14 of the best desserts to buy at Costco for under $16

From sandwich cookies to French macarons, you can find a variety of desserts at Costco. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider
  • The grocery-store chain Costco sells a range of desserts in bulk.
  • You can buy sweet dishes like the Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake from Costco’s bakery.
  • Chocolate lovers would likely enjoy the brownie bites and the covered sandwich cookies.
  • You can find mochi and ice-cream bars in the freezer aisles.
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Costco sells a wide variety of sugary treats to enjoy, from ice-cream bars to French macarons.

Read on for 14 of the best desserts you can find at Costco, all for under $US16.

Prices are based on what I found at my local Costco in Long Island, New York, and they may differ from location to location.

These black-and-white cookies are made in New Jersey.

Joey’s black-and-white cookies are great for satisfying a sweet tooth. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

Dense, cake-like, and delicious, these black-and-white cookies may be smaller than what you’d find at a Long Island deli, but they make a perfect single-portion snack.

Each pound and a half container has about 14 servings and costs $US5.99.

This Brooklyn-made babka is packed with chocolaty filling.

Beigel’s premade babka is a convenient dessert or snack. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

You can spend hours making your own babka at home, or you can pick up this premade option at Costco in mere minutes.

Each babka weighs just over a pound and a half and costs $US8.99.

Costco’s Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake has layers of ganache.

This dessert is full of chocolaty layers. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

In the refrigerated section, you can find a variety of Costco-made desserts for reasonable prices.

This particular option features chocolate cake, mousse, and ganache, brownie chunks, and edible decorations on top.

Each Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake retails for $US15.99.

These prepackaged crème brûlées come with extra sugar to sprinkle and torch.

You can broil the sugar with a torch or in your oven. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

It wouldn’t be crème brûlée without a crispy caramelised layer on top, and these single-serve desserts come with a packet of sugar to accomplish just that.

You can use a torch or your oven’s broiler to achieve that classic crunch.

Each package, which weighs just under 2 pounds, contains eight servings and costs $US7.99.

You can make your own cannolis at home using this convenient kit.

This kit is perfect for making cannolis with friends and family. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

This kit from the aptly named Cannoli Factory comes with a piping bag filled with ricotta-cheese chocolate-chip cream and 24 crunchy shells.

Each 2-pound package contains 24 servings and costs $US10.99.

These mini Belgian waffles come individually packaged for effortless portability.

Waffles are an easy breakfast or dessert. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

These buttery Belgium-made waffles are individually wrapped and have a subtle crunch from the pearl sugar.

Each container, which weighs just over a pound and a half, has 12 servings and costs $US7.99.

These chewy, chocolaty brownie bites are dense and delicious.

You can eat these brownies cold, at room temperature, or heated up. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

These desserts are delicious warmed up and dunked in milk or paired with ice cream.

Each 3-pound container has 48 servings and retails at $US6.39.

You can snag Häagen-Dazs’ ice-cream bars at Costco.

Each single-serve bar costs less than a dollar. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

These dessert bars have a base of creamy vanilla ice cream, which is dipped in milk chocolate and almonds.

Each box contains 15 individually wrapped bars and costs $US10.99.

These Belgian mini cream puffs need to be defrosted before you can enjoy them.

These cream puffs are a versatile dessert. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

Filled with vanilla-flavored whipped cream, these mini cream puffs can be eaten as is or topped with powdered sugar and served with warm chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Retailing at $US9.99, each box weighs just over 3 pounds and contains 120 cream puffs, or 20 servings.

This box of Chicago-made cheesecake bites features three flavours.

Each box contains 54 mini cheesecakes. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

These square slices of salted-caramel, brownie, and raspberry cheesecake are decadent and convenient.

Each box, which weighs just over 2 1/2 pounds, contains 54 mini cheesecakes and costs $US12.99.

These Italian desserts are served in mini Champagne glasses.

You can buy these desserts in the flavour chocolate dream. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

Perfect for chocolate lovers, this dessert features layers of whipped cream and cocoa cookies on top of a chocolaty base. Just grab a spoon and dig in.

Each six-serving package weighs almost 13 ounces and costs $US10.99.

This box of colourful French macarons offers six different flavours.

This variety pack of macarons is kept refrigerated. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

You can find these macarons in the refrigerated section, and each box comes with the flavours crème brûlée, dulce de leche, pistachio, red velvet, milk chocolate, and chocolate and mandarin.

Each package, which weighs almost a pound, costs $US14.79 and contains 36 macarons, or 12 servings.

These sandwich cookies are covered in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

You can snag a box of these cookies for under $US10. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

Each sandwich cookie is individually wrapped and comes in flavours like milk-chocolate peanut-butter, white-chocolate gingerbread, dark-chocolate peppermint, and milk-chocolate double-fudge créme.

Retailing at $US8.99, each box weighs just over 2 pounds and contains 34 cookies.

You can find My/Mo’s mochi ice cream in Costco’s freezer section.

Each package of My/Mo’s mochi ice cream offers three flavours. Abigail Abesamis Demarest for Insider

This sweet treat consists of strawberry, vanilla-bean, and mango ice cream wrapped in a stretchy, pillowy dough

Each box, which weighs over a pound and a half, costs $US10.79 and contains 18 pieces, or about four servings.