The coziest coffee shop in every state

Fletcher's Finds in Yemassee
Fletcher’s Finds in Yemassee. Fletcher’s Finds/Yelp

ALABAMA: Flip Flop Deli Shop in Gulf Shores
Flip flop deli shop alabama
Flip Flop Deli Shop in Gulf Shores. Barrett O./Yelp
“Great little Deli shop! We stumbled across it while waiting to check into our condo. Fantastically friendly service and yummy food! Accommodated 4 adults and 5 kids in a pinch and was beyond kind! Also the espresso milkshake is a life changer! Thanks for a wonderful visit!” — Yelp user Krystie H.

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ALASKA: The Crepery in Fairbanks
The crepery in fairbanks
The Crepery in Fairbanks. Dawn K./Yelp
“Wonderful cozy restaurant, a hidden gem in downtown! Beautiful presentation and amazing taste! Don’t forget a cappuccino on the side.” — Yelp user Brian M.

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ARIZONA: Indian Gardens Cafe & Market in Sedona
Indian Gardens Cafe & Market
Indian Gardens Cafe & Market in Sedona. Vasiliy M./Yelp
“Such a cute, cozy place. The gardens are beautiful and there are adorable little things to buy in the shop. The service is impeccable.” — Yelp user Ashley H.

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ARKANSAS: Nibbles Eatery in Eureka Springs
Nibbles eatery in eureka springs
Nibbles Eatery in Eureka Springs. Maddie J./Yelp
“Delightfully cozy place with delicious food. The owner was super nice even though it was crazy busy and people didn’t stop coming in, he was quick to greet people and take their numbers for the waiting list while still attending to seated customers. I’d highly recommend this spot for a tasty lunch!” — Yelp user Katie P.

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CALIFORNIA: BJ Cinnamon in Folsom
BJ Cinnamon in Folsom
BJ Cinnamon in Folsom. Marlyn P./Yelp
“If you want friendly customer service and the best donuts/cinnamon rolls, this is the place for you. The prices are fair and the quality is never sacrificed. I’ll always recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know. If you haven’t checked them out I’d definitely give it a shot!” — Yelp user Domenic I.

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COLORADO: Crema Coffee House in Denver
Crema Coffee House in Denver
Crema Coffee House in Denver. Alex W./Yelp
“This place does coffee right! Smooth and bold. Fast service, cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Denver Central Market is great for the grab and go but I love sitting for a cup in house at their other location.” — Yelp user Christa R.

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CONNECTICUT: Rumors European Cafe in Danbury
Rumors European Cafe in danbury
Rumors European Cafe in Danbury. Ali R./Yelp
“[Three] words: vanilla bean latte. Love this coffee and this cozy coffee place! Prices are comparable to Starbucks with a really unique vibe. The baristas were super accommodating and really went out of their way to make recommendations. Ciara and Suyane and they were spot on. Very sweet girls. The snacks like the gluten free cookies and the regular scones looked really good but we didn’t get any. They say they are baked fresh daily.” — Yelp user Anne M.

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DELAWARE: Drifting Grounds in Bethany Beach
Drifting Grounds in Bethany Beach
Drifting Grounds in Bethany Beach. Alex S./Yelp
“You: at the beach with your friends SPFed to the 40s. Now it’s time to go on a town safari in search of java … look no further. Drifting Grounds is here for you. Come in, chill out, get some coffee and work on the puzzle in the corner. Or read a book. Bring a friend — or don’t. The Bolero gas station right outside belies the cozy interior with aqua walls decorated in art available for purchase. Did I mention the used books for sale? Dine in and drink your tea from their collection of tea cups and coffee mugs-because let’s face it-coffee tastes better in porcelain cups than paper cups, and you’re helping the environment. Is there nothing you won’t do to make the world a better place? Staff = lovely. Your vacation is loving you and you are loving that you came here to have a cup of coffee, you are a rock star!” — Yelp user Petunia T.

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WASHINGTON, DC: Calabash Tea & Tonic
Calabash Tea & Tonic Bar in Washington, DC.
Calabash Tea & Tonic Bar in Washington, D.C. Shell J./Yelp
“Come for the Love (Potion #10, aka delish chai) and stay for the vibes! Great drinks, warm friendly service, cozy space. Love this place.” — Yelp user Raven A.

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FLORIDA: Capriccio Cafe in Destin
Capriccio cafe in destin
Capriccio Cafe in Destin. Patrick T./Yelp
“THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. I’m actually positive they have a bottle of love in the back that they make all of their food and drinks with. This was a cute cafe in Destin and off to the side. You walk in and it’s a cozy little place.” — Yelp user Alicia M.

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GEORGIA: Friendship Coffee Company in Savannah
Friendship Coffee Company in Savannah
Friendship Coffee Company in Savannah. No S./Yelp
“This place certainly lived up to their name! Everybody made us feel like we were friends from a long time! Leslie greeted us and helped us place our order – and even gave us some cold brew coffee samples! The food was delicious and the coffee was superb! Ordered the breakfast bowl with both eggs AND grits. Very cozy and yummy! If we lived here this would definitely be our place to hang! Wish I stayed one more day in Savannah just so I could have another breakfast here!” — Yelp user Giselle B.

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HAWAII: Heavenly Hawaiian Farms in Holualoa
Heavenly Hawaiian Farms in Holualoa. Sami W./Yelp
“Great place to visit on the Big Island. They let you try all their coffees free of charge. There is also a free tour where they kindly show how the Kona coffee is made. There is a beautiful view where you can sip on your coffee. The coffee itself is great because it’s not too acidic and doesn’t have too much caffeine so you can drink it casually.” — Yelp user Peter J.

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IDAHO: Emma’s Cafe Restaurant & Market in Twin Falls
Emma's Cafe Restaurant & Market in Twin Falls
Emma’s Cafe Restaurant & Market in Twin Falls. Whitney P./Yelp
“Amazing restaurant! We were passing through on a road trip and stopped by for lunch. So delicious and wonderful service. Try the coffee!” — Yelp user Marleigh H.

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ILLINOIS: Two Hearted Queen in Chicago
Two Hearted Queen in Chicago
Two Hearted Queen in Chicago. C. Paul D./Yelp
“This place is the bee’s knees. A simple but wide variety of espresso beverages and food. The ambiance is a blend of cozy and productive; you have your choice of couches or tables and chairs. The WiFi and printer are reliable, the drip coffee is robust. They also have sugar free vanilla that’s not too sweet.” — Yelp user Kelsey M.

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INDIANA: Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis
Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis
Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis. Zsuzsa B./Yelp
“This is a cozy little place to get a fancy (but affordable) coffee. The butterscotch latte has a nice bold flavor, and I enjoyed it iced. I’ve also had their chocolate croissant and spinach + feta quiche, both were filling and yummy.” — Yelp user Madi A.

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IOWA: Cafe d’Marie in Davenport
Cafe d'Marie in Davenport
Cafe d’Marie in Davenport. Elle P./Yelp
“I want to live inside the almond bread pudding!!!!!!! Not even kidding this [is] one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. You can just tell the [ingredients] are high quality and they serve it in a bowl of milk. … The ambiance is so cozy and cute. There’s jazz music playing in the background. The food and coffee are incredible. Homemade. Skip all chain Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and come here.” — Yelp user Mallory S.

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KANSAS: Groundhouse Coffee in Gardner
Groundhouse Coffee in Gardner
Groundhouse Coffee in Gardner. Nellie C./Yelp
“Located in a renovated, turn of the century building, just the ambiance alone is worth it, with many places to get cozy and large windows bring in plenty of natural light. The coffee is great, there [are] plenty of good things to nosh on and the staff is polite and friendly. Better than Starbucks on its worst day.” — Yelp user Tony W.

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KENTUCKY: Carabello Coffee in Newport
Carabello Coffee in Newport
Carabello Coffee in Newport. Alina A./Yelp
“Such a pleasant experience! They have a very positive vibe in this little coffee shop. It has a hip, almost pop up shop atmosphere with tons of nooks and crannies that make for cozy sitting areas. I opted for a small chai which was delicious. The barista was very knowledgeable about the products and provided tons of suggestions for my lunch date when he asked. It was a very positive experience and I look forward to visiting again.” — Yelp user Eileen E.

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LOUISIANA: Addiction Coffeehouse in New Orleans
Addiction in New Orleans.
Addiction Coffeehouse in New Orleans. Judy K./Yelp
“I’m addicted. There I said it. I was recently in NOLA on vacation and was looking for a coffee shop to do some studying in. Yelp suggested Addiction and the reviews looked fantastic … The shop is small and cozy. I love the furniture, it’s all very unique and has a lot of character. The employees are awesome as well, and they were right, I am addicted. I’ll have to come back to NOLA just to get another Miss Tracy’s!” — Yelp user Jennifer N.

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MAINE: Coffee ME Up in Portland
Coffee ME Up in Portland
Coffee ME Up in Portland. Angie I./Yelp
“It’s official. This is my FAVORITE coffee shop in Portland, ME. Hands down! Coffee ME Up is as cozy as can be, there aren’t many seats or outlets available to those who need their laptops. But, relax and enjoy the coffee, food, and ambiance.” — Yelp user Christina H.

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MARYLAND: Rik’s Cafe in Hagerstown
Riks cafe hagerstown
Rik’s Cafe in Hagerstown. Mike B./Yelp
“Rik’s is a ‘big city delight’ in our sweet small Hagerstown! Rik will most probably walk around to your table to make sure you are well cared for. Cozy and unassuming with great food. Try the crab cakes, you will love them, or the Mahi Reuben! Rik’s also has a nice welcoming bar area and the martinis are fab! You will return again and again, which is why reservations are a must even [on] weeknights!” — Yelp user Kathy S.

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MASSACHUSETTS: JJ’s Caffe in Brockton (re-opening December 2021)
JJ's Caffe in Brockton
JJ’s Caffe in Brockton. Kat R./Yelp
“WOW!!!! Finally made it to this cozy restaurant and it was as amazing as all the reviews I read and word of mouth I received! Other than the wait, it’s soooooo good! Love the owners, the staff, the service and the food is out of this world!! YUM!!! They deserve all the rave reviews!  THE BEST!!!” — Yelp user J A L.

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MICHIGAN: Chadd’s Bistro in Rochester Hills
Chadd's Bistro in Rochester Hills
Chadd’s Bistro in Rochester Hills. Jeff B./Yelp
“Chadd’s is fantastic! The sandwiches are delicious. The breads are especially high quality, and the sandwiches combine fresh ingredients with culinary creativity. The fries are fresh cut to order. The place is cozy — about 16 seats total including the bar-style counter; but the taste is huge!” — Yelp user Adam H.

Learn more about Chadd’s Bistro here.

MINNESOTA: Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis
Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis
Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis. Jonathan E./Yelp
“When I am looking to splurge on a deliciously handcrafted beverage, Five Watt is my No. 1 pick. Plus, bonus: Holy hottie hangout! Love it when the weather is nice, they open up the garage doors and the open air vibe is very relaxed. Equally cozy in winter (so much so the only problem can be snagging a seat!). Go and enjoy. You can thank me later.” — Yelp user Emily O.

Learn more about Five Watt Coffee here.

MISSISSIPPI: The Grind Coffee and Nosh in Biloxi
The Grind Coffee and Nosh in Biloxi
The Grind Coffee and Nosh in Biloxi. Loxiee R./Yelp
“I love everything about this coffee shop. It’s nice, inviting and has cozy chairs to hang in. The people are so nice & the food/coffee is delicious!” — Yelp user Emily G.

Learn more about The Grind Coffee & Nosh here.

MISSOURI: Egg in Saint Louis
Egg in Saint Louis
Egg in Saint Louis. Samuel D./Yelp
“Cozy and eclectic decor make this place comfortable as soon as you walk in. I had El Cerdo hash my first time here and it is incredible! I also tried some of the breakfast tacos and they were delicious too. The coffee is high quality and they have a valley of specialty coffee drinks I look forward to trying in the future. We’ll definitely be back again soon!” — Yelp user Devon A.

Learn more about Egg here.

MONTANA: Uptown Hearth in Columbia Falls (re-opening September 30)
Uptown Hearth in Columbia Falls
Uptown Hearth in Columbia Falls. Chrystal C./Yelp
“Uptown Hearth is the local bakery and cafe you want in your town. It’s casual but homey and the food is yummy as well. You can drop in for a coffee or sit down for a more filling meal.” — Yelp user Eve C. 

Learn more about Uptown Hearth here.

NEBRASKA: Howlin’ Hounds Coffee in Omaha
Howlin' Hounds Coffee in Omaha
Howlin’ Hounds Coffee in Omaha. Ryan M./Yelp
“Howlin’ Hounds is the kind of coffee shop that makes you want to revisit a city just to go back to that one shop. The owner speaks to you as he has never met a stranger. I literally could have stayed and spoken to him forever. It’s not often that you find a place that gives you good vibes, good coffee and you leave better than when you came in.” — Yelp user Kathryn E.

Learn more about Howlin’ Hounds Coffee here. 

NEVADA: Zenaida’s Cafe in Las Vegas
Zenaida's Cafe in Las Vegas
Zenaida’s Cafe in Las Vegas. Edwin D./Yelp
“This is my secret little place of yummyness! It’s a little hidden and doesn’t look like much on the outside but give it a chance! It’s a great little mom & pop breakfast/lunch cozy place.” — Yelp user Erika R. 

Learn more about Zenaida’s Cafe here.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Sunrise Shack in Glen
The Sunrise Shack in Glen
The Sunrise Shack in Glen. Max G./Yelp
“Wow! This was a wonderful spot. We knew we were in for a treat because we’d passed it by several times in the morning and the parking lot was jammed with license plates from far away and local. It does look like a shack on the outside and has a great homey feel inside.” — Yelp user Richard A.

Learn more about The Sunrise Shack here.

NEW JERSEY: Missy’s Main Street Cafe in Rockaway
Missy's Main Street Cafe in Rockaway
Missy’s Main Street Cafe in Rockaway. Missy’s Main Street Cafe/Yelp
“So glad I went to this place!! The experience was amazing. We did have to wait for a little but trust me it was worth all the wait!! Place feels so cozy and inviting. I noticed the waitresses knew what people wanted as soon as they sat down so I’m guessing people go there often. Service was fast and everything was absolutely perfect!” — Yelp user Monica M. 

Learn more about Missy’s Main Street Cafe here.

NEW MEXICO: Espresso Fino in Albuquerque
Espresso Fino in Albuquerque
Espresso Fino in Albuquerque. Amanda V./Yelp
“This amazing little downtown coffee shop is a gem in downtown Albuquerque. This cozy welcoming coffee shop is just [the] place I want to spend the next raining day. The barista was amazing and made a craft out of making a bold flavored Americano with the perfect touch of steamed cream. A touch of perfection!” — Yelp user Amanda V.

Learn more about Espresso Fino here. 

NEW YORK: Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen in Tuxedo Park
Dottie Audrey's Bakery Kitchen in Tuxedo Park
Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen in Tuxedo Park. Dasle K./Yelp
“I’m so excited to have this restaurant nearby – the food is super fresh, the quality is excellent, the menu is creative, the ambiance is charming, and the staff is super friendly. We need more places like this, as opposed to the greasy chain restaurants.” — Yelp user A K.

Learn more about Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen here. 

NORTH CAROLINA: Vida pour Tea in Greensboro
Vida pour Tea in Greensboro
Vida pour Tea in Greensboro. Jessie S./Yelp
“Vida pour Tea is a warm and inviting tea shop with a trendy and modern flare. You can choose from about 30 different loose leaf teas and grab a hot cup to go or sit and relax by a window seat with the sun shining in. I highly recommend the lavender rose with honey … it tastes like flowers with just a hint of a sweet and smooth aftertaste. Hands down the best cup of tea I’ve ever had.” — Yelp user Monica W. 

Learn more about Vida pour Tea here. 

NORTH DAKOTA: Twenty Below Coffee in Fargo
Twenty Below Coffee in Fargo
Twenty Below Coffee in Fargo. Pete T./Yelp
“This place is stupid good. That means really good. Like really really good. The staff is ultimately wonderful. The strawberry rhubarb scone was fluffy, and dare I say moist. The Kinnick (maple cinnamon) latte was as tasty as it was beautiful. The atmosphere is perfectly comfortable and cozy and darling. Come here. Come here now!” — Yelp user Sarah W. 

Learn more about Twenty Below Coffee here. 

OHIO: Scotty’s Cafe in Columbus
Scotty's Cafe in Columbus
Scotty’s Cafe in Columbus. Andrew S./Yelp
“Not a terribly large store front but a big personality that you will want to visit again! Scotty comes out to meet and greet his customers, many of whom he knows by name and gives hugs to his regulars. He makes it so that you want to be one of his crowd. And he wants you to be there too and for you to feel welcome. He chatted with us several times, knowing that we were new to his restaurant and wanted to make sure that we were comfortable and taken care of.” — Yelp user Stuart L. 

Learn more about Scotty’s Cafe here. 

OKLAHOMA: Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie
Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie
Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie. Kelly H./Yelp
“I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now and finally had time on one of my trips to Guthrie to make the stop. The atmosphere is incredible, staff is friendly and attentive, and the drinks were A-1.” — Yelp user Kelly H. 

Learn more about Hoboken Coffee Roasters here. 

OREGON: Tōv in Portland
Tōv in Portland
Tōv in Portland. Lily Y./Yelp
“This coffee shop was amazing! Hands down one of the best experiences and coffee shops in Portland. Did I mention the coffee shop is a double decker bus? The service, ambiance, and coffee is spot on. The Rose Mocha was really good. I can’t believe I’ve been to Portland so many times and have never been here. Can’t wait to come here again.” — Yelp user Sania I.

Learn more about Tōv here. 

PENNSYLVANIA: Morgantown Coffee House in Elverson
Morgantown Coffee House in Elverson
Morgantown Coffee House in Elverson. Jack P./Yelp
“I was thrilled to happen on this wonderful coffee house. The space is lovely and the woman who helped me was friendly and warm. The food was so delicious I immediately started thinking about coming back, even though I live over two hours away.” — Yelp user Kate G.

Learn more about Morgantown Coffee House here.  

RHODE ISLAND: The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich
The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich
The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich. Rozet S./Yelp
“The Nook is an adorable coffee house that reminds me of some place you’d see on Gilmore Girls. It’s tucked cozily onto East Greenwich’s historic Main Street. There is ample street parking here, and we were able to park very close by this past Sunday.” — Yelp user Chelsea L.

Learn more about The Nook Coffee House here. 

SOUTH CAROLINA: Fletcher’s Finds in Yemassee
Fletcher's Finds in Yemassee
Fletcher’s Finds in Yemassee. Fletcher’s Finds/Yelp
“There is no way to accurately describe this cozy, rustic place with family friendly service and home cooked scrumptious food, that will beat your grandma’s best dish. Everything was great from the Reuben, to the Roasted Chicken Sandwich and those divine squash hush puppies that I definitely need the recipe for!!!” — Yelp user Lori B.

Learn more about Fletcher’s Finds here.  

SOUTH DAKOTA: Mornin Sunshine Coffee House & Catering in Hot Springs
Mornin Sunshine Coffee House & Catering in Hot Springs
Mornin Sunshine Coffee House & Catering in Hot Springs. Khyati C./Yelp
“Best place in Hot Springs for coffee and other yummy beverages. The staff is always super friendly and cheerful. The baked goods and menu items are delicious, and it’s a cozy little place to meet with friends or sneak away for a quiet moment.” — Yelp user Becky M.

Learn more about Mornin Sunshine Coffee House & Catering here. 

TENNESSEE: Headquarters in Nashville
Headquarters in Nashville
Headquarters in Nashville. Jeremy C./Yelp
“The aesthetic is cool. Music is so chill. Staff was very accommodating. Love love the vibe!” — Yelp user Dalia M.

Learn more about Headquarters here. 


TEXAS: Texas Coffee Traders in Austin
Texas Coffee Traders in Austin
Texas Coffee Traders in Austin. Cindy L./Yelp
“Every time I go here I walk out feeling like the people there were genuinely happy to see me. And then I think, ya know, there’s not that many places with such a truly happy and laid back vibe. Oh, and there’s a really great selection of great coffee and coffee related products too!” — Yelp user Brianna M. 

Learn more about Texas Coffee Traders here. 

UTAH: Moab Garage in Moab
Moab Garage in Moab
Moab Garage in Moab. Rolly T./Yelp
“Our favorite place in Moab. Great food, coffee and ice cream with a warm and inviting atmosphere. We usually eat a few meals here during our stay.” — Yelp user Richie N.

Learn more about Moab Garage here.

VERMONT: The Bagel Place in South Burlington
The Bagel Place in South Burlington
The Bagel Place in South Burlington. Kit T./Yelp
“It can be surprisingly hard to find a good bagel! The bagel place does it right. Combine that with [the] service and good prices and you’ve got a good deal! They’re good for breakfast and they make lunch sandwiches too.” — Yelp user Anthony K. 

Learn more about The Bagel Place here. 

VIRGINIA: Coldspoon Coffee in Sterling
Cold Spoon Coffee & Greek Yogurt in Sterling
Coldspoon Coffee in Sterling. Jazlene G./Yelp
Good coffee, yummy frozen yogurt and nice barista. First time going here today and we love it! The coffee was very good and my daughter loved her frozen yogurt. The service was excellent. We will definitely come back.” — Yelp user Lulet D. 

Learn more about Coldspoon Coffee here. 

WASHINGTON: Storyville Coffee Company in Seattle
Storyville Coffee Company in Seattle
Storyville Coffee Company in Seattle. Rahma O./Yelp
“This place is tucked away near public place market and I’m so glad we found it! The decor is very cute and cozy, perfect for studying or cracking open a book away from the noise of tourists. The coffee was great but the service was even greater.” — Yelp user Maddy L.

Learn more about Storyville Coffee Company here. 

WEST VIRGINIA: The Dish Cafe in Daniels
The Dish Cafe in Daniels
The Dish Cafe in Daniels. The Dish Cafe/Yelp
“The ambiance is wonderful. I loved the music playing. Our waitress was very friendly and professional. She was helpful with the menu and got the food out quickly. Everything was delicious.” — Yelp user Kelli H. 

Learn more about The Dish Cafe here.

WISCONSIN: 5th and Jefferson Coffee House in Sturgeon Bay
5th and Jefferson Coffee House in Sturgeon Bay
5th and Jefferson Coffee House in Sturgeon Bay. Connie W./Yelp
“I was not sure what I was expecting when I was about to walk in to the coffee house. It looked like someone’s home, and it totally was when I walked in. It is so trendy and so home-like. I really liked the interior. There were many artworks of llamas.” — Yelp user Christina C.

Learn more about 5th and Jefferson Coffee House here.

WYOMING: Persephone Bakery in Jackson
Persephone Bakery in Jackson
Persephone Bakery in Jackson. Brian F./Yelp
“Five star love for this Jackson Hole classic bakery! Not only is it perfectly located In The heart of Jackson Hole but it is an adorable retreat and respite after a morning of walking the town.” — Yelp user Claire G.

Learn more about Persephone Bakery here.