christmas.

Best Deals in January

Now is the time to install that new carpet or flooring. Everyone else just had to get it done before the holidays, but if you’re patient, you can take advantage of tremendous price cuts after the New Year when demand and prices drop.

While you’re at it, you can also find great deals on furniture in January as stores prepare for new designs that begin arriving in February.

Best Deals in February

Because new camera models are released early in the year, February is a great time to save on cameras. If you’re in the market for a motorcycle, February is prime time for buying when dealerships are slow.

Video games and wedding-related service prices are also typically the lowest in February.

Best Deals in Spring

Cruise deals are hot in the spring as are savings on electronics right before most Japanese electronics companies release new models in April-May.

To save money on jewelry, buy during March or April, which fall between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And, if you’re in the market for a used car, this is the time to buy!

Gerrid Smith is co-founder of mission-minded Save1, which features coupons and special deals every day from thousands of online stores. When you make a purchase from one of these stores using a coupon or offer, Save1 provides a meal to a hungry child.