The 2021 World’s Best Cities list is out and these 5 Aussie cities made the cut

A bunch of Aussie cities made it onto the list. Image: Getty

Five Aussie capitals have made it onto the 2021 World’s Best Cities list.

The list was compiled by Resonance Consultancy and ranks the best cities in the world with populations of more than one million.

They are ranked on the six key metrics of place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion.

Place refers to the perceived quality of a city’s natural and built environment, including factors like safety, weather and neighbourhoods. Product refers to the main attractions, institutions and infrastructure programming is all about entertainment, arts and the city’s culinary scene.

The idea of people is about the city’s immigration rate and its diversity, while prosperity relates to employment and corporate head offices, including factors like Fortune 500 companies and household income.

Lastly, promotion refers to the number of stories, references and recommendations that are shared online about the city. It looks at platforms like Google Trends, Facebook Check-Ins and Instagram hashtags.

London took the top spot on the list once again, followed by New York and Paris.

In Australia, the top ranked city was Sydney followed by Melbourne and Brisbane.

Find out why these Aussie cities made the list.


Sydney ranked 25th on the list, particularly around the metrics of people (many of whom are born overseas) and promotion.

“If Sydney weren’t so (relatively) isolated, chances are it would be challenging Paris and London for visitor number supremacy,” the report said. “It’s the laid-back, safe and sunny manifestation of the good life.”

Sydney also got a nod for having big outdoor spaces which “likely helped the city weather the coronavirus pandemic” and for how its integrates natural landscapes and infrastructure.


hoto by: Martin Berry/Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Melbourne took the 37th spot, also due to the key metrics of people and promotion. The city’s ranking was also boosted by its “edgy aesthetics”, diversity and strong art scene.

“You might stumble upon a laneway, those locally loved narrow passageways open only to pedestrian traffic, with a charming little bar or an award-winning restaurant,” the report said.


Australia, Brisbane City

Coming in at number 70 was Brisbane, thanks to its weather, range of outdoor activities and art galleries. Another big plus was how the city handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has also fared exceptionally well so far in controlling COVID-19 cases—its 66 cases per million residents as of late July 2020 are an impressive testament to the country’s trust in its experts as much as to its island geography,” the report said.


The University of AdelaideThe University of Adelaide.

Closely behind Brisbane was Adelaide, which was ranked 75th. The city of churches got a nod for its cultural and live music scene.

“Adelaide is where to find the country’s best Aboriginal art, and it’s the only designated UNESCO City of Music in Australia,” the report said. “Some 300 live gigs a week can be savoured in this city — or could, before COVID-19 hit, largely sparing the city in terms of case numbers, but inflicting economic and cultural hardship as the region stamped out its cases.”


Getty Images

Rounding out the list of Australian cities was Perth, which was 89th on the list. The city made it onto the list because of its bountiful natural landscapes and Indigenous experiences.

“At places like Six Seasons Gallery you can see some 3,000 Indigenous works of art from across Australia, each offering insights into the Aboriginal experience. The Noongar experience is woven throughout the 60,000-person Perth stadium, in art installations, trails, interpretative storyboards and digital storytelling—an enriching foil for the cricket and football played there.”

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