A New Study Shows Sunday Is The Best Day To Book A Flight

A new study by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), a company that analyses airfare data, shows the best time to book a flight is actually on Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The previous school of thought was that Tuesday was the best time to book a flight, but ARC disputed that theory.

ARC analysed both US domestic and international airfares between January 2013 through July 2014, and found that the lowest average airfare was available on Sundays. Travellers who booked flights on Sundays paid an average $US432 for domestic flights and $US958 for international flights.

The Wall Street Journal posited a theory behind this: that “airline executives come into work Monday looking to raise fares, not discount them with sales to fill seats.”

Here’s a chart showing the average airfares for U.S. domestic flights:

And this chart shows the average cost of international airfares:

The study also found that travellers secured the best airfares when they booked their flights 8 weeks in advance. Read more of the results here.

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