The 10 Best Coffee Shops In San Francisco

San Francisco serves up some of the best java in the country, with strong flavours and cozy storefronts that keep the city satisfied.

Our friends at Yelp have helped us assemble a list of San Francisco’s best coffee shops.

While some popular local chains dominate the top 10, there’s also tons of variety among the small shops.

And these shops don’t just serve your standard cappuccino or latte either. From mint mojito espresso to Affogato (a shot of hot espresso over vanilla ice cream) to waffles and sandwiches, these 10 coffee shops stand out from the rest.

#10 Cafe Algiers

50 Beale St

Originally a sandwich shop that expanded to offer coffee, Cafe Algiers is still renowned for its spicy turkey sandwich with avocados on a Dutch Crunch roll. It offers quick but delicious espressos and mochas in the busy San Francisco financial district.

'The coffee is fresh, the bagels are toasted to perfect, and don't even get me started on the sandwiches,' Ben H. wrote.

#9 Jane

2123 Fillmore St

Jane brews scrumptious Stumptown coffee and offers a wide variety of baked goods, both gluten free and not. Yelpers recommend their espresso and salad selection and give extra points for the friendly staff.

'It always feels like a warm sunny day at Jane's. I really do love this cafe. The pastries are usually fresh & the breakfast is always tasty. I love the egg sandwiches, the banana bread, the citrus brioche and even the basic bread and jam. Love this spot!' Bernadette G. wrote.

#8 Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (Embarcadero)

1 Ferry Bldg

The Embarcadero location of Blue Bottle has a long line that Yelpers say is worth the wait. The New Orleans iced coffee and the Affogato, a shot of hot espresso over vanilla ice cream, are especially popular. Their waffles also earn rave reviews.

'Blue Bottle is NOT a hype. It's good. It's creamy. It's frothy. It's what you crave when it's 30 degrees in the winter (mocha) and 75 degrees in the summer (New Orleans iced coffee),' Emily C. wrote.

#7 Bernie's

3966 24th St

Bernie's has two locations that are locally owned, and the Noe Valley spot offers a great space to work and enjoy fresh-brewed coffee alongside sweet and savory pastries. Yelpers enjoy the honey hazelnut latte and compostable cups.

'This is a fantastic coffee shop! Great coffee, great baristas, and such a friendly owner, who clearly cares about the quality of the coffee, the baked goods, and his cafe,' Michael D. wrote.

#6 Blue Bottle Coffee Co (Union Square)

66 Mint St

Another popular jewel in the Blue Bottle empire, the Union Square location offers the same popular flavours with a more secluded location, making for shorter lines and better service.

'Absolutely love their coffee and their breakfast. They have a very good poached egg and toast in the mornings that I would recommend. I come here every time I visit San Francisco and regularly have their coffee shipped to my home in Texas!' Bobby Y. wrote.

#5 Blue Bottle Coffee Co (Hayes Valley)

315 Linden St

Hayes Valley has the highest-ranked location of Blue Bottle Coffee, which Yelpers attribute to great service and their newly added ability to take credit cards. The drinks are consistently delicious and worth the long lines.

'There's a reason why there's always a line out the door. Excellent coffee, professional service and attention to detail in every cup since day one. Still my standard in which all coffee shops can be compared,' Summit S. wrote.

#4 Hollow

1435 Irving St

Hollow is so cozy that it earns Yelp comparisons to a hobbit's nook. The shop serves up cinnamon roll biscuits and tea by the pot, and its owners have opened a gift shop next door to go with the adorable decor. There's also outdoor seating.

'Hollow is paradise in the real San Francisco. Yes, there is a long wait, but it's so worth the wait for the wonderful goodies and the slow laid-back vibe,' Addadada A. wrote.

#3 Philz Coffee (Mission)

3101 24th St

With six locations in San Francisco alone, Philz is a California institution, and the Mission location is the original. Yelpers give the Mint Mojito iced coffee rave reviews, as well as the vegan cookies and relaxed atmosphere.

'Philz is awesome. Gigantic menu of all sorts of coffees organised by roast and flavour, super friendly baristas, and really chill atmosphere. AND the coffee is INCREDIBLE. I would definitely come back the next time I'm in the city,' Fassio E. wrote.

#2 Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company

735 Columbus Ave

True coffee enthusiasts will go nuts for the beans at Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company. You can't get a single cup here, but you can order a wide variety of high-quality beans by the pound from this family-run caffeine boutique.

'My absolutely favourite roast on the west coast. I'd take a pound of dark roast here before Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, Ritual, or any of the other du-jours. I tell all my visiting friends to pick up a pound and none are disappointed,' Andrew C. wrote.

#1 Philz Coffee (Civic Center)

748 Van Ness Ave

The Civic Center Philz location tops the list of San Francisco coffee shops and while the iced mint mojito coffee overshadows most of its peers, the gingersnap and ambrosia flavours are also definitely worth a try.

'The concept of this coffee shop is amazing. They brew each cup one at a time. Also, their coffee selection is big enough for them have all those coffee lined up against the wall! Customer service was amazing here too. People loved them so much that while waiting for my cup of coffee, I saw people dropping those dollar dollar bills in their tip jar,' Amy L. wrote.

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