33 cities around the world where healthcare is good, housing is affordable, and people have the best quality of life

Shelby Soblick/Getty Images for SOBEWFFLife is good Down Under.
  • Wellington, New Zealand, has the best quality of life of any city in the world, according to a report from Deutsche Bank.
  • Measures that went into the bank’s quality of life index include quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods, and housing affordability.
  • Boston has a better quality of life than New York with higher marks for healthcare and affordability.

Life is good Down Under.

A report shows that several of the world cities with the best quality of life are in Australia and New Zealand. Australia has the 7th and 8th best cities and New Zealand has the first and 12th cities for best quality of life, according to a new report by Deutsche Bank Market Research.

Deutsche Bank created their quality of life index for 50 cities with global economies by compiling numerous measures including overall quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods, and housing affordability.

Prices for consumer goods, groceries, and rent were compared to find each city’s cost of living rank. Housing affordability is measured by the ratio of property price to income. Other measures that went into the quality of life index include safety, climate, and traffic.

Quality of life mapShayanne Gal/Business InsiderMany of the cities with the best quality of life are in Europe.

Four US cities appear on the list, with New York having the lowest quality of life ranking of the group. Chicago and San Francisco are above New York, but below Boston, which the report found to have the best quality of life for an American city.

Each city is ranked on eight measurements that indicate quality of life, with 1 being the highest possible rank and 50 being the lowest.

Below, the world cities with the best quality of life, and how each fares for quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods, and housing affordability.

33. London, United Kingdom

Healthcare: 28

Cost of living: 40

Property to income ratio: 42

32. Paris, France


Healthcare: 11

Cost of living: 42

Property to income ratio: 38

31. New York City, United States


Healthcare: 35

Cost of living: 47

Property to income ratio: 27

30. Johannesburg, South Africa

Healthcare: 42

Cost of living: 13

Property to income ratio: 1

29. Warsaw, Poland

Healthcare: 41

Cost of living: 8

Property to income ratio: 24

28. Dublin, Ireland

Healthcare: 48

Cost of living: 39

Property to income ratio: 21

27. Cape Town, South Africa

Healthcare: 17

Cost of living: 12

Property to income ratio: 8

26. Brussels, Belgium

Healthcare: 4

Cost of living: 34

Property to income ratio: 5

25. Singapore, Singapore

r.nagy/ShutterstockBuddha Toothe Relic Temple in Chinatown in Singapore, the most expensive place in the world.

Healthcare: 25

Cost of living: 44

Property to income ratio: 44

24. Lisbon, Portugal

Healthcare: 26

Cost of living: 18

Property to income ratio: 34

23. Madrid, Spain

Healthcare: 2

Cost of living: 20

Property to income ratio: 18

22. Chicago, United States

Healthcare: 32

Cost of living: 32

Property to income ratio: 2

21. Toronto, Canada

Healthcare: 9

Cost of living: 23

Property to income ratio: 25

20. Prague, Czech Republic


Healthcare: 16

Cost of living: 16

Property to income ratio: 37

19. Oslo, Norway

Healthcare: 12

Cost of living: 48

Property to income ratio: 23

18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Healthcare: 37

Cost of living: 22

Property to income ratio: 3

17. Stockholm, Sweden

Vladimir Mucibabic/Shutterstock

Healthcare: 34

Cost of living: 33

Property to income ratio: 32

16. San Francisco, United States

Healthcare: 22

Cost of living: 46

Property to income ratio: 13

15. Vancouver, Canada

Healthcare: 18

Cost of living: 24

Property to income ratio: 36

14. Berlin, Germany


Healthcare: 21

Cost of living: 21

Property to income ratio: 15

13. Tokyo, Japan


Healthcare: 1

Cost of living: 45

Property to income ratio: 30

12. Auckland, New Zealand

AsiaTravel / Shutterstock.com

Healthcare: 10

Cost of living: 35

Property to income ratio: 20

11. Boston, United States

Wikimedia Commons

Healthcare: 7

Cost of living: 36

Property to income ratio: 12

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unsplash/Mitchel Lensink

Healthcare: 19

Cost of living: 41

Property to income ratio: 19

9. Frankfurt, Germany


Healthcare: 23

Cost of living: 27

Property to income ratio: 10

8. Sydney, Australia


Healthcare: 13

Cost of living: 37

Property to income ratio: 17

7. Melbourne, Australia

Time Out

Healthcare: 14

Cost of living: 30

Property to income ratio: 11

6. Helsinki, Finland

Estea / Shutterstock.com

Healthcare: 15

Cost of living: 38

Property to income ratio: 26

5. Vienna, Austria

Healthcare: 5

Cost of living: 26

Property to income ratio: 29

4. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Healthcare: 3

Cost of living: 25

Property to income ratio: 7

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Healthcare: 6

Cost of living: 43

Property to income ratio: 9

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Healthcare: 8

Cost of living: 49

Property to income ratio: 14

1. Wellington, New Zealand

Healthcare: 24

Cost of living: 28

Property to income ratio: 4

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