The 55 Best Companies For Freelancers

Lean In Work From Home Woman BabyGetty/Lean In/Tara MooreAbout a third of today’s workforce do some form of freelancing.

The 9 to 5 workday isn’t as common as it once was. Now, more and more people are becoming freelancers, which allows for flexible hours and the ability to work from home.

In fact, 53 million Americans — or 34% of today’s workforce — holds a freelance job, according to a new report.

About 68% of those professionals said they freelance to earn extra cash, while the remaining 42% do it to have a flexible schedule.

In addition to the control and supplemental income freelancing offers, it can also add some excitement to one’s career, says Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, a service that specialises in helping connect people with flexible jobs.

“If you can get a steady stream of freelance jobs, it will provide you with variety, whereas working in one traditional office job may only offer the same responsibilities day after day,” Sutton Fell explains.

To provide an even better feel of the freelance landscape, Flexjobs compiled a list of the best companies for freelance work by analysing how many freelance listings employers posted between August 2013 and August 2014.

For anyone hoping to gain more control over their career, or who just want to work from home, here are the 55 companies with the most freelance opportunities:

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