25 of the best things to get at Aldi this month for under $5

Aldi is carrying a variety of meat-free products this month. Aldi

Aldi is ready to ring in the new year with plenty of items to help you meet your resolutions, cheer on your favourite team on game day, and get ready for Valentine’s Day.

From keto-friendly cookies to heart-shaped pizzas, here are some of the best things to get at Aldi this January for under $US5:

Kick off “veganuary” with products like the Earth Grown’s Empower burger.

Earth Grown plant-based Empower burger. Aldi

To kick off the new year, Aldi is stocking several plant-based products to make Meatless Mondays or total veganism easier than ever.

Among the first to hit shelves is the Earth Grown Empower meat-less burger.

You can pick up two plant-based patties for $US4.49.

Make quick, plant-based meals with Season’s Choice eggplant cutlets.

Season’s Choice eggplant cutlets. Aldi

Eggplant parmesan can be delicious, but most people don’t realise the preparation needed to keep the base from going rubbery.

Skip the extra steps with this premade package of eggplant cutlets that are already breaded and ready to go.

Pick them up this month for $US3.99 a pack.

Add vegan protein to any meal with the Earth Grown meatless beef crumbles or chicken-less strips.

Earth Grown plant-based beefless crumbles. Aldi

Eating plant-based meals doesn’t have to be boring.

Spice up salads, wraps, tacos, and more with meatless, beef-like crumbles or chicken-alternative strips, for $US2.89 a box.

These Raised and Rooted nuggets may even deceive meat-eaters.

Raised and Rooted meat-free nuggets. Aldi

Craving fast food? Skip the lines and grab a box of these meatless nuggets for $US3.99.

They aren’t vegan (they contain egg whites), but they’re full of ingredients like bamboo fibre, pea protein, and golden flaxseed that can help round out a vegetarian diet.

The Earth Grown teriyaki baked tofu is a quick way to add protein to recipes.

Earth Grown teriyaki-flavored baked tofu. Aldi

When you’re hungry, you don’t want to wait around to press and marinate tofu. But if you skip these steps, you’re stuck with a mushy, flavourless protein that you won’t want to eat.

This teriyaki-flavored baked tofu is ready to go, so you can just chop it up and toss it into whatever you’re cooking.

Pick up a package for $US3.49.

Anyone can enjoy the Earth Grown dairy-free salad dressings.

Earth Grown dairy-free Caesar and ranch salad dressings. Aldi

Whether you’re vegan or just avoiding dairy, Aldi is making it easy to throw together a quick, tasty salad with these dairy-free Caesar and ranch dressings.

Each bottle goes for $US3.99.

Skip take-out and make this filling Loma Linda plant-based protein meal.

Loma Linda plant-based chipotle bowl with black beans. Aldi

It’s easy to eat more plant-based foods when you can prepare them ahead of time. But if you’re in a rush, stick to your goals by heating up this quick, flavorful meal.

Each protein-packed “bowl” is just $US2.49.

Aldi is also carrying Beyond Meat plant-based patties.

Aldi is stocking its shelves with the popular plant-based burgers. Aldi

Aldi is offering the wildly popular Beyond Meat burger patties for just $US3.99 per package.

They’re a delicious plant-based protein option, and even meat-eaters might be impressed by these “bleeding” burgers.

Satisfy those savoury-snack cravings with the Earth Grown vegan cheddar- or mozzarella-style sticks.

Earth Grown vegan mozzarella-style sticks. Aldi

Aldi is making a name for itself in the vegan realm by stocking its freezer section with these vegan “cheddar” and “mozzarella” sticks.

With each box ringing up at $US3.49, these are the perfect appetizer to enjoy on game day.

The Breakfast Best protein buttermilk-and-vanilla waffles can help fuel your fitness goals.

Breakfast Best’s protein buttermilk-and-vanilla-flavored waffles. Aldi

If you’ve set fitness goals for the new year, Aldi can help you fuel your morning workouts with these protein buttermilk-and-vanilla frozen waffles.

Top them with fresh fruit or maple syrup for just $US2.99 per pack of 10 waffles.

There’s no excuse to skip breakfast with Whole and Simple’s salsa-verde and Mediterranean bowls.

Whole and Simple Mediterranean-style scrambled egg white breakfast bowl. Aldi

No matter how busy your schedule is, these salsa-verde and Mediterranean breakfast bowls may be cheaper and healthier than grabbing something from your favourite coffee shop.

Pick up a bowl packed with simple, healthy ingredients, like egg whites and veggies, for $US2.49.

Keto-dieters can enjoy a little dessert with Benton’s chocolate-chip or snickerdoodle cookies.

Benton’s keto chocolate-chip cookies. Aldi

If you’re trying the keto diet this year, don’t worry about cutting out dessert.

These chocolate-chip and snickerdoodle cookies are keto-friendly and can satisfy your sweet tooth for $US2.99.

Stick to your resolutions, even on game days, with the Park Street Deli reduced-calorie dips.

Park Street Deli reduced-calorie ‘skinny dip’ in buffalo-style chicken. Aldi

You don’t have to sabotage your 2021 goals or sacrifice delicious appetizers during the game.

These “skinny dips,” in zesty jalapeno or buffalo-style chicken flavours, are $US3.49 per container and perfect for dipping chips or fresh veggies.

Step up your chip game with Clancy’s kettle chips in flavours like Cuban sandwich and Nashville hot chicken.

Clancy’s kettle chips in Cuban sandwich and Nashville hot chicken. Aldi

Skip the basic flavours by opting for these kettle chips that are flavored like a Cuban sandwich or Nashville hot chicken. Each bag is $US1.89.

Cheer on your team with this Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen football-shaped pepperoni pizza.

Mama Cozzi’s take and bake football-shaped pizza. Aldi

Whether you’ll be watching the Super Bowl alone, with friends over Zoom, or with family, it’s never too early to start stocking up on fun game-day eats.

Pick up this football-shaped pepperoni deli pizza for $US4.99.

Indulge in Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen’s deep-dish pizzas.

Mama Cozzi’s Chicago-recipe deep-dish pizza. Aldi

If you’re craving a hot pizza in the cold winter months, you don’t have to travel to Chicago or make a mess in the kitchen.

Aldi has you covered with this deep-dish pizza in cheese or combination flavours for $US4.99 a pie.

Combine crowd favourites with Bremer’s loaded-potato or jalapeño-popper flavored mac and cheese.

Bremer jalapeño-popper flavored mac and cheese. Aldi

These fully-loaded meals combine the comfort of mac and cheese with the fun flavours of loaded potato skins and jalapeño poppers.

Each three-serving box is $US4.99.

Game day isn’t complete without Appetitos franks in a blanket with everything seasoning.

Appetitos everything-flavored franks in a blanket. Aldi

These pigs in a blanket are elevated thanks to every bagel lover’s favourite flavour: everything seasoning.

Grab a box of 12 for just $US3.99.

Get a head start on Valentine’s Day gifts with Specially Selected’s chocolate truffle hearts.

Specially Selected chocolate truffle hearts. Aldi

Aldi is preparing for Valentine’s Day early this year with these tasty truffle hearts.

Treat your sweetie, or yourself, for $US3.49 a box.

Stock up on Reggano’s heart-shaped pasta to impress your Valentine.

Reggano’s Valentine’s Day heart-shaped pasta. Aldi

Planning a fancy, homemade dinner for your significant other?

Grab this heart-shaped pasta for $US1.99 a bag.

Prepare for an epic Valentine’s Day cheese board with this Emporium Selection heart-shaped assortment.

Emporium Selection heart-shaped Wensleydale cheeses. Aldi

Aldi makes it easy to step up your cheese board.

Create a fun and festive spread for Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped mature cheddar, Wensleydale with raspberries and white chocolate, or gin and rhubarb Wensleydale cheeses for $US3.99 each.

Celebrate the holiday with Mama Cozzi’s heart-shaped deli Pizza.

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen heart-shaped cheese pizza. Aldi

If the football-shaped deli pizza isn’t for you, shoppers can also pick up a festive heart-shaped variety for $US4.99.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Benton’s red-velvet sandwich cookies.

Benton’s red-velvet sandwich cookies. Aldi

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without at least one red-velvet-flavored dessert.

These red-hued sandwich cookies are available this month for just $US1.95 a pack.

Bee Happy’s card and gift sets are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Bee Happy’s Valentine’s Day sets come with a card and a rubber duck. Aldi

Basic cards adorned with heart-shaped candy tend to line store aisles this time of year, but Aldi is getting a little more creative.

These Valentines come with a brightly coloured rubber duck for $US1.49.

Stick to your goals with this Crofton hydration-tracker water bottle.

Crofton water bottle with hydration-tracker markings. Aldi

Drinking more water is a popular New Year’s resolution, and Aldi is here to help you meet your goal.

One side of this water bottle features markings that recommend how much you should be drinking throughout the day.

Each bottle costs $US4.99.

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