The 10 Cities That Offer The Best Quality Of Life

Lake geneva

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If you want to have a great quality of life, move to Europe.The continent is home to 15 of the 25 cities with the best quality of life on consulting company Mercer’s annual ranking. Vienna took the top spot, followed by Zurich.

Mercer’s survey is intended to help multinational companies determine expatriate compensation packages.

But the data, which assesses local living conditions based on factors such as political and social environment, housing, and education, provides a fascinating insight into what life is like in cities around the globe.

10. Sydney, Australia (tie)

Sydney boasts beautiful parks and beaches, great weather, and one of the world's most famous and exquisite opera houses.

10. Bern, Switzerland (tie)

Scenic Bern is consistently ranked as a city with a high quality of life.

The city's lovely historic old town is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it has a wide range of sports and culture for a city of just 125,000 people.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital offers great quality of life, and its residents are the happiest in the world according to a U.N. survey.

Perhaps that's partly because of the beloved amusement park located at the city's centre.

8. Geneva, Switzerland

Despite its relatively small size, Geneva boasts a unique cultural scene, a thriving nongovernmental sector, and incredible natural beauty.

7. Frankfurt, Germany

Despite being Germany's most expensive city, Frankfurt comes in at number five on Mercer's list.

The German city is considered the largest financial centre in continental Europe.

6. Düsseldorf, Germany

Located on the Rhine, Düsseldorf is one of the economic centres of West Germany.

The city is known for its abundant nightlife, annual carnival, and dozens of museums and galleries.

5. Vancouver, Canada

The only city in the Americas to make Mercer's ranking usually appears on these types of lists.

'Mid-sized cities in developed countries with relatively low population densities tend to score well by having all the cultural and infrastructural benefits on offer with fewer problems related to crime or congestion,' says Jon Copestake, editor the 2009 Economist Intelligence Unit's ranking of the world's most livable cities -- which Vancouver topped.

4. Munich, Germany

Munich boasts the largest Oktoberfest in the world, a stunning subway system, and a vibrant nightlife.

3. Auckland, New Zealand

A mild, sunny climate, rural atmosphere, and plenty of leisure activities right at your fingertips make Auckland a great place to live.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich outpaced Tokyo in 2011 as the world's most expensive city.

It's considered a fantastic place to live, for those who can afford it; the lakeside city is well-known for its museums, galleries, and theatres.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna's 'livability' is pretty legendary. It's topped multiple rankings as one of the world's best cities, including the U.N.'s list of most prosperous cities.

The Austrian capital has great universities, lots of park space, and a rich tradition of culture.

But what cities are easy to get around?

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