These are the 10 best cities in the US to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

  • Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website launched in 2009 that’s since raised over $US4 billion for projects.
  • One research group looked at every Kickstarter campaign that raised at least $US100 since 2015 to compare the crowdfunding numbers between projects based in different cities and countries.
  • Although projects based in New York City had the most successfully funded campaigns, Los Angeles-based projects raised the most money, at $US313.3 million.
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Kickstarter has become nearly synonymous with crowdfunding in the past decade, and the platform has been used to raise over $US4 billion for projects since it was founded in 2009.

Kickstarter’s mission is “to help bring creative projects to life.” So far, more than 172,000 projects have been funded by 17 million people, but projects based in some locations have been more successful than others. UK company Tide used data on all successfully funded projects that raised at least $US100 to determine the cities with projects that raised the most money, and which funded the most projects.

More US-based Kickstarter projects have been funded than in any other country in the world, including Pebble Time, a smart watch campaign out of Palo Alto that became Kickstarter’s biggest project to date, raising over $US20 million in 2015 before being bought by FitBit.

Here are the 10 US cities that have raised the most money on Kickstarter since 2015, according to Tide.

10. Boston just made the list, with $US51 million in funding.


9. Austin is gaining a reputation as a tech hub, and projects based in the city raised $US58 million.

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8. Portland, Oregon made it onto the list with over $US63 million raised in funding.

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7. San Diego was one of 3 California entries on the list, with $US64 million.

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6. Atlanta came in 6th with $US75 million.

5. Chicago-based Kickstarters raised $US79 million.

4. Another west coast tech hub, Seattle, raised nearly $US94 million, a steep drop off from the top 3 cities.


3. Despite its reputation for startups, San Francisco came in third, raising $US248 million.

2. New York City was a close second, raising $US311 million.

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1. Los Angeles was the best place to start a Kickstarter, raising $US313 million — $US75 million of which were raised in the entertainment industry.


The researchers also looked at global Kickstarter results, which has mostly the same results, except London beat out Seattle for 4th place.

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