30 cities where everyone under 30 wants to live right now

Berlin Germany People Drinking OutsideRobert Herald / iStockBerlin, Germany, made the top five.

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Nestpick ranked cities based on how desirable they are to millennials.
  • They looked at the basics like cost of living and public transportation, but also millennial-specific factors like internet speed, food, and nightlife.
  • Amsterdam took the top spot.

Millennials will go to extreme lengths to live in expensive cities instead of languishing in the suburbs.

Nestpick, an apartment hunting site, compiled the Millennials Cities Ranking based on 16 factors to determine which places are the most desirable to this much-discussed age bracket.

The ranking examined essentials like the cost of living, accessibility of public transportation, and employment opportunities. It also considered factors of particular interest to millennials such as internet speed, gender equality, the affordability of beer, and the number of Apple stores per capita.

Here are the 30 cities where millennials live.

30. Glasgow, United Kingdom

The University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

29. Vienna, Austria

Kartner street in central Vienna, Austria.

28. Madrid, Spain

Shopping on a busy street in Madrid, Spain.

27. Marseille, France

The Port of Marseille in France.

26. Oslo, Norway

A train travels through the mountains between Bergen and Oslo, Norway.

25. Bristol, United Kingdom

People relax on College Green in front of Bristol Cathedral in the United Kingdom.

24. Toronto, Canada

Tourists admire Toronto's skyline in Canada.

23. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland City as seen from from Mount Victoria in New Zealand.

22. Bordeaux, France

A vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

21. Manchester, United Kingdom

The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

20. Helsinki, Finland

Market Square in Helsinki, Finland.

19. Prague, Czech Republic

Luciano Mortula/Shutterstock
Prague National Theatre in the Czech Republic.

18. Nantes, France

17. Rotterdam, Netherlands

The colourful ceiling of the Markthal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

16. London, United Kingdom

15. Montreal, Canada

The cobblestone streets of the old city of Montreal in Canada.

14. The Hague, Netherlands

Tulips bloom in front of Binnenhof Dutch Parliament in The Hague, The Netherlands.

13. Valencia, Spain

A lookout from Pope Luna's castle in Valencia, Spain.

12. Zurich, Switzerland

A train station in Zurich, Switzerland.

11. Lille, France

A Christmas market in Lille, France.

10. Vancouver, Canada

Downtown Vancouver at sunset.

9. Paris, France

Biking in Paris, France.

8. Cologne, Germany

A view over the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany.

7. Lyon, France

A colourful cityscape from the Saone River in Lyon, France.

6. Barcelona, Spain

La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain.

5. Antwerp, Belgium

Historic houses and retro cafes on the street in Belgium.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

A vintage tram in the city center of Lisbon, Portugal.

3. Munich, Germany

An aerial view on Marienplatz town hall and Frauenkirche in Munich, Germany.

2. Berlin, Germany

People drinking outside on the waterfront in Berlin, Germany.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Summertime in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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